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Tips for switching to a 4G mobile plan

In the past two years, the number of 4G mobile plan users on the mobile network has grown significantly. Telstra is the first company to launch its 4G network and has taken a significant lead in using customers. Optus adopted its own 4G LTE network 12 months ago and achieved significant growth. Earlier this year, Vodafone also launched its 4G network, which is expected to achieve the fastest 4G speeds in selected CBD locations.

During this period, every newly launched mobile phone also launched a 4G version. This is not limited to major mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung. We have also seen smaller manufacturers such as HTC and Huawei join 4Grace.

At least in terms of mobile phone selection, it has brought consumers more choices and better prices.

For those who want to try one of the three 4G networks, the choice is a cellular plan with a 24-month contract. If the plan runs for at least 24 months, Telstra, Vodafone, and Optus can all give you access to 4G networks.

Recently, Optus has launched some mobile plans that only support SIM cards. These plans do not have phones and contracts and can also access 4G speeds. Telstra and Vodafone have also followed this trend and opened up their networks to more consumers.

Regarding prepaid options, Telstra can provide all prepaid customers with access to its 4G network regardless of the prepaid plan. Optus restricts it to a plan in Optus Prepaid Social. Vodafone has not yet launched a new product for its prepaid mobile customer base.

When you finally try the 4G mobile plan, you will enjoy super-fast data speeds. If we compare these three networks, the speed can sometimes reach 10 times the speed of its 3G network. However, you will also find that data is also consumed very quickly.

On my regular 3G network, according to my general data usage, my Samsung S4 consumes about 800MB per month. After trying every 4G mobile plan network and its respective prepaid service, I found that after limited testing, I consume more than 150MB of memory every day. Based on these experiences, I hope that the total monthly visits can consume 2-3 GB. This is 2 to 3 times what I consume on a 3G network.

If you want to jump on the 4G trend, here are some tips:

Make sure that the amount of data added by the plan is per KB instead of per MB. The smaller the steps, the less data you waste and the less extra you pay.

If you are not sure what a 4G data bill looks like, please test it through a prepaid subscription first.

If you can find a plan that offers unlimited social media, jump on it, especially where you spend most of your data.
Adjust your phone’s settings so that when you actually go home and set up WiFi, your phone will use the data of your primary WiFi account instead of your 4G SIM card.
Finally, set the mobile application on the phone to update only when WiFi access is available or needed. This ensures that your data is not just wasted on updating applications.
4G is super fast, but if you are not careful, it can become very expensive.

Choosing the best cellular network plan can be tricky, because every participant in the market offers various plans, and everyone claims to provide the best plan at the most competitive price. Because too many ads are displayed, customers often don’t know which plan to choose.

Here are some tips to help your clients choose the best plan based on budget and needs.

Never rush to quote

There will be many companies, and there will be endless offers. The billing structure of many companies is very complicated, although it may not seem complicated at first glance. Weigh all the features of the plan offered and compare it with other service providers. Be diligent before choosing a plan and doing some research.

Adapt the plan to your calling habits The main reason for choosing a mobile phone plan is to make frugal calls after understanding your calling needs. It is recommended that users who do not use mobile phones frequently avoid unnecessary high phone charges and leave inappropriate phone charges. To do this, you need to check the time of most calls. Check call time If someone mainly needs to call, he may call during peak hours. Similarly, if he mainly has to make social calls, he can choose off-peak hours. Check call type You must be clear whether you are mainly making local, domestic, or international calls. If you have to travel abroad frequently, the plan with the best international plan is best for you.

An unlimited number of service providers claim to provide the best service, and you are the winner. You can choose  service

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