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Top Attractions to Visit in Chile’s Vibrant Capital Santiago

Santiago is among one of the most beautiful and vibrant capital cities in the world or more Attractions to Visit in Santiago. This amazing South American city is worth visiting with your family and friends. Here, one can explore several historic places and witness so many ancient historical relics that can blow the mind. Also, Santiago has more attractions to showcase apart from the historical structures like shining glass skyscrapers, snow-covered mountains, parks, etc. This modern city will indeed brighten your time and energy. You will feel the enormous presence of the rich historic culture and history of this city. 

There are many amazing destinations and tourist attractions available in this city – Santiago to entertain its visitors worldwide. The visitors love hiking, paragliding and many other adventurous activities to experience in Santiago, Chile. So if you are looking to visit the beautiful capital city of Chile, but you are having trouble making the list of top attractions to visit in Santiago, this post will be the most useful one. 

Here, in this post, you will get the list of top tourist attractions that you must visit while exploring Santiago with your family and friends:

Have a look,

  • Let’s have a tour of Cerro San Cristobal.

Santiago’s beautiful hill, situated in the northern part, offers the best 360-degree view of the city. Cerro San Cristobal is one of the best places in Santiago that is often used as an observatory by the visitors to take mesmerizing pictures of the city. Tourists often visit here to witness the massive statues of the Virgin Mary. On this amazing hill, there is an amphitheater that was blessed by Pope John Paul the second. You can also enjoy visiting the Santiago Metropolitan Park, the Chilean National Zoo and Santiago’s biggest park. Spirit Airlines Reservations will be the best choice if you are looking to visit the beautiful capital city – Santiago. 

  • Explore the beautiful Santiago Metropolitan Cathedral.

Santiago Metropolitan Cathedral was first built in 1748. Even after the massive earthquakes, this beautiful Cathedral has stood against every dangerous tremble and offers every individual a place to do prayer. For more than 260 years, this specific Cathedral has been claiming to be one of the oldest cathedrals in Santiago. The beautifully crafted Cathedral has lots of amazing historical artifacts available to showcase to its visitors from all over the world. You can witness the rich historical culture of Santiago in this Cathedral. The aura, vibes and ambiance of this Cathedral are so calm that anyone can spend their time praying in this Cathedral. 

  • Visit the artistic neighborhood: Barrio Bellavista.

Barrio Bellavista is one of the most famous destinations among the artists. This is the place where you can witness the beautiful art made by artists and intellectuals. Here, you will see the most popular house of Pablo Neruda, La Chascona. You will witness so many lovely and amazing arts on the walls and roads of this city. If you are a night owl, then you are in the best places. There are so many crazy discos where you can dance for the night long without any disturbance. There are also restaurants, galleries and funky boutiques that can also entertain while exploring this destination. 

  • Let’s have an excursion to the famous house of Pablo Neruda – La Chascona.

The globally famous and Nobel literature prize winner – The legend Pablo Neruda has three houses and one of the very popular houses is La Chascona. The two other houses are Isla Negra and Valparaiso. Tourists from all over the globe visit here to explore the amazingly famous house of Pablo Neruda. It would be best if you also took the chance to visit this house with your family & friends. There is a kitchen, living room in this house that also resembles the lighthouse of the sea. You will never regret this decision to visit this place. 

  • Explore the local market of Santiago – Mercado Central

The home of seafood in Santiago is Mercado Central. Locals and even tourists love this place for its variety of seafood availability—fresh seafood like oysters, scallops. Clams, mussels, fish, and much other tasty seafood are available in this local market. This amazing local market has been operating since 1872 and offering the best seafood to its visitors. You can indeed visit here to witness the varieties of seafood with your family and friends. This place is one of the best tourist attractions of Santiago to explore and can also offer the best memories. 

  • Witness the beauty of Santiago from the Cerro Santa Lucia Hill.

The famous hill of central Santiago – Cerro Santa Lucia is actually the remains of a volcano whose age is around 15 million years. Cerro Santa Lucia Hill is also known as Helen but was later renamed Santa Lucia in 1543. Over the past several centuries, this hill has held one or two forts and its relics. Now, you will see beautiful parks, fountains, statuary, and a massive royal castle that is also used as an events center. This hill will offer you one of the best views of Santiago. The magical panoramic view of Santiago will blow your mind from the top of the Cerro Santa Lucia Hill. 

  • Explore the Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino

This beautiful museum of Santigao, Chile is also known as the Chilean Museum of Precolumbian Art, contains historical relics that are 10000 years old. Here, you will witness Pre-Columbian art from Chile and Central America and South America. At first, this museum was started as a personal collection with more than 5000 artifacts and artworks. There are items in this collection that include leather, bone, ceramics, textiles, and metals. If you love historical artifacts, then this museum of Santiago will be heaven for you. Millions of history lovers visit this museum worldwide to witness the artifacts and appreciate the collections. So, if you are getting excited about the destinations and want to plan a trip to Santiago, then Lufthansa booking will be the best choice to get an affordable flight ticket. You will get the best offers and sales on your flight ticket. 

  • Let’s witness the beauty of Plaza de Armas.

This is one of a kind building covered in Golden color and looks so mesmerizing that millions of travelers visit here every year to embrace its beauty. You only need 30 minutes to explore this building with your family and friends. 

  • Visit the Old town of Santiago – Casco Antiguo.

This old town of Santiago is now managed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Casco Antiguo is one of the best destinations in Santiago where you can spend your holiday with your family and friends. You will love this place and the locals. 

  • Witness the beauty of this popular park – Parque Alameda.

Parque Alameda is one of the most popular parks in Santiago that attracts millions of travelers worldwide every year. There are also more than 90 species of flora and fauna that make this park magical and beautiful. 

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  • Explore the collection of Museo do Pobo Galego

This museum was opened in 1976 to preserve the collection of Galician Culture from sea, land, etc. If you love Galician culture, then this museum will be heaven for you. You will never regret your decision to add this destination to your must-visit list of Santiago.

  • Last but not least, let’s witness the glory of Gran Torre Santiago.

An excursion of Gran Torre Santiago will be the best destination for anyone to end your Santiago trip. This 64 stories skyscraper is the glory of Santiago. It is also Latin America’s largest skyscraper and has the most & highest occupied floor in the Southern hemisphere. You can visit this skyscraper for shopping and can go to the top of the building to look out at the 360-degree view of Santiago. 

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