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Difference Between Corel Painter And Clip Studio Paint | Which Is Better?

For an Artist, it is very important to choose the right software to take his art to the next level. Clip Studio Paint and Corel Painter are some of the best software in the digital world of art. Both the software can help to create exclusive artwork by using their unique features. 

Both the software has unique features for the artist. However, Corel Painter has an edge over the CSP as it has a more variety of features. In this article, we have given the difference between Corel painter and clip studio paint so that you will get an idea about which digital software is best to use. 

We will compare both the software and discuss the pricing, various tools, interface, advantages, and disadvantages, etc about Clip Studio Paint and Corel Painter in detail. 

What is Clip Studio Paint?

Clip Studio Paint is one of the most popular digital art software. It was introduced in 2001 for the first time by the Japanese software company “Celsys”. 

Since it commenced, it is widely used for comics creation, 2D animations, Paintings, and Manga. Because of its exclusive features and tools, it becomes a great choice for an artist in the digital world of art. 

This is a paid software however, it provides one hour of free service in a day which makes it affordable software to beginners.

Clip Studio Paint is compatible with multiple software including macOS, Windows, iPad, Android, Chrome OS, and IOS. CSP is considered the best Software for Illustration purposes. 

An amateur can learn a lot from this software as it offers numerous brushes and tools along with this, it also gives access to its library. Through our Corel Painter Vs Clip Studio Paint comparison we will find out which software is better for you.

What is Corel Painter?

Corel Painter is another popular name in the world of digital art. It is widely used for Drawings, Sketching, Paintings, Printmaking, and Editing. Corel Painter is developed by Corel Corporation. 

It is compatible with Microsoft Windows and macOS. This Software contains a huge variety of tools and brushes for creating the effect of color in watercolor, chalk, charcoal oil pastels, and more. 

The professional artist is more attracted to this software as it has various features like Pattern pens, Image hose, F/x distortion, and so on. 

Although it might be complicated software for beginners to buy, due to its price as well as compatibility needs, which makes this software is a great option for professionals only. 

With the latest version of Corel painter, there is an immense improvement in performance in software. Yet if you are not satisfied with this software you can check out this Corel Painter Alternatives

Difference Between Corel Painter and Clip Studio Paint Software:

Here we will check out all the aspects of Corel painter and clip studio paint and on the basis of that, we will differentiate between Clip Studio paint and Corel Painter.

Various Tools Difference Between Clip Studio Paint And Corel Painter 

Corel Painter is designed for both amateurs as well as professionals. It offers a variety of tools and brushes along with color enhancement options and layer control improvement. 

Corel Painter offers you more than 900 options in brushes. Besides this, it also provides an eraser, dodge tool, and clone tool.  Tools that are available in Corel Painter will take your art to the next level. Furthermore, it has AI Support which will make your artwork task much easier while working on the canvas.

Clip Studio Paint is another software that offers a wide range of tools and brush options to its users. While examining its tools you will find decoration tools within the software which is fun to use.  

This program is also AI-based and you can also create numerous art projects with the help of its brush kits. There are also various tools and features available for animation artists.  CSP has a vector layer option that will organize the lines and pixels of the manga and comics. 

Who Provides Easy Installation Corel Painter Or Clip Studio Paint 

Corel painter does not require any high-tech configuration for installation. It mainly depends on your internet connection speed for software installation. This software has a downloader device that accepts installation files and at last, makes the installation. 

It is a very easy process for installing this program as it has an inbuilt wizard that controls everything. This program just asks you your destination path and shortcut creation.

Clip Studio Paint is very easy to install the software. For better smooth performance, you will require 2GB and 8 GB RAM for the operating systems Windows and macOS. Besides this, you will also need a decent internet speed connection to authenticate your license and some other procedure.  

Who Has Better User interface Clip Studio Paint Or Corel Painter 

Corel Painter has concentrated more on its user experience. This is the reason why the latest version of the software has added a lot of effort to the performance of the Corel Painter software. 

The program has a dark theme for a  user interface. If you are a learner and using this software for the first time you will be astonished as everything is manageable and easy to comprehend.

However, because there are numerous tools and features in this software you might get a little confused about getting started with this software.

