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Do You Need to Know about the Attractions To Enjoy During Your Abu Dhabi Tour?

Best Attractions To Enjoy During Your Abu Dhabi Tour

The most impressive buildings in Dubai can be seen in the skyline of this amazing city, and this is why a visit to the heart of Dubai – the Abu Dhabi. The Abu Dhabi Half Day City Tour provides an opportunity to take a look at all that this amazing city has to offer.

This is the ideal way for all the family to experience what it is like to visit this incredible place.

Abu Dhabi Half Day City Tour Package includes a visit to the world famous Burj-Al Arab Hotel. It’s a must for any business traveller to experience this magnificent hotel and is an essential part of any Abu Dhabi city tour package.

Things that you can Enjoy in Abu Dhabi City Tour

You can add to your package any number of activities in and around this amazing area. Activities include golfing on the Wide Wadi Water Park and fishing on the Jumeirah Beach.

On this tour you can also experience the fascinating and exciting roller coaster rides in Dubai. These rides include the Skyscraper, Mountain River and Al Hajar Mountains roller coasters.

During your Abu Dhabi half day city tour you can take a complimentary e-ticket plus ticket that will give you entrance to some of the spectacular attractions. These attractions are:

Gold Souk

Gold Souk is the market place where you can find everything you need for your everyday life. This is where you can buy the things that you need to make daily life easier. There is also the store where you can buy local products that you may need to spice up your meals or help in everyday chores.

The souk also offers jewelry and local fashion. This is the best time to visit during your Abu Dhabi half day city tour. The benefits of this attraction are that you can get some bargains during the day, have fun at the amusement park and enjoy the shopping in the evening.

Marina Bay and Shopping Island

Marina Bay and Shopping Island – Located on the northern part of the city, Marina Bay is the most popular tourist destination for visitors. This is the place where you can relax and spend your leisure time.

You can enjoy fine dining, international cuisines and many other shopping goodies. The other attractions of this tour are the Disney Empire, Groundkeepers, the National museum and the Saadiyat island.

Saadiyat Island and the Burj al Arab Hotel

The Saadiyat Island and the Burj al Arab Hotel – These places are considered the ultimate luxurious places to stay in Abu Dhabi. The hotels of this city are known for their extravagant and lavish nature.

You can enjoy the best of both the worlds with your tour package to Abu Dhabi. The e-ticket facility is available with these hotels, which allows you to stay at the inn for a couple of days and return it after your stay.

Arabian Ranches and Sand Dunes

Arabian Ranches and Sand Dunes – You can go for a safari in the desert of Abu Dhabi by enjoying the natural sights and sounds of the land. You can enjoy a camel safari to explore the rich culture of this exotic country.

You can visit the different parks and sanctuaries here. The desert here is known for its distinct beauty and you can visit this place thrice in a year.

These places are among the most sought after tourist destinations in the world. They provide a wonderful experience to the tourists to enjoy the best of both the East and the West.

You can visit these cities during your leisure vacation or business trip. There are many travel agents offering tours to the city. You can choose a right tour package from them and enjoy the best of both the East and the West.

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