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Why is the WooCommerce eBay Integrator a Required Plugin?

eBay is one of the most well-known online marketplaces for buying and selling goods. When eBay first launched, it was known as a platform for business-to-business transactions, but as time passed, the eBay business module also developed. These days, the platform offers both types of transactions: business to business and business to consumer. The eBay marketplace’s perks section is straightforward because it only charges an annual fee and a commission per item sold to online merchants who have registered their stores on the platform. Sellers are not charged any commission fees for listing up to 50 products on eBay. Then, if you have a larger inventory, eBay has fixed commission rates for each type of category, however, there may be some fluctuations.

The eBay Marketplace now allows WooCommerce web retailers to offer their goods. The Knowband WooCommerce eBay Integration plugin is designed specifically for WooCommerce retailers who are searching for a ready-to-use addition that can provide them the chance to sell on the eBay Marketplace in addition to their WooCommerce business.

How does the WooCommerce eBay Marketplace Extension module by Knowband work?

WooCommerce eBay connector plugin

The Knowband WooCommerce eBay Connector plugin gives retailers who use WooCommerce the ability to connect their store to the eBay Marketplace. Simply put, businesses may sell goods straight from the WooCommerce shop back-end to WooCommerce and eBay.

To connect WooCommerce and eBay, the following elements are necessary:

Starting from scratch: A WooCommerce-based shop is the first element needed for multi-channel selling on eBay using a WooCommerce shop. You can select the products from here to include in your eBay listing.

Account for eBay Developers: The first step in connecting WooCommerce eShop and the eBay Marketplace is to create an eBay Developer Account. eBay Merchant ID, Merchant secret, and OAuth token are the information that must be obtained from the eBay developer console. These specifics are what really help to establish the relationship.

WooCommerce eBay integration by Knowband: The Knowband WooCommerce eBay connector addon is the last and most crucial component for constructing the bridge. A seamless connection between eBay and WooCommerce Shop is provided by the WooCommerce connector plugin, which is built on the most cutting-edge API integration technologies.

Follow these simple 3 steps to set up the connection:

Install the Knowband eBay connectivity plugin for WooCommerce.

Installing the Knowband WooCommerce eBay integration extension is the first step in the journey. The plugin has a one-time fee and is available for lifetime use, giving merchants peace of mind. To safeguard the retailer from any issues during implementation, the plugin offers a free 3-month support period.

Produce the necessary information using the eBay Developer Console:

The second step follows a successful installation of the Knowband WooCommerce eBay connectivity module. As previously stated, under the connection settings section of your WooCommerce shop admin panel, input the eBay Client ID and Client secret.

That’s all, boom.

The eCommerce retailers can sell the same inventory on eBay as they are selling in their WooCommerce shop after taking the two procedures mentioned above.

The Knowband WooCommerce eBay connector’s ability to manage multi-channel selling with no coding or technical knowledge is its most amazing feature. When managing orders, the admins can sit back and relax thanks to the pre-loaded automated Cron Jobs.

Benefits of WooCommerce eBay API Integrator Module

WooCommerce eBay Connector

The setup and configuration method for the WooCommerce eBay connection builder is a “cakewalk” simple. Administrators can connect WooCommerce to eBay using the eBay WooCommerce connector even if they have no technical knowledge. The admins can start with the features and establish as many profiles as they want to list on the eBay Marketplace. The store administrators may also choose a unique profile for each category part. The WooCommerce eBay marketplace extension automates the entire process of profile listing with the aid of pre-loaded Cron jobs. Therefore, the plugin gets rid of all the inconveniences related to a manual approach. Online retailers can amend their eBay profiles after they’ve been set up, and any modifications take effect right away.

It’s good to know that managing and updating your profiles won’t require you to visit eBay. Any profiles can be deleted or added whenever necessary from the WooCommerce admin panel. WooCommerce merchants may take use of the fantastic Knowband WooCommerce eBay Integration add-on features, such as the rapid addition, deletion, updating, re-listing, and deactivation of any goods on eBay. Additionally, using the WooCommerce eBay Marketplace connector plugin makes managing the orders from a single admin panel easier. With the help of the plugin, all orders from the WooCommerce Shop or the eBay Marketplace may be seen and managed right from the WooCommerce backend.

Amazing features may be found in the Knowband WooCommerce eBay API Connector!

Management of profiles:

The module has a distinct section for maintaining eBay profiles. The administrators of WooCommerce stores can build up profiles by choosing different properties, such as the language, shipping profile, product description template, currencies, profile name, raised or decreased pricing, and many other options, such as payment methods. Additionally, there are no limitations while building the profiles. It is possible to create an infinite number of vendor profiles for the eBay Marketplace using the WooCommerce shop backend. Support for HTML Product Descriptions: Another valuable perk of the Knowband WooCommerce eBay Integration addon is that it allows retailers to upload HTML product descriptions from the backend of the module. To make their product pages more appealing and interesting, WooCommerce merchants can add HTML content from the admin section of their WooCommerce shop. Additionally, retailers can use the same brief description for both their eCommerce store and the eBay Marketplace.

Pricing Handling:

If we were to discuss the Knowband WooCommerce eBay Integration module’s most useful function, the discussion would end with price handling. On the eBay Marketplace, the vendors can provide different price points for the same goods. Additionally, WooCommerce merchants have the option to select an increment or decrement based on a precise amount or even a percentage. Therefore, the Knowband WooCommerce eBay Integration add-on takes care of the commission charge for you if it is the only thing keeping you from selling on the eBay Marketplace. This feature may be accessed in the profile management section along with all the other features.

In addition to all of the qualities, listing of products:

The ability for businesses to list their products on the eBay Marketplace with all of the relevant qualities is one of the notable features of the WooCommerce eBay Integration extension. One tap will upload all of the available product selections to the eBay Marketplace, for instance, if you sell t-shirts in your store with options for colors and sizes.

Inventory management:

The incredible features of inventory management are provided by the WooCommerce eBay connector plugin. Let’s explore an example to get a wide understanding of this functionality. The quantity will change to 1 on both listings if you have a product with a 2 available stock quantity and one item is sold from either of the platforms, eBay or WooCommerce. Inventory management reduces a lot of manual tasks for merchants, making it one of the key aspects of the Knowband WooCommerce eBay Connector Module.

In conclusion,

The multi-channel selling solution in use right now is WooCommerce eBay Integration Addon. For retailers who wish to sell on the prominent marketplace eBay and have their WooCommerce shop set up, the WooCommerce eBay Integration extension is a great option. Additionally, the plugin handles multi-platform selling from the very beginning without the need for coding expertise or other technical understanding. Additionally, there are no ongoing payments because the Knowband WooCommerce eBay Integration plugin is a one-time purchase with lifetime access. Please get in touch with us at if you have any queries about selling on eBay.

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