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Magento 2 Order Tracking Extension Explained

The customers check the order status without having to log in with Magento 2 Order Tracking extension.

The Magento 2 store owners leave no stones unturned to offer rich customer service. Its importance is not unknown in competitive E-commerce!

One of the features that can be offered to improve the customer experience even after sales is order tracking!

Providing an order tracking facility is undoubtedly an E-commerce best practice and Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Order Tracking extension helps to implement it in the Magento 2 store.

The Magento 2 Order Status extension allows customers to track the status of their order without having to log in! All they require is the order ID and Email address.

Magento 2 Order Tracking extension by Meetanshi lets your customers track the current status of their order with Order ID and email ID.

Online shopping Customers who have chosen to do online shopping always wants to know when their product will arrive as they didn’t have the chance to physically interact with the product and now they are eager to do so.

Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Order Tracking extension allows the store owners to provide the facility to their customers to track the order. Such facility provides assurance to customers and hence build their trust.

Magento 2 Order Tracking extension by Meetanshi allows customers to track their order with Order ID and Email ID, without having to log in.

Having such facility will reduce customers’ concern about the delivery and encourage them to do more online purchase.

The module allows Admin to position the order tracking link in the top link section and the menu. Also, the extension facilitates to send order tracking link in order confirmation Email.

Benefits of choosing Meetanshi for Magento 2 Order Tracking:

  • The customers can track their orders without logging in.
  • Customer needs to provide the order ID and Email address to get the tracking status.
  • Tracking order link can be enabled in the top link section and top menu.
  • Allows admin to customize the validation message for invalid order ID, Email ID or order tracking unavailability.
  • Option to send order tracking link in order confirmation Email to customers.
  • The extension improves the customer engagement even after the purchase is made.

Web based shopping is one of the extraordinary headways we have seen with the development of innovation. A great many orders are being set all over the planet. What’s more, when somebody arranges an item, the primary thing they need to know is the point at which they will get their request. They need to be refreshed with their request status constantly. Giving this usefulness makes clients cheerful and fabricates connections as well as gives a superior client experience.

Magento 2 Order Tracking Extension by  assists in giving requesting following usefulness to your clients in their request area page accessible in My Account.

When the client arranges an item effectively, the administrator will make the shipment following subtleties from the backend with the accessible shipment transporter.

Clients can now follow their Magento 2 request thing status whenever with the following number given by the transporter. This track your request Magento expansion will show the request thing status for dispatch, conveyance on way, Delivered, and so on in the least demanding and justifiable organization.

Get this Extension Now to assemble associations with your blissful clients.

#1 Magento 2 Order Tracking Extension

The Magento Order Tracking Extension is the #1 request following expansion for Magento 2. When the expansion is introduced, it is such a great deal more straightforward to set up and design the expansion in only a couple of snaps.

You simply have to empower the expansion and set up the qualified transporters from the rundown.

Just Extension to Provide Real-Time Tracking

The Magento 2 request status augmentation is the main expansion that gives ongoing request following usefulness to your clients when they request from your store, which makes it one of the high priority augmentations.

Don’t bother Sending Your Customers to External Website for Tracking

Your clients can follow orders while remaining in total agreement. In this way, presently there is compelling reason need to send them to outer sites for request following. You can allot transporting subtleties to the transporters which makes it simple for clients to follow their change request status without going to the transporter’s site.

Itemized Tracking from Customer’s My Account Itself

Your clients can without much of a stretch track their request data exhaustively from their My Account segment itself. It shows the request following data in an effectively reasonable arrangement so every one of the clients can comprehend it well.

Further develop Customers Shopping Experience

The expansion Improves the general shopping experience of the clients. You can send modified SMS with a following ID to your clients. This can assist you fabricate better relations with your clients and fulfills their requirements and gives them a superior client experience.

The expansion saves the significant time

In any case, this expansion saves the hour of yours as well as clients, subsequently making all the difference.

Why pick Magento 2 Order Tracking Extension?

Choice gave to empower/handicap the expansion.

The expansion upholds different transportation transporters like Bluedart, USPS, Delhivery, Trackon.

To handily follow the request status, clients can straightforwardly

go to the request segment of their My Account and snap on the Track Order URL.

The augmentation gives shipment following data to clients in an effectively reasonable arrangement.

Saving time for both client and administrator of the store in dealing with the Magento 2 request status questions.

Choice to add a permit key for simple arrangement of the Bluedart transporter.

The clients can get request following numbers by means of redone SMS.

The track request interface is accessible on both the administrator side and the client side.


The administrator can permit/prohibit the perceivability of the connection in the route menu.

The Admin can likewise play out the activities to empower/incapacitate the module, permit/forbid the perceivability of the top connection.

The administrator can change the button tone, button text, and the button text tone as well.

Request Tracking Module is dynamic and responsive.

Request Tracking will show up on each page toward the front.

It permits clients to follow their orders without signing in.

A client just has to give the Order ID and Email address to get the following status.

The augmentation assists with further developing client commitment after the buy is made.

No center document adjustment

Simple to introduce and arrange

Recover the request subtleties immediately with the assistance of AJAX.

Show the total request outline on the request following page.

Request Tracking module by Ksolves permits the administrators and the dealers to follow the total status of the specific shipment. This module permits you to deal with the situation with your orders without any problem.

By having the ideal item information brilliantly, the clients can undoubtedly check the request subtleties without confronting any issues.

With the assistance of this module, the clients can tap on the request following choice on the frontend and afterward the total status of the specific request will be noticeable.

This module will keep the client and the administrator all around educated about the whereabouts regarding the specific request like forthcoming, in process, or finished.

When the client places the Order ID and the email in the front end, they will actually want to really look at the total data of the request. With the Order ID, the clients can actually take a look at the situation with the request.

The client can likewise check the delivery address, transporting technique, and the charging address of the request. At the point when the client sees the request status, here are some status prospects:

On Hold: If the request is waiting from the storekeeper.

Complete: This status is shown when the request is set and the Invoice is created for the request.

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