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Why Everybody Ignores Your Guest Post Outreach Email

Template and/or meaningless flattery

As an entrepreneur, you often send out emails to your industry members. Maybe collaborating with them for the purpose of getting backlinks from their blog or for marketing purposes. 

In an ideal situation, you hear back from them, but things are never too easy. Your email may be ignored. No matter how smart you are, you will never hear from influencers.

Influencers get hundreds of emails a day, you may not get it. The only way to get their attention is to make your email unique. Here are some reasons why influencers might ignore you:

1. Template and/or meaningless flattery

Outreach template should be used as a guide, not copied word by word. This saves more time, but an original, humorous outreach campaign will always bring better results.

One of the most obvious signs that the guest post outreach pitch is a template that has not been changed, it has no meaning flattery it contains.

To send a guest post email, some people think that their blog should be praised first. Of course, appreciation is a powerful tactic, but they must be used reasonably.

Solution: Be specific and don’t lie

Don’t think that it will help you if you don’t offer anything valuable. Instead of empty praises, try to mention the particular thing and a specific topic you like. Instead of copying the title, try to actually read it. 

There are many ways to customize the email:

  • Be specific about the article and what exactly you like.
  • Refer to other functions of the author, such as newsletter and service they provide, etc.
  • Point out something common to you.

If you don’t know about the blog, you don’t need to lie. The success of your outreach email doesn’t depend on dishonesty and pointless praise. Besides, most of the time, the author of a blog can easily tell whether your appreciation is genuine or not.

2. Follow up

How many times have you followed up on your first email? To get a response from the person you emailed, you need to continue to try, which means you can try a maximum of six emails over two months. You can send your first follow-up email one week after the original one. You can then send it every week until you reach the six limit.

If you have not received the reply yet, consider the pitch lost to the ether. Either the editor has auto-forwarded your e-mails to a spam or trash folder, he has no time to respond and incredibly busy, or you have done something to offend them.

If you’re offending to them, you should break it down in your follow up emails. Keep in mind that pursuing an email is like knocking on their door with a pamphlet.

Nobody likes people who nag and nag. So be very brief, friendly, and more helpful in every follow up email than in your original email.

You should send this email and your follow-up to the same chain that sent your first email. Because email ettiequte is important here. Don’t worry about the length of your follow-up emails. The editor or blogger will see how many times you have sent emails. This is also a way to get your response from them.

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