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In the Bergen area of Norway’s 10 unbelievable tourist places

A significant tourist destination is Bergen, Norway’s second-biggest city and one of Scandinavia’s most busy cruise stops. Berger is surrounded by a ring of hills that are sometimes called the Seven Mountains. There are many sightseeing sights in Bergen that tourists can bring. The city has an impressive art and cultural past. The city is made even more vibrant by festivals such as the annual Bergen International Festival, Bergenfest, and Nattjazz.


When you’re in Bergen, the variety in culture, architecture, festivals, and sites can be overwhelming. You have to be aware of the places to visit during your journey, to ensure that you have a hint of all the colors Bergen has to offer. We have compiled a list of Bergen’s top tourist places to help cover the best of your journey.


  1. Hanseatic Wharf of Bryggen


Located in Bryggen, Bergen 5003 is one of the most visited locations in Bergen, Norway, the Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf. There are galleries, workshops, shops, and restaurants in the surrounding area. The alleys are small, with old wooden trading houses, which make the place look like a perfect mix of modern and ancient history. Do not forget to carry out the splendid museum of the historical artifacts of the 14th century when you visit Bryggen.


  1. Square Market


The Market Square is located on Grensegrenden 1, 5035 Bergen in the southwest end of the main port. The 700-year-old fish market in this market offers you the most authentic insight into the past of the region. It is the early morning when the fishery market is the busiest time to begin the tour on the Market Square with traders selling and buying fresh catches. This incredibly beautiful market place is certainly one of the places to visit in Bergen, Norway.


  1. Fortification of Bergenhus


Bergenhus Fortress is one of the best attractions of Bergen Norway, dominating the entrance to the port since the 16th century. In 1940–45, when Germany invaded Norway, you could enjoy wonderful exhibits in the fortress that are especially connected with the contribution of groups of resistance and women. Following this exhibit, Sverresborg Fortress is built in 1660 and consists of remains built in the 12th century on a still older castle.


  1. Museum of the Hanseatic


Finnegard is one of the 18th century’s most prominent commercial houses. The Hanseatic Museum gives an insight into German traders’ lives. It offers an in-depth view of the furniture, arms, and equipment used over the years.


  1. Cathedral of Bergen


The oldest documented reference of the cathedral dating from 1181 AD is the Cathedral of Bergen at the Domkirkeplassen 1, 5003 Bergen. After being destroyed by fire in 1623, the cathedral was restored. The cathedral looked as it is today in 1640. In 1880 the renowned architect Christian Christie made the Rococo interior even more attractive to the cathedral.


  1. Open-Air Museum of Old Bergen


Bergen is situated in Sandviken, one of the most popular sites in the Old Stadt district, the Old Bergen Open-Air Museum. This is an open-air museum of 35 historical wooden structures. It reflects the city’s architectural diversity from the 18th to the 19th centuries.


  1. List of Rasmus Meyer


Bergen is one of the key attractions of the city since 1923, situated at Rasmus Meyers Allé 7. The collection includes the artist Egedius, Much, Dahl, and Munthe, among others, and was drawn up by some of Norway’s great artists. You can also check the Museum of the Arts, which includes the collection of rare porcelain and pottery and the work of the goldsmith if you love art.


  1. Hall of Greece


Bergen the Greig Hall is located at Strømgate and one of the best places to visit especially when you like bold architecture. It is the best example and has outstanding acoustics in modern architecture. The hall is the place to visit, play, and perform. He is named after Edward Greig, one of Bergen’s most beloved sons.


  1. Museum of Bergen University


The N-5007 Bergen, situated at Museplass 3, is world-famous for its collection of museums. You can spend a whole day in the museum of the University. It has a wide variety of natural history, cultural history, and the history of seafaring. You should look into the amazing botanical garden managed by the university when you want to break from all the knowledge you get from those collections. Apart from the botanical garden, Nygårdspark and the Unicorn Fountain by Gustav Vigeland are nearby popular gardens. If all these parts are finished, you can check one of Norway’s best plant collections containing some 5000 species.


  1. Fløyfjell Fleece


The 1047-ft summit, which offers an impressive view of the city and surrounding areas, is situated in the north-east of Bergen Fløyfjell. The best time to visit the region is early in the morning. You can take a tram up to the top if you don’t want to walk. It would be worthwhile the panoramic view of the city and the areas around it.

There are also other sites in Bergen, including the Royal House, Lisøy, and Abbey of Lyse and many others that are not to be enjoyed. There are several options for testing your stay that match every budget. The people of Bergen are friendly and the tourism of Bergen is always one of the government’s goals, making it a good destination for tourists. The tourist centers and the Norwegian tourism website of the city of Bergen provide information about tourism.


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