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7 Things to See Absolutely in Milan

What to see in Milan? What are the places of interest and places to visit? Here are what to visit: the 7 things to see absolutely in Milan, not to be missed!

It is symbolically considered the capital of economics and fashion. It is home to two of the top football clubs in our top league. Milan is not just Duomo and Navigli.

The Lombard capital, one of the most famous Italian cities in the world, has much to offer tourists: leisure, culture, unbridled shopping.

Here are seven of the main attractions of the city of the Madonnina.

1 – Duomo

It is the symbol par excellence of the city of Milan. The construction work on the famous Gothic-style monument dedicated to Santa Maria Nascente began in 1386 at the behest of Gian Galeazzo Visconti. So ethereal as to seem almost unreal the Duomo, the perfect synthesis between Lombard and Nordic architecture, houses 3,500 statues inside; the rather curious note is that among the statues there are also illustrious but secular characters, such as Dante Alighieri and the boxer Primo Carnera.

2 – Quadrilatero Della Moda

From the sacred to the profane, it is appropriate to say it. The “followers” of the latest style trends cannot help but jump into the famous Fashion District! Via Montenapoleone, via Manzoni, via Della Spiga and Corso Venezia are the four Milanese streets that form an ideal tasteful “range”, unfortunately not always within the reach of all budgets. But looking (and daydreaming) as it is known, costs nothing.

3 – Last Supper They win in Santa Maria Delle Grazie

The Dominican convent, built between 1466 and 1490 by Giuniforte Solari (and subject to subsequent modifications by Bramante), is considered an obligatory stop for all those who decide to visit the city. The reason? Inside the former refectory located next to the monument, the Last Supper is jealously preserved, the masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci also known as the “Last Supper”.

4 – Navigli

Hydraulic work, which Bertola da Novate and Leonardo da Vinci worked on. Designed as an ideal connection system between the city of Milan and northern Europe, between the center and the large Lombard lakes as well as the sea, they were considered a means of irrigation, water supply, and safe transport of people and goods (just think that the blocks of marble used to build the Duomo were transported right on these channels).

Today the Navigli is the “romantic” part of the city; the best-known channel is the Naviglio Grande, a destination every day for tourists ready to immortalize themselves in photos in this romantic postcard setting.

5 – Sforzesco Castle

Another symbol of the city of Milan and emblem of the transformation, from a military stronghold to a center of culture. The Sforzesco Castle was built between 1358 and 1368 and was the favorite home, among others, also of Ludovico il Moro and Beatrice d’Este. Today it is still one of the largest castles in Europe.

Today the former military citadel houses numerous museums; among the best known, the Pinacoteca, the Museum of Ancient Art, the Egyptian Museum and the Museum of Musical Instruments.

6 – Teatro Alla Scala

One of the temples of Italian opera is undoubtedly the famous Teatro Alla Scala, built by Giuseppe Piermarini at the behest of Maria Teresa of Austria. The theater, which kicked off its still prolific musical season in 1778 with the music of Antonio Salieri, was destroyed during the Second World War and rebuilt in record time.

7 – Monumental Cemetery

A place of recollection, in which some of the most important names in Milanese history rest, well-known personalities from the entertainment, art, culture, politics and civil life who made the capital great: Alessandro Manzoni, Giuseppe Verdi, Salvatore Quasimodo, Giuseppe Meazza …

The Monumental Cemetery, extended on about 250 thousand square meters, was built by Carlo Maciachini and built following the canons of the Neoclassical style, winking at the Byzantine, Lombard and Gothic styles.

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