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Great Websites to Make Money Online

Finding authentic websites to make money online isn’t easy, especially in an era full of frauds and scams. A genuine website would provide you with a built-in audience and secure payment methods.

Finding authentic websites to make money online isn’t easy, especially in an era full of frauds and scams.

A genuine website would provide you with a built-in audience and secure payment methods.  Don’t worry about stumbling upon fake sites anymore! This article is all about leading websites that help users make money. So let’s dive into it.


Upwork is one of the best websites for job hunters, employers, or for someone who wants to work remotely part-time.

This site has made stuff easier for its users through its powerful search engine with various filters. Employers and freelancers seek opportunities that would be beneficial for them.

The clients select employers seeing their profiles, ratings, work portfolio, and competitive prices.


  • Enables us to filter freelancers by location
  • Huge candidate pool. You are guaranteed to find someone who specializes in whatever you’re seeking
  • Messaging service is available in a browser, Windows and Android, to communicate with the clients.
  • Project searching is powerful
  • Scaled projects’ charges are for long-term commitments
  • Ratings and feedback system are helpful to spot good clients
  • Tech support is active and always responsive.


  • Upwork is pricey, takes 10% of every transaction of the freelancer
  • Low rate on your first project

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Another forthcoming website for freelancers is Fiverr, An online site where everything costs a $5 minimum.

Its user interface is quite easy to use and simple; you post the services you can provide and if anyone needs them, they’ll pay you to work.

This site ensures you get paid before the completion of work; you never find yourself ripped off.

Moreover, there is a scope to earn more money than $5 per job, with different levels for distinctive services.


  • Protected payment
  • No marketing required
  • Work is on your terms
  • Easy to set up


  • Competition for work
  • Difficult to establish a business on it
  • Not much scope to build a solid income.


Are you into crafting? If you have an artistic side, why not use your skills for making money?

Etsy is an online marketplace where buyer connects to vendors for different goods. The best part is that you don’t have to look for buyers because the buyers approach you themselves, after visiting your profiles and your services.

It’s a spectacular platform for people who are good at crafts, crafting supplies, jewelry making, paper goods, housewares, small-batch cosmetics, handmade personal care items, clothing, and accessories.


  • Built-in audience
  • Search system analytics
  • Easy Setup


  • Only homemade items are allowed to sell
  • Charges listing and transaction fees
  • Sometimes market could be saturated


Have you got some free time on your hands? Want to invest in something that doesn’t have any eligibility criteria?

Well, there is a site where you can earn by doing various tasks for people, such as putting together a bookcase or running an errand for them.

TaskRabbit is an online platform where people seek taskers to help in tasks like moving out or yard work.

This can be done as a part-time (or full-time) job. You can start by registering yourself as a tasker and setting your charges. Afterward, anyone looking for a tasker will visit your profile to see your charges and schedule your time. As soon as the work is performed, you will get paid.


  • Tasker should be 18 or older.
  • Must have passed a background check.
  • Should be a resident of an active city from the list.
  • Must valid credit card.
  • Own a smartphone.


  • Tasker has to provide their insurance.
  • The earning depends on how many jobs are available in your area.

make money online

ThreadUp is an online thrift store that sells women’s and kid’s clothes. Their tagline, “Secondhand clothes, Firsthand fun,” itself defines the business precisely.

This website is one of the forthcoming sites in making money online. It has a simple user interface. All you have to do is send your clothes in a ThredUp bag with a prepaid mailing label, and the company will decide the value of your product.


  • Flexible services.
  • Saves hustling.


  • Charges if your items aren’t accepted.
  • The company decides your product’s value.

6. Gazelle

In this era of advancement, people change their mobile like clothes, different every day. If you are one of these people who want to make money, why not sell your cellphone through a website without facing a bargaining problem?

Gazelle is an e-commerce company that focuses on buying and selling used phones, tablets, computers, and other electronic devices.


  • Free shipping
  • Varieties of devices to sell and buy
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Customers can buy used gadgets at Gazelle at a much lower price than the original retail cost


  • Doesn’t offer international shipping

Final Thoughts

I hope these websites would open the gateways toward your career and also enhance your knowledge. Start with small projects, then move forward to the bigger ones.

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