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I know that sometimes I complain that some films are lazy because they are badly written, badly shot, or badly edited. You can check the movipapa and search for your favorite movies of all time. But in this case, The Mummy was a film that tried too hard.

It is an adventure film

It is an action film starring Tom Cruise, but it is also an action-adventure comedy, a horror film and at times it tries to cross over into a horror-comedy. Yes, in other words , it is a disaster. There is not much to salvage from this, the second-worst film I have seen this year

Look for the reserves

See our review of The Circle. The story is about Nick, played by Tom Cruise, who tries to find buried treasure in the Iraqi desert. During an air raid on a local village, he discovers the tomb of Princess Ahmanet. With the help of archaeologist Jenny, Nick and his partner Chris transport the coffin, but the plane they take off in crashes in a supernatural event, killing everyone except Jenny.

The world as we know it

But Nick wakes up in the morgue and now he, Jenny, and Dr. Henry Jekyll must destroy the resurrected Ahmanet before it destroys the world. Yes, that is the basic plot of The Mummy. Let us start moviepapa with the positive aspects of the film, of which there are not many. Firstly, the actors mostly do a good job.

It is not scary, it is very scary

I’ll save some of the performances for the negative moments, but Sofia Boutella as Ahmanet stands out here. She was great in Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015), and her best role was in Star Trek Beyond (2016), where she was the only one of the cast to return without injury. When she needs to be scary or creepy, she does it well, and when she needs to be informative, she does it just as well.

A most memorable moment in the film

She and Annabelle Wallis are the only ones who do their roles well. The much-talked-about plane crash scene is also a good action scene and the most memorable moment in the film. That is all I have to say for now. On the negative side, I would first say that I lost myself completely in the last 15 minutes.

The stakes are high

It seemed that every few minutes something new would appear and the stakes were constantly changing. Ahmanet is like Tom Cruise saying, ‘If you do this, this will be the outcome, if you do that, this will be the outcome’, but what he wants to do seems to be good moviepapa, but it turns out not to be, you know what I mean? I simply cannot explain it in a way that even a fool like me can understand.

He’s a superhero

I still don’t know what happened or how it happened. All I know is that the movie moviepapa is over. Moving on to the actors, Tom Cruise seems lost in the sea here. The movie doesn’t know what to do with him. Is he an action star? Or is he a monster? Is he a superhero? Gosh, I don’t know, and neither does he. Then there’s Russell Crowe in his famous role as Dr. Jekyll.

Sounds like an interesting sequel

He tries to explain what he’s capable of, but when his other self wakes up, there’s a lot of setups that seem like an interesting sequence, but he looks silly, and the scene is a real letdown. Finally, I reserve my anger for Jake Johnson, who is certainly a nice guy, but in this film, he came across as an annoying child, and every time he opened his mouth it was like he was chained to a chalkboard.

One of the most annoying characters

I respect Tom Cruise’s character, but I’d let him die in Iraq where he belongs. One of the most annoying characters in years. As for the ending of the film, some of the footage shows the devastation of London, but there is no sequel. Were people hurt? Would Jekyll’s men have tried to cover it up? What happened? As I said in the introduction, the film doesn’t know what it wants to be.

It’s trying to hide the affair

There are a few action sequences in the film, but these are mostly in the first half of the film. There are a few horror scenes, but they are scattered. There are a few attempts at comedy, but almost all of them fall flat. The adventure moviepapa also tries to creep into the film, but again this is reserved for the first half and neglected in the second half.

The film switches between genres

There’s a chase scene with zombies and an ambulance that was so retarded it felt more like a Dead Alive (1993, aka Brain Dead) level parody, and while I like that the film sticks to what it is and doesn’t veer off course, The moviepapa Mummy has no path. From the first minute to the 107th minute, the film wanders between genres and clich√©s.

A few selected scenes

Most of the time, I can decide which genre a film belongs to, but in this case, I can’t classify it as an action film because it has horror and thriller elements moviepapa; I can’t classify it as a horror film because it has comedy, action and adventure moments; I can’t classify it as a comedy because there aren’t enough of them; nor can I talk about adventure because it only appears in a few isolated scenes. I’d probably classify it in the WTF genre. I could go on, but I think you know what I mean.

New logo for movie reviews

Tom Cruise should have stayed away from this movie, and Universal should have focused on making the best movie possible, You can check the hdmovieshud and search for your favorite movies of all time instead of rushing to develop a new logo that would place the movie in the so-called “Dark Universe”, which, given the quality of the first movie, could quickly fall out of favor.

At the end of Earth’s life

The only thing I can end this review with is that I assume Sophie Boutella’s mother will at some point offer Tom Cruise to follow her, though I assume this will lead to the end of life on Earth. I’ll take Sophie Boutella!

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