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Digital Marketing

Keyword Research and Data Analysis Tools

Keyword research is a process that helps the company to understand their target audience and understand what words or phrases are most likely to attract them. The process is usually done manually by using various data analysis tools. These include things like keyword suggestion tools, keyword popularity analysis tools, keyword density analyzers and other tools. The most important thing to remember when you are doing this analysis is not to be too broad or too narrow in your search criteria. This can lead to inaccurate data which will end up in the decision of what keyword or phrases to use not delivering results the company wants.

Using the best tools for keyword research and data analysis is the only way to get the job done accurately. Not all tools out there are created equal and some do not give you the level of detail that is needed to make sense of your data or reach conclusions that justify the use of those particular tools. If you cannot make sense of what you have to choose from the tools available, it is going to be impossible to reach any conclusion about competitors and their keywords.

The key to choosing the right analysis tool for the job is to research the ones that have a proven track record. Make sure that the tool you use is capable of reaching the level of detail required to make sense of the competing campaigns. One key word here is “levels”. Analyze not just the most recent activity but the activity over a longer period of time, including not just competitor activity but any activity by your competitors.

SpyFu is one of the best free tools available for keyword research and data analysis. This software allows you to search the web for any published keyword and find out its competition. If you enter a URL address, you will be provided with the most common domains names that refer to that keyword as well as other domains that are owned by the same person or get a list of SEO services. This report can be useful in two ways.

Firstly, spy can tell you which of your competitors have been spending a lot of time on keyword research and which keywords they could be using to get very high rankings. Secondly, it gives you an indication of what your prospects are searching for. If your prospects are looking for a low competition, highly targeted solution, they will be searching using many different keywords. With spy you can see this, because it will show you how many competitors are targeting the same keywords.

The second tool in our list of keyword research and data analysis tools is the areas keyword tool. This tool is a bit more comprehensive than spy because it allows you to search both the global and local listings. It does cost money, but if you are considering spending money on a keyword tool then the extra money should be well spent. This advanced keyword tool can rank for both the regional and national listings, giving you a better chance of success. Some more advanced keyword tools such as the archive can also be used to rank for meta keywords and other relevant keywords.

A third tool in the list of keyword research and data analysis tools is the chrome extension KeywordSpy. This Chrome extension works by collecting data from several keyword research and data analysis tools like the ahrefs keyword tool and the chrome extension SpyFu. It then brings all this information together into a single dashboard that makes it easy for you to view the data and research any keywords you want. This extension also gives you the ability to compare one keyword to another. If you use a data tool that displays the data for a particular keyword thousands of times, it becomes very easy to see which keywords are performing well and which are not performing as well.

Finally, we have the last keyword research and data analysis tool in the list; the screaming frog. This free tool for Chrome is a popular choice among many marketers. It allows you to find the most searched for keywords, their relative searches volume and also how much competition there is for each keyword. The reason for this is because it displays data on the searched keywords based on a specific keyword’s availability and demand. It gives you everything you need to dominate the top search engines online with the keywords you choose to dominate the top search engines online.

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