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How to Remove Odor from Air Ducts? 

Remove Odor from Air Ducts

What a mood changer is this unpleasant odor wafting around your home ever questioned yourself? They are cropping up every day despite proper cleaning and using suitable deodorizers for your entire family. Ever wondered, where are they originating? Air vents are the cause! There it’s been said. 

Even after a thorough Air Duct Cleaning Norcross, the smell never leaves your apartment might have various reasons behind them. Ducts don’t have smooth, simple surfaces; there’s a lot of a possibility that dust, debris alongside mold, and bacteria are still venting inside. 

Let us ease your burden with simple yet useful tips to eliminate odors from your HVAC system. Before starting, always remind yourself of safety measures that one should still practice. Mold is hazardous to health. It causes many neglected diseases that you can barely imagine. Ensure your safety methods include the following: a face mask, gloves to protect your hands, safety goggles to protect your eyes, and a shirt with long sleeves to protect yourself from any skin allergies.


Step by step methods for deodorizing your ventilation system.

following are the steps that have been approved by NADCA for proper air duct cleaning and air duct sanitizing 

step 1:

The first step is identifying the main culprit. It could be either 

  • an evaporator coil covered with dirt 
  • condensate drain line clogged with particles, 
  • an air filter covered with dust, mold, or any odor picking particle

step 2: 

cleaning the essential part of your HVAC system, the evaporator coil. Air duct cleaning, when neglected, allows mold production and growth. There are many DIY procedures to perform it yourself. But following the right track prescribed by NADCA and solutions approved by the EPA is something we follow religiously. 

  • start off mixing part bleach with water. (note: bleach kills mold instantly, but undiluted bleach wears down metal. That’s where we have to be cautious).
  • Grab a vacuum with an attachment brush to suck up any dust and debris from the coils. 
  • Spray some bleach solution slowly onto the coils.
  • Take off the collection pan and wipe out any remaining water to avoid corrosion of metal. 
  • Scrub out with a brush with gentle bristles so that your duct doesn’t get damaged.
  •  Our next step is to wipe out all particles after loosening up all the material stuck in coils, condensate drain, and filters. Make sure you use plain water to remove any bleach solution remaining behind.

Step 3: 

The next step is to clean out filters. One might never know how much these filters can accumulate dirt and mold that stick to the filters and cause an unpleasant smell. 

Merely changing the filters does the job. But in many cases, it’s the surrounding that is contaminated with microbes and other particles. These articles might not be visible to the naked eye. However, the technicians, because of their related expertise, can detect them in an instant. 

Professionals now suggest installing reusable filters. If you have installed reusable filters, then wash them. after letting them dry and then place them again. In any case, you don’t have these.simply need to get rid of the moldy air filters and replace with fresh ones.invest in filter pads and install them too. They are very effective in controlling the odor spreading in your residence. 

Another way of preventing mold growth is by installing UV light filters. They do not let mold grow or accumulate, which is another way of controlling musty odors in your home.

step 4 : 

The unclogging condensate drain line is the next most crucial step. Air duct cleaning involves this step as well and plays an essential prerequisite for air duct sanitizing

When this drain line is clogged, water gets back up in the pan, increasing the chances of mold and then unpleasant odors in your home. When you witness water pooling inside your AC unit, that’s one reason behind the scent you smell in your home. Luckily, this can be treated by using a wet/dry vac that unclogs the drain line.

step 5:

Grab yourself EPA approved deodorizers for your vents. Air duct sanitizing is the crucial step of all. The use of chemicals may be dangerous for one, so you can use DIY odor control methods such as baking soda in your ducts. It’s harmless and practical too.


Hire a professional for Air Duct Sanitizing in Norcross

After trying all the steps above, you still feel odor circulating in your home. It’s high time to call the professional. Inspect your HVAC system. After proper inspection, they will figure out the main reason for such moldy smell and measures to take to get rid of them immediately. 

If you find any luck, the technicians might see any dead animal inside, which is very common in open areas with crawling creatures. 

After a thorough inspection, the experts devise a plan and share it with you to treat your ducts. 

Not to forget, treatments depend on the type of ducts. Many old fashioned ducts require intensive care cleaning to ensure nothing gets damaged. Compared to the new style fiberglass ductwork and coils that require new age treatments accordingly.

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