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Benefits of switching to a Windows VPS host

Windows VPS hosting is a hosting service that renders you high performance at an unbeatable price. A cheap Windows VPS server is designed and optimized by experts starting with the designing phase to deliver excellent performance. Name the feature or specification you want from your hosting service, Windows VPS hosting comprises each one of them.

VPS hosting is so advantageous on its own and Windows technology adds on to it. When VPS hosting as a hosting service uses Windows as a hosting software then it is termed as a Windows VPS host. There are organizations or business models for which Windows technology is especially preferable catering long term benefits. It is granted to a user with the help of a physical machine which further provides more control and out of the box resources.

You might think that what the worse could result if one chooses the wrong OS for their website. You will get to observe the worse conditions when the traffic will start to shoot. The decision of choosing the wrong OS can bring major loss to your business as it will not be able to handle such escalated traffic. This will further result in the website’s low functionality, poor performance, etc. This is not the end, your website will also have to suffer from frequent and over-stretched downtime. This calls for a study of the OS for your VPS host which can save your website from going through any downtime or bad reputation.

Here we are presenting several benefits of a Cheap Windows VPS hosting

–         Security – Security is the most desired feature that one expects while selecting a hosting plan. A best Windows Virtual Private Server understands all your security concerns and makes sure that the hosting plan takes care of them. We understand there are worries regarding hard drive crashing or multiple kinds of security breaches that are very frequent with other hosting plans. Although after buying a Windows VPS host, your duty doesn’t get over. Some simple steps can make your Windows VPS server more secured and protected from any kind of public network. Such steps are like-

  1. Disabling the default administrator account.
  2. Set up a strong password for the administrator account.
  3. Alter the default remote desktop connection port.
  4. Making use of the Windows firewall to place an IP based restriction on the Remote Desktop.
  5. Installing a strong and reputed antivirus in the Windows VPS.
  6. Updating the Windows regularly.
  7. Setting up a remote desktop gateway.
  8. Make use of spyware protection.

–         Cost-effectiveCheap Windows VPS server hosting plans are one of the most economical hosting plans of all time. When you buy Windows VPS, their services are no less than a dedicated server surprisingly at a price that is quite lower than the latter. It is costlier than a shared server but the costs get recovered in no time through stellar website performance. Hence, if you are looking for a hosting plan that is suitable for the long run then there is no better choice than Windows VPS hosting.

–         Full ownership– There will be many users that would be hosted on the same physical server but with the nest age technology like virtualization, you will be enjoying full independence within the same server and sharing the space at the same time. This is because the administration of the server is autonomous which does not allow the sharing of resources just like in a shared hosting plan. Each compartment of the server is dedicated to a particular website being, separated based on OS which they might have opted for.

–         Performance– Resource allocation being quite similar to like in a dedicated server, each website is empowered with world-class performance through continuous availability. Thus, each of the Rackspace is equally efficient in terms of resource capacity in accordance with the price they have paid for it. Windows Virtual Private Server’s exceptional way to work can be seen in terms of the website’s performance and also through improved scalability.

–         Resource addition – With cheap Windows VPS hosting, one gets the benefit to add any kind of resource at any point in time during the term of the service. The level of scalability that you get is surprising and will make you feel overwhelmed. It provides you the freedom of installing any control panel of your choice and no restriction on any kind of configuration. Here comes the user’s part to act responsibly and enjoy the freedom with a sense that the security of the server does not get hampered.

–         Support– The services and terms along mentioned or promised by the Windows VPS hosting provider are so seamless and creates no discrepancy during its delivery. A Windows VPS server host leaves no room for error and on top of that, the world-class technical support makes its environment more error-free. They will provide resolutions for all your problems without any delay. Their main aim is to keep all the users of the Windows VPS hosting happy and satisfied with their service.

Still, if you have doubts about the service of a Windows VPS host, then you must look out for past reviews of our happy users. They will give you more clear answers and honest reviews.

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