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Choosing a QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Provider? Ask These Seven Questions!

QuickBooks cloud accounting has increasingly become common amongst businesses. Whether a small, medium or large business, several businesses use QuickBooks hosting to maintain their business accounts. However, several businesses hesitate to switch to cloud-hosted QuickBooks. Either they don’t know about QuickBooks cloud hosting or are just skeptical about switching from desktop to cloud.

Choose the best web hosting as there are many types of web hosting available on the web. But if you consider the work from home scenarios emerging due to the pandemic, cloud hosting applications have myriads of benefits. Businesses that implemented QuickBooks cloud hosting could carry their tasks even if they couldn’t go to the office. Whereas businesses that stuck to using QuickBooks desktop struggled hard.

Hence, if you haven’t switched to QuickBooks hosting, now is the time to do so. In this article, we will discuss what QuickBooks hosting means. And what question you must ask your QuickBooks cloud hosting providers. So, let’s get started!

What are QuickBooks Cloud Accounting Hosting Solutions?

Normally, you download the QuickBooks software application on your office desktop. This means your office desktop is the only source to access the application. Now, you might think switching to QuickBooks Online will solve your issues regarding mobility. But this is not always a viable option! Why? Maybe you have already bought the complete software package for the QuickBooks desktop.

In such cases, QuickBooks Online won’t help you. Instead, QuickBooks cloud hosting will be the perfect option. How? Let’s find out!

QuickBooks cloud hosting allows you to transfer all your data and files on the cloud using a third-party server. Professional QuickBooks on Cloud providers offer services to shift all your desktop data on a cloud server. This allows you to access your data from anywhere anytime. With QuickBooks cloud hosting, you are not limited to your office desktop. You can access the data from your laptop, mobile phones, tablets, and more.

Moreover, mobility issues are completely removed when using QuickBooks cloud hosting services. And with the pandemic still in effect and work from home policies to stay in effect for time to come, QuickBooks cloud hosting is the solution.

If you decide to switch to QuickBooks cloud hosting, you need to choose the right hosting provider. How will you do that? Here’s how!

Ask These Seven Questions to QuickBooks Cloud Accounting Hosting Provider

·         Question 1: How many clients have you served in the past?

This must be your first question when choosing a QuickBooks cloud hosting provider. Why, might you ask? Well, knowing how many clients a cloud hosting provider has tells you about the experience they have. The more the clients, the more experience they have working with different organizations and needs.

Also, when you suggest a cloud hosting provider to your network of contacts, your reputation is at stake. Hence, make sure to choose a cloud hosting provider who has massive experience working with different clientele. This will ensure that they understand your specific business needs for cloud hosting QuickBooks.

·         Question 2: How Do You Host Data?

Now, we know you might say why this question is necessary. Why should you care how and where the cloud hosting provider hosts the data? But you should care! And we will tell you why!

So, just imagine a situation where a natural disaster shuts down online services in a particular state or region. If your cloud hosting provider has a presence only in that area, you won’t have access to your data. Most cloud hosting providers host the data on multiple servers in different locations. This way no matter the situation, you will not lose access to your data.

Hence, knowing how and where the cloud hosting provider hosts the data will be beneficial. The larger their coverage, the better access you get.

·         Question 3: What Are Your Customer Support Facilities?

Maybe one fine day while you are working, you encounter an issue. How will you get customer and technical support from your cloud hosting provider? Hence, you need to ask them about their customer support services.

Do they provide 24/7 customer support 365 days of the year? How do you connect with your provider? Do you use email, chat, or call? You need to know the ways to connect with your cloud hosting provider. To know more about the quality of customer support, make sure to read former customer reviews. If you find a greater number of negative interactions, don’t choose the said cloud hosting provider.

·         Question 4: Can You Talk About Your Uptime and Availability?

Always ask the potential cloud hosting provider about their uptime and availability. QuickBooks is a crucial software application for your business. You don’t want a provider that has lower uptime and higher downtime. Instead, you want the opposite!

You want a cloud hosting provider that has a higher uptime. Just imagine if you have reduced access or lag in data access facilities during the end of March or the start of April. All your work to serve your customers, keeping a record of accounts for the financial year will be hampered. You want to choose a cloud hosting provider that has reliable services.

·         Question 5: Do You Support Any Other Applications?

Now, QuickBooks is your ultimate accounting solution. And several other applications can be integrated with your accounting solution to handle other tasks easily. For example, you can integrate applications that allow you to manage client relationships, check employee time, handle inventory, and more.

You need to ask your cloud hosting provider if they support the integration of such applications while cloud hosting QuickBooks. This way you can work from a single destination and manage not only your accounts but other tasks too.

·         Question 6: Can You Tell Your Backup Policy?

Data backup is crucial for your business. Maybe you want to access a piece of information from older data. You need to ensure the cloud hosting provider backups your data. Get to know the duration of the backup. Is it 30 days? Or 60 days? Or longer?

Also, get to know the procedure to restore your backed up data if you lose due to some uncertain circumstances.

·         Question 7: Are you an Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider?

When choosing a QuickBooks hosting provider, get to know if they are Intuit authorized. This ensures that the provider is specifically qualified to provide QuickBooks services. And you will get all the support you need.

About Ace Cloud Hosting:

Ace Cloud Hosting is amongst the leading providers that offer efficient QuickBooks remote access via hosting. The company is Intuit authorized and has won several awards for providing hassle-free hosting services. The cloud hosting services provided by the company accommodate all versions of QuickBooks. They provide bank-level security and SLA-backed 99.999% Uptime. A 3-step process offered by the company allows you to cloud host QuickBooks easily.

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