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Digital Marketing

Why Does Your Business Need Email Marketing In 2021?

A Beginner's Guide to Successful Email Marketing

Email is something that we check frequently. Whether for sending emails or checking received mails, email is something these days you cannot just live without. You have to provide your email for almost everything. Be it opening your Facebook or Instagram account, or signing up for anything. So, why not use this email as one of your strengths? The term Email marketing might or might not sound familiar to you. Nonetheless, it is important for your business.

Email marketing is a way of digital marketing that you incorporate into your business. But you might have several questions in your mind before starting it. How do we do it? What does it mean? What benefits does it entail for your business? This blog shall answer all of that.

Email Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide To It

Email marketing is a component of digital marketing. In technical terms, email marketing is a robust medium in the world of marketing. It is a direct digital marketing channel that uses email to boost your product, services, or new launches. It helps in educating your customers about the new offers and discounts you give by combining them into your marketing endeavors. Email marketing assists in the marketing strategy of your company by enhancing your lead generation, brand awareness, forming better customer relationships, better customer engagement, among other things through regular emails

According to a survey, email marketing provides with most profitable returns in marketing mediums. An average return of investment is 42 dollars for every dollar invested. Now that’s a lot of return!

The Types Of Marketing Emails

Emails can be promotional or informational, depending upon the purpose of your mail. Let us have a look through both one by one:

1. Promotional Emails:

Let us assume you are about to launch your product and you want your potential customers to know about it without having to search for it. Promotional emails might be a good option for you. These types of emails are used to promote particular types of products or services. They can educate the subscriber about your new offers, discounts, a webinar, or anything related to your product. They are in Email Marketing Campaigns that usually send 3 to 10 emails per week to a particular user or subscriber. Their CTA(Call-To-Action) is very specific, for instance, your customers want to visit your webpage, or buy your service directly through the link provided in the email.

2. Informational Emails

As the name might suggest, they provide information about your product or service to the users. For example, if your website is declaring a sale for a particular week or day, your customers might be interested in that. In such a scenario, these emails will help a lot. They can be of two types:

  • Newsletters: It is a letter sharing news about your business with your customers, hence the name newsletter! It is sent according to a business schedule like once a month, weekly, once a fortnight, and so on. They help you in maintaining consistency with your subscribers.
  • Announcements: these kinds of emails inform your customers about your new products or services and also upcoming sales and discounts, offers, etc.


Advantages Of Email Marketing

You might be interested in knowing the benefits of email marketing that might help your business grow, here are some of them.

1. Incurs less cost

You would always be interested in a plan that incurs less cost though the performance is very high in terms of profit. Email marketing offers just that. It has a substantially lesser cost compared to other marketing channels, making it a viable option.

2. Delivers target messages

One good thing about email marketing is that it helps in reaching out to only those users who are interested in your product or service and hence more chances of conversion.

3. Drives more revenue

According to a report by Marketing Week, email marketing generates about 29 billion pounds of retail sales annually. Do you need more explanation!?

4. Easy to begin

It doesn’t take a big team to start your email marketing. It is very easy to begin and carry out.

5. Easy to track

One of the best things about it that it is easy to track and access. Most of the email marketing software allows you to track your click-through and conversion rates easily.

6. Reaching out to a global audience

It is the best way to reach out to a wider audience on all levels, be it local or international. You just have to send out your emails and they can be to any part of the world, making your brand awareness broader.

7. Instant impact on customers

Emails are sent and received immediately. Hence, the results too are immediate for you to determine your mail’s impact on your customer.


The Relevance of Email Marketing In 2021

We have been struck by a pandemic and the way business is being carried out has changed. It makes sense to incorporate various marketing strategies to ensure your business grows even in these tough times. Let us have a look at how email marketing unfolds and what you can incorporate into it.

  • You need to make strategies according to the size of your business. If you are a big, micro, medium, or small enterprise. Segmentation and Marketing are important aspects you can look into while devising strategies for email marketing.
  • You must learn to target your audience through email marketing as it would ensure that your product or service reaches the right audience.
  • Customer experience through email marketing is also an important thing to pay attention to. It helps you in determining how your users perceive your brand.
  • It is bound to improve the digital customer experience all the more through personalized emails and user-friendly approaches.


Email marketing is a sure shot way to increase your chances of getting more revenue. You must strategize it to ensure the optimum growth of your business. You can take the help of digital marketing agencies like LeadMuster to help you out with things related to digital business, email marketing is one of them. As we are proceeding towards 2021, it becomes more evident that you try out new strategies for more benefits.

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