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Amazing Experience of Morning Desert Safari in Dubai

Morning Desert Safari

Experience of Morning Desert Safari in Dubai

The Morning desert safari in Dubai lies at the centre of a diverse landscape where you will find a variety of wildlife species, ancient ruins and a host of other fascinating things to do. With an impressive collection of deserts in Dubai, you can find numerous things to do during your stay in the emirate.

The early morning desert safari with a quad bike in Dubai has become one of the best activities that add to the unmatched popularity of this city among visitors from all parts of the world. There are many adventure activities to choose from, ranging from four-wheel driving and sandboarding in the sands of the morning sky to camel trekking and camel safari around the lush vegetation of the desert. Other popular activities that you can do on your way to the sunset include camel riding, golfing, kayaking and trekking, fishing, cycling, rock climbing and snorkelling.

When you visit the Morning Desert Safari Dubai, you will see how the sun’s rays have carved a unique landscape with deep valleys and flat land along the desert surface. You will also get a feel of the desert culture, tradition and lifestyle of this region in terms of its architecture, history, cuisine, wildlife and even the architecture of the buildings.

When you decide to head towards the sunrise desert, you should always ensure that you leave at least three hours before sunset. During this time, the desert becomes very hot and the weather becomes quite uncomfortable for tourists. So, it would be a good idea to leave for Dubai in the morning and return at nightfall. The best time to start your tour of the sunrise desert with a quad bike in Dubai will be in the afternoon when the temperature is cool and pleasant.

Once you reach the Sunrise Desert, you can start off the day by visiting the site where the sun rises. This place is called Jumeriah City and the famous landmark is the Al Nahda Tower. On your visit to this landmark, you can get an amazing view of the Arabian Sea. While looking at this site, you can also observe the rising sun.

If you want to take a look at the sunrise from the sand dunes, you have to head for the Al Risalah Island and spend some time walking around the beaches and taking in the desert landscape as the sun slowly rises in the sky. At the same time, you should pay a visit to the old village and enjoy a traditional dinner cooked on an open fire. This is one traditional way of entertaining guests in the desert. There are many ancient ruins located at the edge of the valley and you can view the ruins and watch the sunset from there. Other things to do during your trip to the morning desert include camping with the camels.

If you prefer a more adventurous experience, you can go for quad bike riding in the desert with the camels or riding with jeeps in the desert. The camels will provide you with the necessary protection while the jeeps will provide you with comfort. This will give you the chance to view the desert without getting stuck.

You can also try water sports like swimming, river rafting, river cruising, jet skiing, kite surfing and even paragliding while riding around the sun’s rays in the sun. You can enjoy your day in the sunrise desert by sunbathing and swimming in the water. You can also take a stroll around the area by the beach and try to spot the camel ranches that are situated close to these places. By doing so, you will get to spend some time with nature while experiencing the true beauty of the sunrise desert.


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