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Advice for an incredible and SEO friendly blog post

Incredible and SEO friendly blog post

There are a certain set of technicalities used for writing interesting blog posts that engages the readers wholeheartedly. If a person is attracted to an article it is much more likely for them to share it among their friends, which eventually escalates the article’s ranking. These things can be obtained by making your blog post SEO friendly. Many people believe that an article can’t be incredible and SEO friendly simultaneously, this is an utter misconception among people regarding mobile app development Dubai. Before moving forward to write a blog post you’ll have to research the keywords, that people mainly search with. One should specifically try to write about these topics. Given below is some advice for you can write an incredible and SEO-friendly blog post.

Think before you write

Prior to starting your blog post, one should vigilantly devise the idea they want to convey, like what do you want them to know by the end of your writing or what does the blog post resolve around. Will it answer all their queries? You can find these easily in the search results for the topic you want to write about using mobile app development Dubai.

Devise a structure for your post

Every writer must have a clear structure to make it worth-while and SEO-friendly. Keeping a clear structure in mind they must include:
An introduction
A body (for the key idea)
A conclusion

Use paragraphs and headings
You should be able to write good paragraphs, keep them short, and to point to make the readers more engaged with different ideas in each of them. If you’re not able, to sum up, an idea in a single paragraph, you can simply just add another paragraph to explain it. Along with different paragraphs, appropriate headings ease things up for the readers as well. It gives a very tidy look to your writing while helping the readers to find what they’re specifically looking for.

Use related keywords

The use of synonyms and related keywords should be abundantly done in your writing. Related keywords are relatively difficult to find for your writing but if given proper time and thinking, it can be done perfectly and efficiently. Synonyms are easy to find which can also help you in finding the related keywords.

Optimize the length of your article

While writing a blog post ensure that your word limit does not exceed 500. It is perfect to write it in the range of 300-500. Mostly, lengthy articles make readers uninterested so they should have a very proportionate length. Even if you are a skilled writer do not make the articles too long or it will repel the readers.

Let other people read your post

Getting your article proof-read is very important you can even do that using mobile app development Dubai. Prior to publishing the blog post request someone to read it thoroughly, ask them if they can comprehend the actual theme of the writing clearly without any difficulty. Ask them for any typing or grammatical errors. It’s important to get an objective view on your post before publishing it. Try to make an expert on the topic read it first to see if you are conveying your message correctly or there is still a need for some improvement.

Remember, writing an SEO friendly blog post is never enough. What takes your writing to a new level is good content up-to the standards of mobile app development in this case. It enables your writing to be shared on different mainstream social media apps, which is the main source of being famous nowadays.

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