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Digital Marketing

Beginners Guide To Video Marketing

Every brick-and-mortar business needs a video marketing strategy. One of the things that have changed in the world of digital marketers is how important videos have turned out on every social media channel.

Videos are now the center of good marketing outreach and social media campaign efforts.

According to research performed by HubSpot, at least four of the top six social media platforms have consumers that binge-watch videos.

Truth is, if you are not adding videos to your social media marketing strategy, then you are likely behind in the new digital marketing trend. For some video outreach campaigns, the rawer the content is, the more authoritative it is.

We compiled this definitive guide to help you learn about the in’s and out of video marketing.

The 12 Types of Video Marketing Content Every Digital Marketer Should Know

Video marketing can at times be complicated for newbies. From choosing the best camera equipment to lighting to editing software, video marketing is the best approach to expand your business online.

For the past couple of years, there has been a surge in the popularity of videos as a content marketing format. With the help of videos, a marketer can streamline video content into a one-to-many awareness play. Without further mouthing, let us delve into our video marketing guide.

Before you delve into your video content creation strategy, you need to know the best type of video content that would fit your marketing scheme.  Here is a list of 12 Video content formats that you can incorporate into your brand’s content marketing strategy.

#1. Brand Videos

Brand videos are simply videos that are created as part of an advertisement campaign. They are usually used to bring the company’s vision, mission, and product solution to light. Brand videos are used to create awareness that would echo to prospects and leads that might one day convert in the brand’s sales funnels.

#2. Demo Videos

Demo videos are a video container format that is employe by lots of companies to showcase how their products work. For instance, if a brand is offering a software solution to its customers, it can be used to unbox and put the software to test.

#3. Event Videos

Event videos are a popular video content format that is used to host a conference, a fundraiser, or even a round table discussion. They are used by brands to create interesting presentations and interviews from the gathering.

#4. Expert Interviews

These are videos that have a best used with thought leaders and internal experts of a particular business industry. Expert interview videos are usually used by influencers of a particular business niche.

This video content format comes in more than an ordinary surface-level interview. Expert interviews in digital marketing are a deep dive into an industry with concrete takeaways for individuals that have an interest in producing viral video content.

#5. How-To or Educational Videos

These are video content that is the best use to teach your audience something new that a brand is offering to its customers. It can also be use to help potential customers get a foundational knowledge in products and services that they are interested in. The sales team of a brand can use this video content format to work closely with their customers.

#6. Animated Videos

Animated videos are mostly use by brands to communicate concepts that are difficult to understand at first glance. The strong visuals that come from animated videos can be used by brands to explain a new software or product release that seems abstract to customers. For instance, a company that produces gaming robots can use an animation video to explain what potential customers tend to gain while buying one.

#7. Explainer Videos

An explainer video is mostly a use for brands to communicate why a company needs to have a product or service. Most explainer videos do a good job of bringing the buyer persona of the brand to light. With explainer videos, a person finding it difficult to opt for a product because of a lack of understanding of the product, might have a change of heart and convert to making a purchase.

#8. Testimonial and Case Study videos

A lot of potential customers want to know if a product has the ability to solve their problems. The best strategy that most brands adopt to curb this challenge is to make use of the Testimonial and Case study video content format.

With this type of video content, a business can feature customers that have maximum satisfaction from a particular product. All they just need to do is to get their loyal customers on camera and make them describe their challenges and how the company’s product solution has helped them to solve them.

#9. Live Videos

With live video content format, you can give your customers a special behind-the-scenes look at your brand. It can also help in skyrocketing a company’s engagement rate.

Did you know that customers tend to spend more time binge-watching live videos than with video-on-demand?

Live videos have a way of making customers comment with questions, thereby increasing the engagement rate.

#10. Virtual Reality Videos

Imagine giving your customers the luxury of scrolling around to see your video content from every angle? Not just that, imagine giving them an experience that makes it look like they are physically present within the content?

The spherical video content format allows potential customers to experience an event or a location. Some of the devices that can be used to view this video type are Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard.

#11. Augmented Reality (AR) videos

In this video content format, a digital layer added to what a viewer is currently viewing in the world. For instance, one can point his phone camera at his/her living room, and then augmented reality would allow the person to see how a table would look in the space.

#12. Personalized Messages Video Format

Personalized Messages Video formats are a fun way to start or respond to a conversation with a customer via text or email. You can use Google Meet, Loom, Zoom, or HubSpot Video to record yourself dishing out a personalized recommendation to a potential customer.

This video format can create wonderful moments for your prospects and even go as far as taking them further down the sales funnel.

The Best Video Hosting Platforms

After shooting, editing, adding music, and some voice-over, it is best you look for a suitable hosting platform for your video content.

There are lots of viable options for your video content, and in the course of subsequent paragraphs, we would be talking about them.


If you talk to your friends about a go-to place for videos, they would probably tell you that it is YouTube.

Did you know that YouTube is the second most visited platform in the world? Did you also know that it is also the largest video hosting platform on the internet?

Every day, at least a person watches over 4 billion videos. The platform also has a lot of good options for hosting videos for your brand.

This allows people to easily identify video content that is related to their interests. Your brand can use YouTube to build a dedicated audience of subscribers.

Within your YouTube channel, you can organize your videos into playlists, making it easy for your channel visitors to search within your brand’s content.

YouTube channel visitors can also like and comment on your videos, giving your brand a chance to interact with the audience.

On YouTube, there are lots of advertising options that can be used for sophisticated targeting of your audience. When advertising on YouTube, you can reach a wide range of prospects and leads.

Imagine being able to target a large demographic of potential customers without any cost of uploading or hosting videos.

Your brand can take good advantage of the video ads tool on YouTube for promoting your own content. The only downside of YouTube is that it is not efficient in driving traffic back to your site.


Vimeo is another popular video-sharing platform, as it boasts 715 million views on average per month. It has a lot of advantages that make digital marketers choose it ahead of YouTube.

Vimeo has a simpler and cleaner user interface for content management than YouTube. On YouTube, there are lots of ads and commercials that always there to detract viewers from streaming your content. Videos on Vimeo also come in high-definition format.

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