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Visit Tokyo To Experience the Charm Of The Japan Capital This Year

This year, there is no Tokyo Olympics, but there are still many reasons to include the city on the travel bucket-list and be inspired for 2021.

The streets filled with neon lights make you feel like you are playing video games, peaceful Japanese gardens, and historic temples, as well as modern food such as owl cafes and robot restaurants. You can easily spend two weeks of entertainment and activities in Tokyo. There are thousands of districts in this city, and each community has its own unique character. We have compiled a list of critical points for you.

Takeshita Street

Dori filled with Food, entertainment, and fashion.

Takeshita Street (Torishita Dori) (quirky meaning street in Japanese), with 400 meters of weird fashion, unique restaurants, and unique shops, is a phenomenon. This street is located in Harajuku District, the center of Japanese youth culture. From a store full of creative socks to a photo booth with a lot of beauty filters, Takeshita has it all! Japan is called the land of the rising sun, and this Japanese capital has made remarks all over the world for its beauty. You can also visit Japan by making Hawaiian Airlines Reservations and enjoy the attractiveness of Tokyo city.

Todo Rocky Ravine Park

Cool down in the ravine

The ravine in the center of the city? In Todoroki Ravine Park, it is hard to believe that you are still in the heart of Tokyo. The canyon is located along the Bazawa River, and you can reach it by walking down the winding stone steps. Since the low altitude and sunlight-covered leaves cover it, it is ideal for relaxing in hot weather. The park also has about 2.5 kilometers of trails, some small shrines, and tea houses.

Houde Temple

Lucky Cat Temple- Gotuku-Ji

You may have seen a Japanese white cat waving its paws. It is also called Maneki-Neko, which means “summoning cat,” and symbolizes prosperity and good fortune. It is also connected to Gotoku Temple in Setagaya Ward. There are several stories about the origin of Maneki-Neko. The typical situation is that once a wealthy and feudal lord finally came to the temple during a thunderstorm, and a cat beckoned him to enter. Just when he followed the cat into the temple, lightning struck where he had just stood! The cat brought him good luck. Tourists visiting this temple left Maneki-Neko in large numbers, hoping to fulfill their wishes-and lead to more and more cats. Lucky cats can be seen everywhere in Japan, especially at stores’ entrance, to attract more customers. According to legend, the higher the cat’s claws, the greater the wealth he brings.


Maid cafe, manga, and video games

If your imagination about Tokyo is a city that is full of chaos and charms, it will definitely be confirmed in Akihabara. There are arcade games, manga, maid cafes, and crazy gambling halls, etc. Akihabara became the epicenter of electronics, gadgets, and anime. In the largest electronics store globally-Yodobashi, you will find that the entire nine-story floor is committed to cameras, computers, and futuristic devices you can never imagine. Then there is the Robot Kingdom of Tsukumo, a shop that sells all robot-related goods. Just when you thought you had everything…


See the future for free

Tepia (short for “Technological Utopia”) showcases Japan’s world-famous future technology. The exhibition (also free, yes!) is very well set up, allowing you to try out different technologies and see them in action. Playing with all the other gadgets brings us back to the children; let us “wow” and “wow” in all the terrific inventions. The exhibits are exciting, engaging, and informative, from talking cards to paper machines made from shredded paper. If you decide to visit, please consider reaching there early.

So visit Tokyo by making KLM Reservations and have a mind-boggling Journey. A city with ultra-modern skyscrapers, ancient stands beside ancient temples will be the best dream vacation. The most challenging city inhabitants on the planet also have a strange side—the traditional restaurant next door to the bizarre maid cafe. Compared with the sum of many other cities, you will see more strange and beautiful things on a day trip to Tokyo.


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