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Termite Infestation Sign and How to Treat?

When summer and spring begin, homeowners plan some major renovation to home improvement. And one important thing that comes along with the maintenance program is termite prevention. However, if ignored can cause more than millions in property damage.

Depending on the species’ swarming season, colonies consist of thousands to millions of members. Unsurprisingly, they may be remaining hiding out of sight and working on damaging the structural integrity.

But knowing the signs, hidden damage, and help from the professional Pest Control Baulkham Hills will solve all the problems.

What are the common signs of termite infestation?

It is quite difficult to identify the termite infestation unless you closely inspect the signs. Here, we will list some signs of termite infestation that you should be aware of.

Random pinholes in the wall:

While inspecting the signs of termites, it is best to inspect the wall’s pinholes. Commonly, there are two types: loaded with soil and the other without it. The difference here is the working style of two different species: Subterranean and Drywood termites. The former infestation is filled with soil while the latter would not.

Mudtube and tunnel marks:

The walls in your house provide a favorable place for termites and contain cellulose. This cellulose serves as the primary source of food for them.  If you notice a mud tube-like structure, it indicates the basic nesting of the termite. However, if the infestation is more, it is the most recognizable sign and needs a professional termite inspection.

Damage to wooden structures:

Pest Control Baulkham Hills Professionals say wood is the favorite food for termites and can eat the wood just below floors or walls. Wooden damage is unfortunately difficult to determine and needs a professional eye. Therefore, consider termite inspection before doing expensive damage to the wooden structures.

Hollow sounding structures:

A heavy infestation may contain millions of termites working out of your sight. Therefore, wood may start sounding hollow when you tap gently on them. The same rule goes with the walls, tiles, roof damage. Hollow structure is an emergency and needs the immediate attention of professionals.

Peeling of paints:

Are your house paints peeling off? Have you noticed bubbling or uneven paints? There could be two reasons behind it one is water damage and termite. Termite infestation can be a probable chance of peeling paints and getting it checked as soon as possible.

What are the other signs of termite infestation?

Several other signs of termite infestations are:


We discuss different termites later in the section that appears in the swarming season. However, most of them are light golden colors and wings. They fly a short distance and discard their wings. Therefore, if you notice the shed wings near doors, windowsills, it is a definite sign of the infestation. However, you are unable to identify them; it is best to address this problem with the help of pest control professionals.

Cracks on baseboards:

The termites attack homes from the ground level and work upward and eat the structure. Baseboards bear the infestation, and you start noticing the cracks on them. They take it as a base and infest the floor, walls, furniture, and other home parts.

The loose grip of the doors and windows:

The loose grip of doors and windows frame often show the termite infestation. While traveling through and eating, nesting in wooden structures, they produce moisture. It may result in distorted wood and displace it from the original position and often ends in tight-fitting doors and windows.


Most of the time, you notice dust behind the places they eat. Some termites eat and leave wooden frass. If you notice a small pile that looks like pellets anywhere in the home, it is the sign of termite infestation.

Clicking sound:

Do not fear if you notice some clicking sign from the wall and wooden structure on a silent night. Because thousands of termites continuously eat the wood and are easily heard in silence. It is a dangerous sign and indicates termites are already in the home.

Loose tile:

As termites are known to do structural damage, one signal of the infestation is loose tile. They consume wooden support of the flooring and even the fitting of the tiles, and you may notice saggy tiles. 

Call termite control professionals for effective treatment

Pest Control Baulkham Hills suggest going for expert pest control treatment for termite invasion. It is important because termites have the capacity to destroy the entire structure of your place. Termite control experts do a thorough inspection and provide a feasible treatment considering the amount of damage. 

Apart from this, professionals also give suggestions to maintain your home after the treatment. So, it’s the best solution to treat your home and get it free from termite infestation. 

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