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User Guide for WooCommerce Merchants Selling on Google Shopping

Online sales can be made in one of two ways. The first is offered for sale through unique eCommerce stores, while the second is offered for sale on sizable online markets like eBay, Etsy, Alibaba, Google Shopping, etc. According to reports, if the merchants play their cards well, each of the aforementioned internet selling strategies can be highly helpful. Similarly, business owners who have online stores can also sell on online markets like Google Shopping. Any eCommerce business that sells on marketplaces can benefit from the client traffic and established brand name that these marketplaces enjoy. For WooCommerce online retailers, Knowband also created the WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration plugin.

Without any coding or technical skills, WooCommerce businesses can list their products on the Google Search list with the Google Shopping Integration plugin.


Let’s first discuss Google Shopping before getting started with the WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration extension.

Google Shopping is an online storefront powered by the Google search engine. The online retailers eBay and Etsy can also offer their products on Google Shopping. The primary distinction between Google Shopping and other multi-vendor marketplaces is that the latter allows online retailers to sell real products, whereas Google Shopping instead directs users to the vendor’s website after they click on a product.

According to Google’s recently released 2019 regulations, listing products on Google Shopping is free. Additionally, eCommerce retailers may need to pay Google a fee for running Google advertisements if they want to position their products at the top of the Google search results.

In the previous five years, Google Shopping has become one of the eCommerce platforms with the quickest growth. This is because Google is the most well-known brand in the current online era.

Let’s quickly go over the advantages of selling on Google Shopping:

Free Listing:

The fact that Google Shopping gives eCommerce retailers a free listing is the main incentive for them to list their products there.

Google recently introduced the aforementioned rules for online retailers wishing to sell on Google.

Wider Reach:

The additional benefit of selling on Google Shopping is Google’s larger audience. More than half of all online orders, it has been reported, start with a straightforward Google search. To have your product listed first for clients who are looking for their preferred categories is always an advantage.

Benefits of SEO:

One of the cutest reasons to sell on Google Shopping is that online shops may profit from SEO as well. A regular consumer typically gives the organic search results more weight than sponsored ones. eCommerce business owners can benefit from SEO by utilizing different SEO tactics for Google Shopping sales.

The top 3 advantages of selling on Google Shopping are those mentioned above. Additionally, selling on Google Shopping is a really easy process. We’ll talk about selling on Google Shopping now.

The Google Shopping Selling Guide!

Starting a business as a seller on Google Merchant Center is the first step in selling on Google Shopping. Online retailers who sell their goods online need to have a website in order to sign up as sellers on Google Merchant Center. Google requests information such as the website URL, the developer’s email address, the user’s personal email address, etc. in the mandatory sections.

Following a successful seller registration, merchants can construct their feeds by adding the needed products and selecting the appropriate options for shipping address, configuring the language for the product description, etc.

For instance, if a merchant wants to add a feed for registering a category on Google Shopping, all they have to do is click on the products button. Online merchants can choose among the feeds they’ve previously added by clicking the Feed button, and they can easily add a new feed by clicking the Register New Feed button.


Things to take into account while selling on Google Shopping

Genuine Product Details:

Entering accurate product information, such as descriptions and other qualities, is crucial for selling on Google Shopping.

If you sell fashion items, for instance, it is always a good idea to utilize focused keywords for SEO so that your products will show up in the search results anytime a user types in the terms.

Engaging High-Resolution Product Images:

Adding eye-catching, high-resolution product images is the other key to being a top seller on Google Shopping. This is because buyers are drawn to the products by the high-quality photographs and are thus more likely to complete purchases from your eCommerce store.

Include these Succinct and Understandable Details:

Including succinct and understandable details can also be helpful when selling on Google Shopping. Images, product names, and descriptions are just a few examples of these informational elements.

Google Shopping with WooCommerce Integration

In a similar vein, WordPress WooCommerce shop owners may use the Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Marketplace Connector to integrate their eShops with the Google Shopping Marketplace, in addition, to directly displaying products on Google Merchants Center.

A no-code method for WooCommerce online retailers to list their products on the Google Search list is the Google Shopping Integration module. An Application ID, Application Secret, and a Google Merchant account are the only things the plugin needs to connect WooCommerce Shop and Google Shopping Marketplace.

Here are Some of the Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Connector Module’s most incredible advantages.

A List of Every Product Option:

The first incredible benefit of the Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration addon is that store administrators can list all of the WooCommerce Store products that are currently available, along with all of the product options like colour, size, etc., with just one click using the Google Shopping connector.

Additionally, WooCommerce merchants have the option of disabling Google Shopping for out-of-stock products, and all items that run out of stock in the WooCommerce shop will also be automatically deleted from the Google Merchant Center.

Update with Single-Tap Feed:

With the Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Marketplace Extension, retailers can easily change their Google Merchant feed from the WooCommerce shop admin panel with just one click.

For instance, if you recently introduced a new product to your store and want to list it on Google Shopping, you may do so by selecting the Sync Feed option on the WooCommerce shop admin panel and entering the product’s information.

Multiple Shipping Templates:

The Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration Module’s most impressive feature is that it gives retailers the freedom to create unique shipping templates for each country in which they wish to sell their goods.

For instance, the Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration addon module might help you if you want to display the same category feed on Google Shopping for more than one country. The WooCommerce merchants may quickly locate a separate option for building shipping templates in the module admin end, complete with great features like language and currency selection, UTM parameters, and a lot more.

Wrap Up!

The Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Connector Module is a custom-designed no-code ready-to-use solution for merchants wishing to sell on Google Shopping. Additionally, WooCommerce retailers can purchase the Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Connector Module once and use it forever. The WooCommerce sellers receive a free support period of three months to handle every activity, from module installation to product listing, to simplify the connecting process.

Send us an email at if you have any questions about the Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Marketplace Extension.

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