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Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum and syllabus

Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum and Syllabus

Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum and Syllabus

yoga Teacher Training in India

Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, India as confident teachers with a strong and solid teaching skill set ready to begin their career in the world of Yoga.

Teachers with strong and solid teaching skills, ready to start their career in yoga. They develop a unique art of teaching along with a comprehensive understanding of asana, pranayama, shatkarma, alignment, ayurveda, philosophy, anatomy, mudras, mantras and meditation. Our Yoga Alliance registered Yoga Teacher Training in India is intensive and enriching for yoga beginners to intermediates. With over 1000 graduates and a decade of teaching experience, our established Yoga Teacher Training in India Program fulfills the best and highest standards for aspiring Yoga Teachers.

Alongside developing practical skills in the art of teaching, our trainees also gain a comprehensive understanding of: Best Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India

Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh

Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum :

Mantra Chanting: Mantras is a part of Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum. Mantras are positive words or phrases. your mind releases the positive energy that decreases the negative thoughts or stress. Chanting mantras is an ancient practice that calms your mind and soul.

Cleansing techniques (Shat karma) – 

Cleansing techniques satkarma practices, outlined by Svatmarama in the Haṭha Yoga Pradīpikā as kriya, are Netī, Dhautī, Naulī, Basti, Kapālabhātī, and Trāṭaka.

Study of Yoga Asana:

proper alignment, variations, modifications with ability to minimize the risk of injuries and Hands-on adjustments.

Art of sequencing and improvisation in the class.

Intelligent use of props to help improve practice at its early stages.

Postures with their Sanskrit Names and terminology.

Yoga Teacher Training syllabus


The seven chakras are energy canters in our bodies that energy flows through. … The Sanskrit word Chakra literally translates to wheel or disk. In yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda, this term refers to wheels of energy throughout the body.

Technique and practice of breathing (Pranayama).

Pranayama is the practice of breath control in yoga. Close your mouth and inhale quietly through your nose to a mental count of four. Hold your breath for a count of seven. Exhale completely through your mouth, making a whoosh sound to a count of eight.

Yoga Anatomy Curriculum :

studying the basic principles of anatomy and physiology is to understand the probable mechanisms involved in various yogic practices on the scientific background. It is obvious that our body responds according to the nature of stimulation from the external or the internal environments.

Yoga Philosophy-

The philosophy of yoga which comes from the Patanjali helps develop harmony, unifying the mind, body and spirit, and helping us to realise our nature.

Meditation (Dhyana).

  • Fundamentals of human anatomy and physiology.
  • Yoga Philosophy, Ideas and Hypothesis
  • Confidence-building through teaching-practice




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