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How to Restore Deleted Calendar From Outlook- Complete Guide

User Query: Hi, there! Recently, I deleted my calendars by mistake. Later on, I realized that there were some important appointments and event details that I also deleted from my Outlook account. So, I directly went to the Deleted Items folder and thought I would find my calendar items there. But, somehow I didn’t find any of the contacts there. If anyone suggests to me how to restore deleted calendar from Outlook, I would really appreciate it.

Just like other data files, calendars are also an important element of the email platform. They carry the entire schedule of important meeting details, events, appointments, etc. Losing them means you could be behind your schedule or in the worst case, would miss once in a lifetime event that could have brought new business opportunities to your organization.

Though the situation of losing crucial event details could be distressing, the real question that comes to mind is;

Can I Recover Deleted Calendar Outlook?

The straightforward answer is yes. It is possible to retrieve deleted items from Outlook. However, it depends on how you have performed the deletion.

Basically, there are two types of deletion(soft deletion and hard deletion). Based on the type of deletion, deleted files it goes to different folders.

When you soft delete a file, it directly goes to the Deleted Items Folder in Outlook. And, it’s quite easy to recover them back.

In case of hard deletion, whether you have deleted items from Deleted Items Folder or used the shortcut key Shift + Delete, the files get permanently deleted. So, you need to look for those removed items in the Recoverable Items Folder.[However, this facility is available for users having IMAP accounts.] You can restore the permanently deleted items from there.

However, a sense of uncertainty strikes when you see that Outlook files(including calendars) are not behaving normally. What could be the possible reasons behind it? Let’s find out!

Other Reasons Behind The Unusual Behaviour Of Outlook Data File

It may possible that when you try to open a PST file, it shows error messages or your PC just hangs. Then, the reason could be the abnormal closing of Outlook. 

Sometimes users shut down their PC without closing the Outlook application properly As a result, the header of the PST file gets corrupted. On the other hand, malicious software sometimes corrupts the PST file.

When your file gets corrupted or it gets deleted, both situations are similar. Cause in both cases, you won’t be able to access the file. Hence, file recovery is the only option left for you to access those corrupted and deleted files.

Let’s see the step-by-step procedure for recovering the deleted calendars.

How To Restore Deleted Calendar From Outlook?

Here, we’ll cover the manual approaches provided by Microsoft.

The first method is to recover deleted calendar Outlook from Deleted Items Folder. Let’s have a look at the detailed steps for the same.

  1. Open your Outlook account and go to Deleted Items Folder.
  2. Have a look at the deleted items & Select the calendars that you want to restore.
  3. After choosing the calendar entries, right-click on them and click on the Move to Folder option.
  4. When you click on the option, Outlook will ask you to specify the destination where you want to move the restored items.
  5. Thus, select the location and then, your calendars will be restored immediately.

What if you don’t see the deleted items in your deleted items folder? Can you still recover deleted calendar Outlook? Well, you can refer to the next step for the solution.

  1. Open your Outlook account, go to the Folders menu, and select the Recover Deleted Items From Server as shown below.
  2. When you see the Recover Deleted Items window, select the items you want to retrieve, then choose the Restore Selected Items radion button, and finally, click OK.

As mentioned earlier, the above method is applicable for IMAP users only. And, this makes the biggest drawback of the method. 

To avoid such hurdles of manual approaches, many professionals rely on tried and tested software like Outlook Recovery Tool. Using the tool helps users carry out the process easily. Let’s see how.

How To Restore Deleted Calendar From Outlook Using The Software?

The procedure is really simple thanks to the user-friendly interface. If you are a technical or non-technical user, it doesn’t matter, you can easily work with the software. With the help of the software, you can not only recover deleted calendar entries but also restore permanently deleted emails, contacts, tasks, journals, etc.

There are many benefits of using the software. We’ll cover it later on. But, first, let’s discuss the working steps of the software.

  • Download the tool and launch the same on your desktop.
  • Next, click on Add File and then select Select File or Search File.


  • After you click on Select File, press the ‘…’ to browse PST files that you want to repair.


  • Select the scan mode either Quick or Advanced based on your requirement to recover deleted calendar outlook.


  • Then, choose the Storage Folder Path and then click the Add button.
  • When the tool retrieves permanently deleted Outlook PST files, you can preview them highlighted in red color, as shown in the below screenshot.


Features of The Software:

  • Recover deleted as well as corrupted data items with ease.
  • If you have password-protected files that you want to recover, then it’s possible with the software.
  • You can recover deleted Outlook data files in bulk.
  • The tool gives you the option to export the file(especially selective export) after recovering them.

Above are just a handful of features of the software, there’s more to it.

Bottom Line

Calendars are important elements used on daily basis to store information regarding meeting schedules, appointments, etc. If you have accidentally deleted your important calendar entries then you don’t have to worry. Cause now you know different methods on how to restore deleted calendar from Outlook. Hence, refer to the methods and choose the method that best fits your unique needs.

Further, if you have any queries related to the software then you can refer to the below-mentioned frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can I use the software free of cost?

Yes, the software comes with a demo version which is completely free. Though it’s the replica of the full version, it can only export 25 items/folder. Hence, it is recommended to opt for the full version to get the maximum benefits of the software.

Q. Which Windows operating systems does it support?

It supports all the latest versions of the Windows operating systems. Whether you are using Windows 10, 8, etc you can download and run the software on your system to restore deleted calendar from Outlook.

Q. How long the software takes to complete the entire process?

The tool is popular among many professionals for its performance. Also, the software is designed to carry out the data recovery process as quickly as possible. However, the total time of completion solely depends on the size of your PST file, its damage level, and your network speed.

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