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Why do people compare a Violin teacher to guitar teacher

Some people compare the two instruments and sometimes even the teacher.

We as humans are always hungry to learn new things. We want to go on adventures and acquire new hobbies. There are many available activities to try nowadays. For example, you can enroll in dance classes, cooking classes, guitar classes, or even violin class Singapore sessions. In enrolling we often consider the violin teacher or the teachers in general. The options are unlimited as long as you want to learn. However, as people are usually busy trying to make a living, investing time and money in these things is a luxury. 

Being able to find the time to enroll in these classes is rare. That is why when finding the classes to engage in, make sure that they are perfect for you. This is to make sure that you are not wasting your time and money on these activities. For example, when you are going to engage in learning new instruments, you can enroll in violin class Singapore sessions. 

Before you enroll make sure that you are in the right program. Many music studios are offering many packages. You can opt to enroll in group sessions or hire a private violin teacher. The same goes for guitar lessons. It can be a bit difficult when choosing which classes to engage in as they are many options. However, if you find yourself choosing between violin class Singapore lessons or guitar lessons, this article is perfect for you. In this article, we will discuss the difference between a violin and a guitar. We will also tackle why a violin teacher is better than a guitar teacher. 

Difference between violin and guitar

The violin and the guitar may be stringed instruments that looked the same but they belong in different categories– bowed and plucked instruments. The guitar is played by being plucked while the violin is played with a bow to create beautiful sounds. 

These instruments differ in many categories and the most common is when it comes to strings and frets. Both of them have strings however, the guitar has frets while the violin doesn’t. Those thin metal pieces that are placed along the neck of the guitar are the frets. It functions in a way that when you press any string on any two frets it produces a specific time. With the violin, it is the finger placement that produces a sound. Any off finger placement would also produce an off sound. That is why it is important to enroll in a guitar or violin class at Singapore school. 

Violin teacher vs guitar teacher

#1 Violin teachers are more trained

Guitars are more commonly played compared to violins. That is why there are fewer violin teachers compared to guitar teachers. With this, it is more difficult to find a violin teacher to be a mentor. Since the violin is a more complicated instrument, you will find that the majority of the group and private violin teacher always has music certificates. 

Guitar teachers can be someone who knows the basics of playing the guitar. Violin being a more complicated instrument requires someone more knowledgeable of the said instrument. Most, if not all, violin teachers in violin class Singapore sessions have music degrees, certificates, or broad backgrounds.

#2 Violin teachers can teach discipline

Going back to the fact that the violin is more complicated when it comes to techniques and methods, it also takes a more disciplined approach to learn it. This is why violin teachers are guaranteed to be more disciplined when it comes to teaching styles and methods. It takes hard work and patience when it comes to learning an instrument like a violin. This can be more observed when you hire a private violin teacher.

#3 Violin teachers are more focused

It takes a lot of focus to perfect an instrument like the violin. It even takes more focus if you want to be able to teach it to others. This is why being an eligible group or private violin teacher requires one to be focused. Being taught by a more focused and patient teacher would ensure faster progress. This way, your private violin teacher could also immediately know where you need to improve. You can maximize the time and money you are investing in. 

Learn with us

Violin is a satisfying and enjoyable instrument to learn. However, the experience also depends on your mentor. With Violin Lessons Singapore, we have the perfect teacher and classes for your fun experience. Visit us today and enroll in your first violin class Singapore session. 


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