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Top 9 Types of Marble Tiles: Asian Statuary Marble Tile

Asian Statuary Marble

Marble tile comes in a wide range of colors, making it an ideal choice for any decor. For the new sight, it can be challenging to differentiate between types of marble-like Asian Statuary Marble tile, Carrara Marble tile, Calacatta marble tile, and so on. With so many options to choose from, it pays to do your research so that you can make the best decision for your home improvement project.

The type of marble used can add elegance to a kitchen or a decorative touch to fire. Whichever type you decide to install, marble tiles add a timeless visual impact wherever they are placed.

Marble tiles are available in a wide range of colors, making them an ideal choice to accent any decor. In addition to the different shades available, the differences in styles and characteristics distinguish each marble type from the other. Whichever type you decide to install, marble tiles add a timeless visual impact. Here are some popular marble options.s

Carrara marble tiles:

It is usually white, gray, or blue glue and commonly used in sculpture and furnishing of buildings. Its veins are more linear and usually small and thin or soft and feathery, although they can be dramatic. Carrara is one of the most used marbles in homes. Since it can have a crisp, pristine whiteness, use Carrara marble tiles in the bathroom to add an airy and clean vibe.

Asian Statuary marble tile:

Asian Statuary Marble is Carrara’s sister stone. Its semi-transparent white background gives it a shiny and shiny appearance, reflects light, and provides a radiant finish highlighting any room.

Calacatta marble tile:

Calacatta marble tiles are typically white with dark veins in large, thick patterns. It can add a striking look when paired with stainless steel in a kitchen or white porcelain in a bathroom for some homes.

Talathello marble tile:

Talathello marble is a prevalent type of flooring (at least compared to other types of marble). It represents the colors that often come to mind when thinking of natural stones: grayish/brownish. It looks excellent in smooth, slick shapes and will quickly adapt to its surroundings.

Marble types will welcome a combination of warm and cool colors. It will go wonderfully with a kitchen or bathroom in bright brown or black colors. It will also be the perfect base design for spaces with brighter, lighter colors like yellow or beige.

Emperado marble tile:

Emperado marble is best described as sturdy and sturdy. It is very veined, and the veins are very random. Emperado is a committed design; therefore, most owners like it in moderation. It’s perfect for a bold countertop but can be too busy to use as a floor type. However, the decision to use it in your home is entirely up to you. It can find the type of marble in different shades. So, some plates will weigh on the grayscale, while others will weigh on the brown or black scales. 

Marfil Cream marble tile:

Crema Marfil looks like limestone; this is probably because it is a form of limestone. Its creamy color looks great in the kitchen and bathroom. The soft veins are visible enough to give the type of excellent stone character. Your home will shine with Crema Marfil as your floor, countertop, bathroom wall, or shower wall.

Remember that marble is porous and limestone a bit more than other types. Therefore, if you have installed Marfil cream anywhere in the house, do your best to keep it dry. It will remain a beautiful shower wall, but make sure you have a squeegee to use when the shower is finished. Sponge your counter every night and clean up spills.

Black marble tile:

If you want to be bold, go for black marble. Black marble will give your kitchen or bathroom a crazy charm. On its own, it will take control of space, and visitors will not be able to divert their attention from such a solid and engaging material.

The black marble with white veins is a deep look. So, the industrial term for the look is Nero Marquina. White, broad and thin streaks; long and short; aiming in any direction, you won’t be able to take your eyes off the new features in your home.

You can use it as a floor, but space should be ample and open, and the surrounding environment should compensate for the dark color. However, the type of marble is commonly used as a countertop. Will modernize your kitchen ten times with the presence of a black marble worktop.

Polished marble tile:

Have you ever walked into a house that had a grand entrance full of beautiful shiny tiles? If so, you were probably looking for polished marble. However, polished marble is typically used in large foyers and hallways for pretentious purposes. Polishes shine and give even more beauty to the surface.

It can polish this type of marble to such an extent that it is reflected. It is smooth and polished to perfection. Polished marble is meant to stand out, but it’s not for high-traffic areas. So, its smooth surface can be slippery, so installing it on a kitchen floor can be risky.

Honed marble tile:

A glossy finish, polished marble has a matte finish. This allows for better control of the pace of people. Polish is, therefore, the version of marble that would be ideal for a kitchen floor.

The difference in creation is minimal. However, polished marble is only polished. It is not smooth and polished like polished marble. In addition, polished marble is more porous than polished marble. You will need to seal it once or twice a year if you want to maintain its lasting and stunning appeal.


Marble tile is one of the most luxurious flooring choices to use in the home. Asian Statuary Marble tiles are suitable marble that can perfectly complement a hallway, kitchen, living room, or any space you could think of! It can give your home a touch of class that no other flooring can offer. So, considered the most sophisticated and luxurious flooring, you will add an upscale element to your home. Your home will also benefit from an increase in value.


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