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A guide for screen printing dryer machine

The flash dryer is an important piece of equipment in the printing process, especially in multi-color printing. you can dry the ink quickly to print the next color by the flash dryer. It’s especially combined with a t-shirt carousel screen printing machine.

If you’re the creative kind and want to create some interesting writing about garments, either for fun or you want to make some money, it’s not such a big deal. Screen printing is a way of printing using stencils and can dom into anything from posters. T-shirts, pouches or caps, and many more items. The good thing about screen printing is that you need very little investment which can turn you into something big for money. You only need to supply some material and print and you will be in business.


  1. LED touch display, and PLC control panel, very easy to operate.
  2. Carbon fiber IR lamps heat very quickly, longer lifetime.
  3. Intelligent control working power, save 30% electricity.
  4. There are 3 working levels for 6 lamps, adjust 2, 4, 6 lamps to work.
  5. Double fans to blow hot air for drying fastly.
  6. Have a temperature probe to test real temperature, then show it on display.
  7. Adjust the fan speed following your requirements.
  8. Drying height adjustable, 200mm adjust range up and down.
  9. Easy to move with 4 freely wheels.

The first thing you are going to do is screen yourself

All it takes is a piece of lattice spread over a metal or wooden frame. It should note that the mesh needs to be placed tightly to improve the image quality. You also need a stencil that you are going to use to burn or print the image on the mesh; It means to transfer the image from a transparent fabric to the image positive. Without forgetting the screen printing ink you will need a pair of safety gloves and some water supply, a fog tip, a squeegee too.

With the necessary accessories in hand, you are actually ready to go out and do some business Many people who do not do much by using a screen printing dryer machine at home especially make promotional products. These are items where you print a company logo with their name as well as a message indicating to potential customers for their products and services. You can get a good graphic designer to do the artwork for you so that it comes in a format where you need to do business without delay. You just have to do a little bit of research and you will probably find people who will do the artwork for you for a small fee.

Once your artwork is ready

Your home will only need a small space and you will be ready to print any item you are waiting for. The good thing about screen printing things like t-shirts is that it is not expensive and you only need to practice a little bit before you can master the art. If you are planning to make some money, it is important to try a little practice using your own clothing so that what you present in front of the customer becomes clear.

No one will pay you for something where there is smoke everywhere or where the final product is not attractive to the eye. Remember, if these are promotional products. There is a picture to protect the person who is hiring you and they will tell the truth you will do a good job; There is no chance of even the slightest mistake.

If you have no one else to teach you. A simple internet search will give you all the information you need. Some sites actually show every single step to follow with images. Once you’re sure you’re ready to go, create ads using business cards, flyers, brochures, or any local advertising board. Wearing a T-shirt and cap with the same message is not a bad idea at all; You become a walking billboard

All about the conveyor dryer

It is already known that conveyor belts are an important part of the industry. This tool is very useful. One of the uses of this conveyor belt is to dry things. This use is today’s latest invention. It is commonly applied as a significant step in screen printing shirts as well as many food products produced. At this point, this article is going to give you important information about conveyor dryers.

The first thing that is going to be explained in this article is the definition of a screen printing dryer machine. A conveyor dryer a machine design to dry items slowly after running along the conveyor belt. It uses heat and speed to dry, which adjust by the machine operator. It commonly use as a commercial tool and not usually for home use. At this point, this article is going to give you important information about conveyor dryers.


These tools mainly use for drying food items and other things. One of the popular non-food uses of this conveyor dryer is for the screen-printed shirt industry.


Like other types of commercial equipment, conveyor dryers also come in a variety of sizes, wattage levels, and sizes to meet the needs of different organizations. There are several variables such as oven length, wattage. And belt width that can determine the efficiency of each of them for drying items. In fact, conveyor dryers that have larger ovens, higher wattage, and larger belts are more expensive.


The work of this machine begins to place wet foods in the conveyor where there are holes. In this process, the heated air is able to make the food more from all around. When the food carrier move across the system, the food then drive. When this machine used for drying vegetables, it may be in a “stacked” structure. Where the wet food starts at the top and slowly moves back and forth to the bottom of the conveyor system until it is dry.

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