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Top places to visit in London in one day

London is the main attraction for tourists around the globe. Thousands of visitors visit London every year. England’s largest city London is famous for the art, culture, and historical points.

You can spend years exploring the whole of London. But if you go to London just for one day for a meeting or for working purpose and you have some free hours to visit in London then there are some places to visit.

When you have time on your hand and have nothing much to do then simply book a cab and start your journey to explore these attractions.

Tower Bridge

Famous Tower Bridge in the evening, London, England

It is one of the most popular places across London. The main attractions are the two towers which are 200 feet above the River Thames. It is a masterpiece built by William the Conqueror in 1078. The purpose to build it was to protect London and to secure the citizens. It was also used to control the boat traffic of the River Thames. Besides this, there are some exciting views up there where you can take amazing photos.

Try to visit in the afternoon because its closing time is 6 pm. But you can go on the bridge in the evening.

Big Ben

Big Ben and Houses of Parliament, London, UK

When you search for London Big Ben is always on the top of the book. A huge tower of 318-foot height holding a giant clock seems amazing. Most people usually get confused by the name Big Ben. Big Ben is the name of the bell in the clock.

Below this, there are the House of Parliament and the seat of Britain’s government for years. You can get a chance to see the real-time debates there.

London Eye        

The London Eye is the main face of London. A huge observation wheel made of glass capsules gives you the most iconic view of the city. It gives you a circular tour with a height of 443 feet above the River Thames. But you have to book the ticket in advance if you want to enjoy this.

The alternative way to experience London from a height is onboard the Emirates Air Line. It is a cable car that crosses the Thames between Greenwich and the Royal Victoria Dock. Its total distance is 1km and it usually takes 10 minutes but it is enough to enjoy and take some interesting photos to show your family and friends.

National History Museum 

If you are want to know about the history and historical things then London National History Museum is for you. It is also one of the most visited places across London because of its Romanesque façade. In this museum, there are more than 80 million items that are showcasing and giving you an attractive look.

The best recommendation is to join a formal guided tour ranging from 30 to 50 minutes. They will show you such a highlight that you will wish to return. There are also many dining options located inside. In simply it will make your day.

It is located at Cromwell Road, South Kensington, London.

The Shard 

View of London city at sunset.


The Shard was built in 2012 and has become the most recognizable landmark in London. Its height is 1016 feet and covering 95 floors. Its name The Shard resembles the shard of its glass which is its identity. Also, at the lower levels, there are some amazing hotels including Shangri-La Hotel and at the upper levels, there are some indoor and outdoor visiting points.


It is impossible to cover all of London in one day but these interactions above can make your day. Simply book a minicab from London airport and start your journey. Because if you are a tourist you will require a minicab to central London.


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