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5 Important Things Once Should Know About Temporary Graduate Visa 485 Before Applying

Temporary Graduate Visa 485 is that one Visa that grants you an extensive stay after you have finished your academic course in Australia. It is pursued by those who wish to stay in the country on a permanent basis. This visa subclass 485 allows you to stay for a period of 18 months or up to 4 more years, depending on the kind of Visa stream you are applying for.

Applying for a graduate Visa 485 can be stressful because the process needs to be carried out carefully and meticulously. This article shall guide you about the things to remember while applying for a Graduate Visa.

Expert assistance is necessary

Before getting into the specifics, let us remind you of one thing: to be on the safe side, always consult an expert migration agent Adelaide. The agent will provide you guidance in figuring out the documents you must require before applying for an extended stay in Australia.

Remember that from the time of your completion of an academic course, you have to apply for a graduate visa within 6 months. If you fail to do so, your temporary graduate visa subclass 485 may be rejected. Re-applying for a Visa is possible but it is so time-consuming and financially draining that it is best if you can avoid the hassle on the first instance.

5 You Must Do While Applying For Visa Subclass 485

  1. Choose Your Visa Stream Correctly

Well now that you have completed your academic course from a registered Australian university, it’s time to look beyond. If you wish to gradually stay here, the first thing you need to do is choose your Visa stream according to your eligibility and skills because that determines how long you will be granted to stay. There are two kinds of streams – Graduate Work Stream and Post Study Work Stream.

If you are an international student who has recently graduated, apply according to the relevant occupational skills you have acquired. The skills should be founded in the Skills Occupational List because that ensures that you will be allowed in the country for a period of at least 18 months. The Post Study Work Stream applies to the international students who have graduated with any of the higher education degrees from Bachelors, Diploma, Masters or Doctorate from any of the Australian education providers. The Post Study Work Stream is available only for the students who applied and received their Visa subclass 485 grant for the first time any time after 5th November 2011. Choose your visa stream carefully according to your qualification and position.

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  1. Expand Your Visa Subclass 485

If your goal is to stay in Australia, you have to work for it. After finishing your academic course, start looking for jobs that fit your educational qualification and your relevant skills. That can kick-start your career and keep you in the long run. Choosing a career that doesn’t fit your skills can be experimenting and even interesting, but to what extent? Think it through carefully and get yourself engaged in an occupation that is designed for you. This will automatically expand your tenure of stay in Australia. Apply for the professional year program courses to develop your professional skills. After coming freshly out of college or Universities, many people are not ready to step into the professional field yet.

These programs boost your confidence as they welcome you to the world of professionalism, helps you to develop your communication skills and also provide you with internship opportunities. Internships are a good bridge between studying and full-time employment of the relevant course. People studying Engineering, IT or Accounting must utilise this opportunity to the fullest.

  1. Be Equipped With Your Health Insurance

Being an international student, it is mandatory that you have a valid Overseas Visitors Health Cover that provides you coverage while you are staying in a different country. If you lack a valid health insurance program that covers for your health while you are staying in Australia, the chances of getting your Visa rejected becomes high.

There are many health insurance programs that offer several benefits while you stay overseas. Choose from the best one by consulting relevant search terms like ‘Migration Agents Near Me’because they will assist you in making the right decisions, considering which insurance policy gives you maximum security and benefits.

  1. Including Close Ones In Your Application

Yes, you can help your partner and your family members move in with you! They can live with you and share similar amenities during their stay in the country. If you wish to ensure complete approval of their application, you have to be careful while you are filling out your own application form and theirs! Try to make their amendments while you are filling out your own application form. If you lodge your application first and then go about placing a request about them, it may get pushed ass the 485 visa processing time takes long resulting in delaying the entire process.

To include your close ones in the application to shift with you, make sure that they also have valid insurance coverage. Besides health facilities, they must pass the required health tests and meet all the requirements of the Visa. You can get details about these requirements from an immigration agent Adelaide who will provide you with the best services.

  1. Fulfil The English Language Requirement

Complete knowledge and command of the English language is one of the fundamental criteria of getting a Visa temporary graduate. You have to ace the IELTS test with 6 having a minimum of 5 marks in four sections i.e. listening, writing, speaking and reading. It is mandatory for you to score at least 50 with 30 in each of the four sectors in the PTE Academic Equivalent Test. Learn more about the PTE and IELTS or the equivalent tests and prepare accordingly. The more you score the better your chances get in receiving the Visa approval.

These are the topmost things that you should keep in your 485 Visa Checklist to make the process convenient for yourself. Get things done in the correct order and with genuineness. Don’t forget the time limit as it plays a major factor. Your Visa will be granted to you in no time!

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