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Digital Marketing

Top Digital Marketing Strategies for B2B e-commerce

Are you looking for digital marketing ideas and strategies for your business?

If you have a small or medium business in B2B, you undoubtedly already know what impact the digital revolution has had on marketing and sales.

Not so long ago, sales needed at least one human interaction – even on the web. However, customers are willing to shop online without feeling the need for face-to-face interaction every time.

However, the need for trust and closeness remained the same. Successful B2B companies already know how to use digital marketing strategies to create and maintain these emotions. It’s time for you to understand how to do it.

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6 Digital Marketing Strategies for B2B ecommerce

1. SEO

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

I’m sure you’ve heard about SEO before. Search Engine Optimization is the strategy that, used ethically, helps you to climb in positions on the page with results from Google or any other search engine. The problem is that Google doesn’t want you to do SEO, not the way it used to. And if you do not follow the rules set by webmasters, you will find yourself penalized by Panda, Penguin, or Mobileggedon.

SEO is about content, keywords, backlinks, and more. The most important feature of all these elements is relevant, for the specifics of your B2B business, implicitly for users.

When optimizing your B2C ecommerce site, you need to be aware that you are optimizing for users, less so for search engine bots. Optimizing site pages for business-relevant keywords (title tags, titles, subtitles, body text, link anchors, other text images, etc.) is just the first step.

The results appear when you publish helpful content on the site – blog articles, product descriptions, page content about us, etc., in which you insert relevant images and videos. Remember, the quality of the content and its consistency are significant factors that contribute to the reputation and credibility of your business. All these actions lower the bounce rate and build a solid on-site infrastructure.

In terms of link-building strategy, as in keyword optimization, the key to success lies in quality, not quantity. Choose sites relevant to the specifics of your business, with authority and seniority, to build a complex and stable backlink profile.

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2. PPC


Paid advertising tools such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads have the advantage that they display your messages faster in front of potential customers, unlike SEO.

But, unlike SEO, it only works as long as you keep bidding.

First of all, before using paid ads, set your conversion goals very well. Let’s say you sell ecommerce solutions, and the enterprise plan is worth 5,000$.

I assure you, the user is not ready to buy your solution immediately after seeing a single ad. Instead of optimizing for this conversion, send the user to a “Request More Information” form or a landing page to guide the benefits of your solutions.

Second, it creates paid ads for each sales cycle stage (prospecting, initial communication, qualification, opportunity, negotiation, customer, customer opportunities, and sales to the customer).

Keep in mind that the customer’s decision time in B2B is much longer than in B2C (it can take from 3 months to 1 year), which is because prices are higher in B2B. It is very likely that your ad will be displayed to people who are still in the documentation phase.

Third, segment your audience in detail. See the characteristics of the people you’re targeting – the Buyer Persona profile, and create keyword-specific ad groups for each segment.

Be careful to eliminate negative keywords: you certainly don’t want to pay extra for people looking for something other than what you’re selling.

You can also stop displaying ads when the target audience is busy and not doing too many searches.

And finally, use technical keywords and jargon used in your industry. People interested in the services/products you sell already know those terms and use them to search.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Another way to bring traffic to the site but also to maintain constant communication, much more personal with customers and potential customers, are the pages on social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, etc.).

The best strategy to do social media marketing for B2B is to use the content on the company’s blog.

Social pages are the perfect place to promote your news, to differentiate yourself from the competition through an original approach, and to respond more quickly to the fans, so that you retain them.

Here you can create and maintain a communication relationship based on trust, a feeling that all potential customers need to make the purchase decision, regardless of the type of business.

It’s not enough to make a page and that’s it. Post constantly, focus especially on visual elements such as images or videos, and try to educate your potential customers first.

You can also make commercial posts, in order to promote your offer, but the best advice I can give you is to focus on educating the public and preparing them for sale.

For example, you can publish videos or articles that teach them how to use your product/service, guides, infographics, case studies of other satisfied customers, etc.

All of these posts will increase your audience engagement rate and direct your audience to your site.

4. Lead Generation


Lead Generation incorporates several digital marketing strategies because it represents the very process by which you attract people to the site and convince them to give you the email address voluntarily.

As you have noticed so far, both SEO and Social Media, and PPC are effective tools for directing traffic to the site. The question is, where do users land?

It has the advantage of presenting exactly the information that the user is interested in, including a form in which he can leave his address.

There are too few chances for people to give you the email address on your eyes.

So, it would help if you had a benefit, a valuable offer that will convince them that it is worthwhile to enter their data in the form.

Of course, there are other methods to obtain leads, among which I list the questionnaires, catalogs, promotion codes, hello bar, etc.

To streamline your lead generation strategy, I recommend that you use automation marketing applications and tools with confidence. Not only will they simplify your lead capture process, but they will also save you a lot of resources: money, human resources, and time.

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing
Email marketing

Good. You have obtained leads and subscribers to your newsletters and offers. What are you doing now?

The answer is email marketing. The strategy allows you to send messages of interest, relevant to customers, so as to educate them, to convince them to buy and to retain them, in order to make purchases repeatedly.

The first step in this type of digital marketing for B2B is to segment your list of email addresses, based on criteria such as demographics, interests, history of interaction with your site, etc.

Then, create an email sequence and templates, using autoresponders and emailing tools.

For example, if the user downloaded a guide when he gave you the email address, then send a series of articles on the educational blog, which will lead him, slowly, to the conviction that your product/service is, indeed, the right answer to his problem.

Then send a commercial offer and see what his reaction is.

You can also offer him consultancy, in case he is not sure why he wants and needs to talk to a specialist. Don’t forget to send him to thank you messages when he buys from the site and birthday emails. They help build trust in your business and build loyalty.

6. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)


First, focus on optimizing your site for mobile (use responsive design), improve site loading speed, and analyze your site.

I recommend you to use A / B Testing at this stage, a tool that allows you to compare users’ reactions to certain changes.  And identify the variant with the best results, which you implement on the site.

For example, with A / B Testing you can see what people’s reactions are if you change the color of the call-to-action buttons on the site/landing page or you want to change the title of your Ads ad.

Also within the CRO is the personalization of the messages sent by email. Choose to customize, it is a digital marketing tactic that will not lose its usefulness too quickly and, in addition, differentiates you from the competition.

Bridge! Take advantage of the fact that you can monitor and analyze your site permanently. Use Google Analytics to find out what people are doing on your site, where they are coming from and a lot of other detailed information you need to create digital marketing campaigns with reliable results.

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