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6 Backlit Wall Shelves That Will Transform Your Kids Room

Kids are always fascinated by novel additions in their abode. Also, parents are curious to surprise their time and again. Although, there are numerous ways to make them feel comfortable, something functional and appealing works well. Hanging photo frames and cartoon paints have become a thing of the past. Backlit Wall Shelves is a novel way to embrace the surroundings. Besides covering the bare walls smoothly, these help to organize the mess. Different items like toys, alarm clocks, books can be assembled in one place without any hassle. While ordinary wooden shelves date back centuries, backlit shelves are a recent innovation. Due to technical issues earlier, the development didn’t flourish despite myriad efforts. The advancement in technology made things easier. Let’s check out some of the benefits of backlit shelves before delving into the alluring pieces:

5 Benefits of Backlit Wall Shelves

  • Sturdy and durable, backlit shelves go smoothly for years. These are intricately curated with utmost care and minute technicalities.
  • The radiance of light from the background looks impressive at night. Also, it ensures to showcase our prized possessions with grace.
  • Backlit shelves emit soft and elegant light. Therefore, the need for harsh lighting in the room reduces.
  • Most of the backlit shelves have a Light-emitting Diode system. Not only these are energy efficient but easier to maintain too.
  • Besides functional appeal, backlit shelves add serenity to the environment. The soft gazing light from the background uplifts the mood and instills positivity.

6 Outstanding Backlit Shelves Designs on WallMantra

Cat Shape Backlit Wood Wall Shelf

Specifically designed for children’s rooms, this backlit shelf is worth every buck. Made of high-quality engineered wood, it has an oak finish. The mindful division of sub-shelves accommodates a variety of stuff effortlessly. Ideal for books, toys, and planters, it holds various things. Moreover, the lighting from the background makes your articles worth gazing at. It has a holding capacity of 5 kgs with a dimension of 32×24 inches.

Penguin Backlit Wood Wall Shelves

Who disapproves of quirky surroundings, especially kids? This adorable penguin backlit shelf is the ultimate choice if your child loves animals. Besides embellishing the walls strikingly, it leaves a lasting impression. The seven sub-parts hold every decorative stuff with refinement. In addition, it helps to organize the mess created by kids efficiently. Manufactured by a skilled craftsman, it is finished intricately. It has a holding capacity of 5 kgs with a dimension of 40×46 inches.

Guitar Backlit Wood Wall Shelf

Music imparts creativity, wherever it is aligned. Likewise, this guitar-shaped backlit is pure joy. If your kid loves music, this is your go-to backlit shelf among all. Beautifully crafted and designed, it looks appealing and tempting. In addition, the radiance of light from the background adds excellence to it. Embellishing it with your favourite stuff can make it more flowery. It has a holding capacity of up to 4 Kg with a dimension of 40×15 inches.

Bulb Shape Backlit Wood Wall Shelf

Unlike other backlit shelves on WallMantrathis piece is significantly indifferent in its attributes. The dark walnut finishes smoothly balance with every interior. Also, the elegant division of sub shelves has room for underlying stuff. Its brilliant design allows light to fall on lower shelves and instills brightness. It has a holding capacity of up to 5 kgs with a dimension of 22×32 inches.

Man Backlit Wood Wall Shelf

Finding ordinary furnishing is not all arduous. You can either order online or from physical stores. However, crafting unique pieces requires time and inimitable craftsmanship. This man-faced backlit wall shelf is the best seller among all backlit wall shelvesIt fascinates people instantly and attracts the onlookers effortlessly. Also, its large size smoothly holds large sculptures, planters, books, etc. The Asian paint melamine wood polish offers long life and superior finish. It has a dimension of 42×31 inches and holds more than 5 kgs of weight.

Bat Shape Backlit Wood Well Shelf

Children are often enthralled by animals. If you are looking for something different, mount this wall shelf. The shape of the bat is perfectly finished to allow uniqueness. The edges have a sharp curve that showcases its beauty in abundance. Moreover, the light falling overlooks extremely astounding and sophisticated. Also, the centre of the shelf is ideal for something creative or prized. Made of engineered high-quality wood, it is sturdy and has a unique wooden texture. It holds around 5 kgs with a dimension of 42×22 inches.

Guitar Backlit Wooden Wall Shelves

This guitar-shaped backlit is a joy. This is the best-backlit shelf for music lovers. It is beautiful and well-crafted. It is enhanced by the light radiance from the background. Backlit rectangular 8 sections retail display unit available in vertical or horizontal versions, V or H. External Plexiglas frame optional in white or black, click on the photos below, whilst internal shelves are in opaline Plexiglas finish and retro lit.

It can be made more beautiful by adding your favorite flowers to it. It can hold up to 4 kg and measures 40×15 inches.

About Wall Shelves

Parents are always eager to surprise their children. There are many ways to make your child feel at ease, but it is best to give them something that they like and is functional. The days of cartoon paints and hanging photo frames are gone. The innovative idea of backlit wall shelves is to embrace your surroundings. These shelves cover the walls and help organize the mess. You can easily put together different items, such as toys, alarm clocks, and books, in one location. Backlit shelves are an innovation that is newer than the traditional wooden shelves. Despite myriad attempts, this development failed to flourish due to technical problems. Technology has made it easier. Before we dive into the enchanting pieces, let’s look at some of the advantages of backlit shelves.


With millions of décor platforms building over, Wallmantra’s vision is to deliver its best. This amazing collection of backlit shelves is a result of constant research and insights. Every piece is termite-proof and remains intact for years to come. Buy this for your kid for a never-before experience.

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