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Why should you use Time Attendance Machine in your business?

An electronic device that helps you manage office employees.

Time Attendance System is a set of hardware (time attendance machine) and software measures. Those are used to control the activities of company employees in automatic mode. Time attendance machine is a very useful device to manage attendance reports with other records of employees of your company or business. It’s very essential to control office workers working time and record their activities efficiently for a successfully growing business. That will very helpful to use a time attendance device to business in many ways.

The first data on how many hours employees spend on work. How many third-party tasks are available just a few days after the introduction of an automated time tracking system. Time tracking of employees includes recording and analysis of access control (time of coming to work and leaving home). Being in the workplace (allows you to identify employees who leave the workplace for no reason). Hours worked (sick leave, vacation days, time off are tracked); All this data is compared with the actual hours spent at the workplace.

time attendance system
time attendance system

What can you do with time attendance machine?

With a time attendance system, you can easily and quickly measure the productivity within your company. It records the presence and absence of your staff neutrally so that no discussion can arise about the hours worked. Because all hours are accurately tracked, it is possible to save costs and to create a clear overview of personnel costs. Time attendance machine is a tool for payroll administration. Which can also measure flexible hours. When someone starts later but also continues for longer, there is no decrease in productivity.

The working time of employees is the most valuable and irreplaceable resource of any company. Accounting for which not only increases the level of labor discipline but also has a direct economic effect, especially in large enterprises. Implementation of a time tracking system helps management to minimize losses associated with delays, absenteeism, or unauthorized departures of employees from the workplace. And the resulting savings allow you to quickly cover the cost of installing the necessary equipment and software. Besides, when used correctly, a time attendance system provides factual data to analyze employee time use and help improve productivity.

Time attendance system
Time attendance system

As a variant of the time recording system, ACS is used – accounting and access control systems. In addition to the control function, the ACS is a necessary security measure, since it allows you to control the access of strangers to the object and ensures the safety of the corporate property. The task of the ACS is to record the exact time of arrival at the workplace and the time of leaving. The systems make it easy to control lateness or the end of the working day. When the boss is not there. ACS is used not only at large industrial facilities but also at private enterprises and separate secret premises.

When the exit control time attendance machine is usable?

  • For offices: Accounting for the time spent by employees in the office: control of late arrivals, early departures, compliance with the duration of breaks.
  • Various activities: Accounting for those who come to events: the autonomy of the device allows you to register entry and exit events even without access to the Internet.
  • For restaurants and cafes: Accounting for the time spent in the necessary zones and, as a result, payment only for the time that the employee was at the workplace.

Time tracking is important for keeping time. With this system you can measure the productivity within your company. For example: how many employees are on the floor and when did they go home? Installing a time registration system is a simple task, so you can get started quickly. You can easily create reports of absenteeism and overtime. Because each person registers separately, you can make reports per employee. Ideal, right?

What are the benefits of a time attendance machine?

Time attendance machine has many advantages, where you can save time and obtain reliable insights. Pretty handy, that system! Below there are some of the benefits of the time attendance machine.

Reliably monitor working hours

With a time attendance system, you can check the working hours most reliably. The systems are updates regularly so that they always meet or even exceed your expectations! That is a good registration system to allow your employees to clock in based on a fingerprint. This makes the system extremely reliable. Every fingerprint is unique and your employees cannot forget it. Something that does occur with a pass.

Saving of time

Another advantage of a time attendance system is that it takes work off your hands. From now on you do not have to enter all hours worked, but this is done automatically because the employee clock in. You no longer have to worry about possible human errors in, for example, absenteeism or overtime.

Neutrality when registering hours

This system neutrally records working hours of your employees. As a result, there can be no discussion afterward about the hours worked by your employees. The system is reliable and accurate, so the clocked-in hours cannot deviate.

Implementation of a time attendance system and access control system helps to: Increase the level of control by eliminating the human factor when all accounting work is performed by a computer, and employees will be able to substitute or “cover-up” each other. Establish ongoing operations with the ability to execute the system 24/7. Combine support for access restriction, time attendance, video surveillance, and other functions. The time tracking system is a convenient way to control the work schedule and the productivity of the company’s employees. The TAS serves as a personnel assessment tool that helps make informed personnel decisions.

Installation of time attendance system

The process of installing the time attendance system hardware includes routing the cables for installing the hardware components. Installation of executive modules: locks, latches, doors, and other elements; installation and configuration of a central PC for handling accounting data. In a office must install at least one device. Optionally, you can install two or more devices in one office – this will allow you to control not only the entrances and exits of employees from work but also their visit to certain places. We can say for example, recreation areas.

Further, work begins with the TAS software shell. That provides for the introduction of a control system for the central computer, the installation of the software necessary for TAS operation. The last step is setting up control parameters and developing a scheme for screening reports on the work of each worker. The company can install access control and time tracking systems both together and separately.

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