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Where and Why do Bed Bugs Thrive?

Is bed bug infestation cause worry for you? Bed bugs hitch in the home and surroundings and do you think about where they actually live? Bed bugs are popularly known for feeding on human and animal blood. Also, they crawl and travel to different places without letting you know. If you think bed bugs infestation has increased your trouble, you can talk to Pest Control Bondi for identification and removal.

Where do bed bugs come from?

It is not easy for you to spot bed bugs because of their habitat and thriving environment. Some of the situations where they get a chance to get into your home are:

If you are a frequent traveler:

The chance of bed bug infestation in your home is very common if you frequently travel. Suppose you spend the night in a hotel or travel in public transport; bed bugs are the most annoying thing you can face. It is because bed bugs are found in beds, furniture, buses, trains, etc. They can stick and come along with your clothing and luggage and find easy entry to the home.

Second-hand furniture:

Suppose you have purchased used furniture or second hand. It is vital you closely inspect everything before letting the sofa or bed in your house. It is because furniture is not only the place of your comfort but bed bugs too. Bugs like the fabric materials and find the dark hidden complexities of the furniture as their thriving place.

From already infested places:

When you go to your relative’s place or friends visit your house, it is quite obvious to bring bed bugs unknowingly. It happens if their home already has an infestation or they came from the infested place to your home.

Knowing how to prevent infestation and taking some precautions will help. But once your home has bed bug infestation, it is best to let professionals handle the situation. Other common places where you should be careful not to bring infestations are:

  • Workplaces
  • Laundry
  • Theaters
  • College and universities
  • Nursing home
  • Libraries
  • Neighboring flats and buildings

When Bedbugs Bite? 

You must know that bed bugs are more active during night and generally bite people when they are sleeping. These creepy crawlers are blood sucking creatures that feed on your blood. They generally feed from 3 to 10 minutes through their elongated beak and crawl away without your notice. 

As the bite of bed bugs is painless at first, you may later on feel itchiness. Also, we can buy it anywhere on your skin exposed area when you are sleeping. So, it is essential to take assistance of Pest Control Bondi professionals once you realize the problem. 

Why do you have bed bug infestation- the causes?

Bed bugs are small apple seed-sized pests with flattened bodies and live in a dark environment. So, they easily remain out of your sight and continue to grow. Although they remain hidden, move out in the middle of the night and feed on your body. However, if we discuss the main cause of bed bugs in the home, it is a lack of knowledge. The more you know about bugs and their causes, the more in-depth you get an idea of keeping away from home.

It is important to note that bed bugs are not privileged like mosquitoes to fly for their food; they are wingless. Also, they are not like other pests which are attracted to the dirty and decaying environment. Instead, they prefer to thrive in the places where they easily get the food source or blood of animals. Whenever bed bugs bite, they cause rashes, redness, and irritation on the infected site.

How does bed bug infestation look like?

Bed bugs feed not only on humans’ blood but also the warm-blooded animals are their targets. So, what does the infestation look like? We will see here the identification and signs of infestation to know in detail:


In bed bugs’ lifetime, the female can lay up to 600 eggs and often in small clusters. Adults live approximately for 10 months, and in ideal room temperatures, they can stay up to a year. Also, it takes only about 20-25 for a nymph to become an adult.

Nearly colorless when they are nymphs. In contrast, adults are reddish-brown with 6 legs and 2 antennae. Their body is usually brown, and their shape is flat and oval, usually when they have not taken the meal. But after the feed, they become swallow, elongated and reddish-brown.

The nymph can range from 1.3 to 5 mm in length, whereas grownups are 1/4 inch long. They are almost found everywhere, but they do not have wings to fly.


The infestation is difficult to identify because of its small size and color. But some of the signs of the bed bugs infestation are:

  • When you wake up with the itchy areas after the night sleep,
  • Bloodstain on the bed sheet, pillow, mattress,
  • Or, minuscule white spots on the furniture joints.
  • Dark spot on the wallpaper or wall,
  • Or, rusty stain on clothes
  • Bed bugs fecal, shed skin
  • White, husk-like eggshells
  • Musty odor

The bites of bed bugs are small but itchy and cause redness and swelling after two to three days. Moreover, some people may develop allergic reactions due to saliva transmission when they bite. Some may not have any effects on bites, and it might be one of the reasons making it difficult to identify.

However, bed bug infestation is not something that should be taken lightly and require a lot of attention. In most cases, it is best to call the exterminator as they have the necessary tools and techniques to keep them away from home. Professionals know exactly where to start looking for the infestation and deal with it effectively.

Still unsure about the infestation- call the professionals

If you are unsure about the infestation or if bed bugs are troubling, you should hire a licensed professional. Bed bugs are good at hiding, and you should look for companies that have experience dealing with the problems. Consider taking the help from Pest Control Bondi professionals for the best treatment plan and effective removal.

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