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Car Travel Apps: 8 Must-Have Software for Your Smartphone

Best smartphone car travel apps for your convenient travels

In today’s world, your smartphone serves as more than just a communication tool. It allows you to perform many tasks, thus making your daily life easier with car travel apps.

This also applies to travel. If earlier you used your smartphone only to make calls, now it has become an indispensable assistant wherever you go. Moreover, most of the current apps meet the top trends of 2021 and are really stylish and easy to use.

Indeed, you will appreciate the help of car travel apps when you go on a road trip. What places to visit next weekend in Washington DC? Where can you see the list of rental cars in Albany NY? Which hotel to choose for a family trip to Los Angeles? The right car travel applications for your smartphone will answer these questions and more.

Well, every modern traveler should have a number of useful apps on their smartphone. In order to free up your phone memory and save your time, we have compiled a selection of the 8 most needed programs for your smartphone during your travels around the globe.


This is a guide app that showcases nearby establishments. It works with geo-data – determines the location of a person and immediately shows all interesting places nearby: from parks, squares, to large restaurants, hotels, and various attractions. The only drawback of the application is that it doesn’t work without an Internet connection. A small bonus for all users – you can leave places on the map where you were and share them with your friends.


The Detour app is a dream for those traveling by rental car. The app uses GPS to know where you are and tell you something interesting about the area. Imagine driving down Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, while the app gives you advice on which attractions to visit along the way. It’s very convenient and will allow you not to miss something really important.


It makes no sense to recall the well-known hotel-reservation applications that everyone has heard of, but it’s worth talking about a service that can help every tourist spend the night for free or for a small service. This online service, available all over the world, has its own security and reviews system, which reflects how comfortable the stay is in each place. 

In-app registration is free of charge, but you have to pay $60 for unlimited search requests. The high level of security and competent organization obliges every self-respecting tourist to download this application to his smartphone.


This app will help choose where to eat for all tourists traveling to the United States. The service is a crowdsourced review site for restaurants. Its own feedback system allows you to find out many details about food – its quality, freshness, suitability, and see photos of the menu and the food itself. The app works with local deliveries, which is a great way to relax and eat right at home or at your hotel.


Tripinsurance is a perfect application for travelers who take care of their health not only at home but also abroad. You can view and purchase insurance to any country, get a doctor’s advice, and if an insured event occurs, contact the company and fix the case.

Of course, we are talking not only about health insurance but also material coverage if you are traveling in a rental car. Damage waiver and third-party protection are also at your disposal.


Probably, you wouldn’t want to get lost while traveling in a rental car in an unfamiliar area. No worries! MAPS.ME will always help you find the right way.

The application has all the maps of the world that are available for offline use. This is very convenient since it’s not always possible to take advantage of applications that require an active Internet connection. The functionality of the program is wide: you can build routes, search for objects, import data, and study information about the nearest establishments.

Google Trips

Google Trips app will collect all electronic documents in your mail, including air tickets, car rental vouchers, and other similar things. It will show any map offline and calculate travel time, which will solve 2 big problems of travelers at once. Plus you’ll find tips on where and how to spend your day based on popular pages on Google.

Google Trips also provides important information about where to go and who to call in an emergency.

Waze Car Travel App

There are a huge number of applications that work with roads around the world. Waze shows not only road problems and traffic congestions but also poorly paved areas and police patrol locations. 

This car travel application is popular with car travelers because the information in it is constantly updated by the users themselves. This allows you to react in time to changing road conditions, which guarantees a hassle-free road trip.

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