On the other hand, Clip Studio Paint also has an easy-to-operate interface. Similar to Corel Painter, Clip Studio Paint also has a dark theme. Its hidden toolbar can be moved or minimized so you can focus more on your artwork. 

Everything is perfectly organized in this software. On the left side of the software, you can have access to the essential toolbar which includes erasers, pens, brushes, and other important tools. 

Stability: Difference Between Clip Studio Paint And Corel Painter 

Corel Painter Stability mainly depends upon the setup of the software. The program runs smoothly for Mac Users but the Windows user may find it difficult to use this software. 

For Windows Operators, you will require the latest version of a PC or computer. There are many types of digital art such as illustration art, concept art, photo art, and so on. This program will work smoothly on PS Drawing tablets or Mac.

Clip Studio Paint consists of a stabilizer that can be useful to access brushes in the software. Brushes and even vector layers have a stabilizer that manages everything by itself. 

CSP provides various types of art-making such as comic art, manga art, illustrations, character and concept art, animation, etc. You can create any of these artists with a Clip Studio Paint stabilizer easily.

Customer Support: Difference Between Corel Painter And Clip Studio Paint

Corel Painter provides its customers with great technical support through its 24/7 Live Chat feature. If you have any query you can select their live chat option. Furthermore, you can also call them to solve the query. Their agent will help to solve your queries. 

Whereas Clip Studio Paint also provides great user support through Emails, forums, and FAQs. Clip Studio Paint does not provide the option of live support.

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Advantages and disadvantages of using Clip Studio Paint:


  • Clip Studio Paint provides a bunch of tools and advanced features along with flexibility in the drawing. 
  • This software contains preset brush options or even you can create your own brushes in CSP software.
  • Clip Studio Paint Software has the latest AI technology, which helps you in coloring your drawings as well as auto coloring in animations.
  • CSP software allows you to utilize the 3D objects and models easily just by drag and drop tools. 
  • You can take advantage of this software by using its vector tool kit which helps you in minor customization like touch up any error area or spot.


  • Clip Studio Paint does not provide audio support in animation. You have to arrange it from a third-party site.
  • There is an absence of manipulation in fonts and texts in this software. you will be provided with limited fonts and text styles.
  • In Clip Studio Paint there is an issue with the complicated key bindings sometimes.
  • CSP has an asset library in Japanese so it becomes difficult to understand and use it.
  • There is a huge difference of $150 between the CSP pro and Ex version prices.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Corel Painter:


  • Corel Painter has an easy-to-use interface which makes it one of the best art software.
  • You can install this software effortlessly.
  • Corel Painter software contains a wide range of brushes and tools for artists.
  • This software has multiple color palettes to choose from.
  • Corel Painter has the option of mixing and blending colors.


  • It is quite expensive software
  • It works solely on the latest PC Programs.

Pricing Comparison Clip Studio Paint Vs Corel Painter 

Corel Painter comes in 2 versions that are Corel Painter and Corel Painter Essential 8. Its Latest 2021 version will cost you around $51.86. It is best for Windows and Mac. while the Corel Painter Essential 8 will cost you just $8 which is a great deal for beginners.

Clip Studio Paint also comes with 2 Versions called Clip Studio Paint Ex and Clip Studio Pro. Clip Studio Paint Ex is used by artists mainly for the creation of Manga, Comics, and Animation. Also, you check this Clip Studio Paint Ex Vs Pro Comparison. 

It will cost you around $219 which is a one-time purchase. Clip Studio Pro is used for Manga art, illustrations, and comics creation. This version will cost you $49.99. This is also a one-time purchase software.

After comparing the pricing of this two software, we can say that Clip Studio Paint is a great option for beginners and Corel Painter is more suitable for professionals. Although the better option is which fits your requirements, compatibility and your budget.

Final Verdict For Difference Between Corel Painter And Clip Studio Paint 

After discussing it we found both the software Corel Painter and Clip Studio Paint are useful and great in their field. Both the software concentrate on customer user experience and provide the best to their users. 

However, Corel Painter contains more features than Clip Studio Paint. Corel Painter is more appropriate for professionals and Clip Studio Paint is more suitable for learners or amateurs.

Both the Software offers the best performance, features, tools to their users. However, you can pick any of this software that fits your needs and budget. 

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