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How to arrange your golf bag

The arrangement is the only difference that separates a professional and amateur golfer. Some youngsters make a mistake by putting their clubs in the wrong place. The fact is knowing the right position of the golf club will give you an extra edge over your competition. An arranged bag will save your clubs while traveling, and you can access clubs and accessories easily at the same place. If your bag is messed up with different stuff and you do not have any idea what things you are carrying, then it may cause trouble for you. Not finding the right club at the crucial moment of the game or taking too long in searching for a club can get you to irritate.

  1. |Clear-Your-Bag|

Your golf bag may be filled up with the necessary or unnecessary items. Having such things in a bag can clutter up and may cause hardship while searching for desired stuff. It is better to filter it so it will be easy to carry and find golf accessories in an arranged manner. The first thing is to clear the bag and make arrangments as per requirements with essential elements. Do not forget to empty the pockets of your bag as well. You will be amazed to look extra stuff in your golf bag that creates a lot of weight, such as extra gloves, golf balls, towels, etc. Make sure to remove these things to make it accessible and more useful, then fill up accessories that are needed.

  1. |Gather-Necessities|

After cleaning out the golf bag, the most important thing is to set those significant pieces of equipment that you want to access quickly. It means you want your putters, irons, and drivers all in one place. Make two groups of things, one for the stuff that you need most and second for that equipment that you may not need after cleaning out your bag. It will let you know what you need in the bag and what’s not. Very much required things will be irons, clubs, and wedges.

  1. |Understand-Environment|

After listing up all of your gear in one place, the next thing you need is to look around the environment of your next game place. You must have a weather report you can get an idea of what items you should carry or what is unnecessary for this match. For example, if the weather is cold, then you need to drop your shorts or stuff like this.

  1. |Woods-And-Drivers|

You need to place putter and drivers into your back of the bag. If your bag does not have a separate compartment for the putter, then the back of the bag is the best place to put on woods and putters. Set your woods on the left side and the drivers on the right side of the golf bag pack.

When you are getting a golf bag ready in the order, then move with the longest clubs to the shortest clubs. To prevent confusion with small clubs in the future, set iron ranging 1-3 in the back portion. It gets easier for the front part of the bag when you have your golf bag’s backside organized.

  1. |Organize-Putter|

Every golf bag includes three different compartments for various purposes. The front pocket is far away and then the middle, and the back is right with the backstrap. Same as woods and drivers, the perfect place for putters is the backside of the bag. Some bags come up with an extra feature of the putter section, but if you have not that separate sleeves for the putter, you can fix it at the back of the golf bag with drivers.

  1. |Middle-Irons & Short-Clubs|

The place for middle irons and short length clubs is under drivers and woods. There is a very long range of the clubs and irons, to get it set with more perfection, you need to start it with the longest clubs to the shortest. It makes it more comfortable while organizing the golf bag.

Set your long to mid-range irons in the bag from right to left; it will maintain the balance of the golf bag while traveling. However, sorting the clubs in this order will help you to pick up whatever club you need. Make sure to organize your irons, and you will face fewer problems during the game. If the game is not long enough, then set up with clubs and wedges in the front pocket of your golf bag. For this, you may only need 8-10 items and some of the extra wedges if you have in your inventory. Sand wedges and pitch wedges can be placed on the right side of those irons.

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  1. |Extra-Accessories|

Keep your accessories in the bag at an optimal location, so it will help you to enjoy the game in a better way.

Understand the fact that the side pockets of your golf bag are made up to hold your frequently used items. You can use front and top pockets for spare balls, ball markers, and tees. Putting them up in these compartments makes it easier to access.

Place the items that you use very less in the side pocket, such as rule books and gloves. The least accessible pockets can be utilized for rarely used items, for example, first aid kit and keys. Arranged things enhance your strength in the game and prove you a pleasant environment.


The golf bag is an essential and useful thing, but if you know how to use it well, otherwise it may not be a good thing for you. If you have organized it well, then you will be able to access your clubs and other things during the game. It makes your accessories more comfortable to use in the ground. Organizing items can make you a good golfer with a lot of new experience and will enhance your game quality. Many people ignore the benefits of a golf bag, but if you do so, you will have a streamlined and faster approach to fetch your golf clubs. Ultimately the first step to being an advanced golfer is organizing the golf bag in a better way.

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