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Muay Thai Heavy Bags

Muay Thai Heavy Bags

Muay Thai

Battle sport that utilizations stand-up hitting alongside different securing methods Muay Thai, in some cases, alluded to as “Thai boxing”. It is a military craftsmanship and battle sport that utilizations stand-up hitting alongside different securing methods. This discipline is known as the “specialty of eight appendages” as it is described by the consolidated utilization of clenched hands, elbows, knees, and shins.

Explanations are the following:

With the ascent of the MMA and UFC, new battling styles are presently rivaling customary boxing for the consideration of people in general. One novel battling style which returns hundreds of years and isn’t related to MMA comes from Thailand and is called Muay Thai.

A battle sport that utilizes the arms and legs as weapons, Muay Thai is a game that is identified with the battling styles from Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Tomoi, and even has some impact from India. Notwithstanding, Muay Thai is interesting and has filled in overall fame thanks in huge part to the achievement of Thai contenders who partake in kickboxing.

Standard Heavy Bag vs Muay Thai Bag (Banana Bag)

For the most part, talking, there are 2 fundamental sorts of substantial packs utilized in Muay Thai rec centers: the standard hefty sack and the taller/longer banana sack. Numerous individuals allude to the banana sack as the Muay Thai heavy bags.

The truth of the matter is that the ordinary hefty sack (around 4 feet in length) is most normally utilized in the game. Step into any Muay Thai exercise center in Thailand and you will consistently discover more customary hefty packs than banana sacks.

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A ‘substantial sack’ is all the more an overall catch-all term that can cover various packs. We should take a gander at a portion of the various styles of hefty sack you can purchase, for both boxing and Muay Thai.

The Long (Banana) Heavy Bag

One normal sort of substantial sack that you’ll discover in a great deal of Muay Thai rec centers in the Long or ‘Banana hefty pack’. These sacks are for the most part six feet long and are intended to permit you to chip away at low kicks.

These packs are by and large six feet (or more) and about a large portion of the width of an ordinary weighty sack; they are intended to permit you to chip away at low kicks. Frequently, these sacks are loaded down with harder material to assist with molding the shins.

A great many people normally partner with the Long Heavy Bags as the best sack for Muay Thai preparing, in any case, this isn’t the situation. While the banana pack takes into consideration low kicks, in the event that you visit any exercise center in Thailand you may see a couple of banana

  • Length of sack permits you to deal with the entirety of your Muay Thai weapons, including low kicks
  • Great for boring blends of punches and low kicks
  • Not ideal for body kicks (excessively thin in the center)
  • Long packs have little swing so it is hard to chip away at development
  • The packs can be amazingly hard towards the base after the time (like most sacks)

The Classic Heavy Bag

The quintessential hefty pack that you will discover in each Muay Thai rec center all throughout the planet is the exemplary weighty sack. These packs are normally 4 feet long and can weigh somewhere in the range of 60-150 lbs relying upon the fill of the sack.

The fill of the substantial sack will decide the swing of the pack. In the event that you kick a substantial sack that is loaded up with light materials, you will see the pack swinging to and fro quickly.

Sacks that have a great deal of swing can assist you with creating development. As you can move far removed at whatever point the pack returns towards you. On the disadvantage, some lighter packs have a lot of swinging and don’t give a lot of opposition when you punch or kick.

  • The best sack for general Muay Thai preparing (I utilize this pack 90% of the time)
  • Swing on the sack takes into account footwork and development
  • The substantial pack feels incredible when striking it
  • Height of the sack doesn’t take into consideration low kicks (Solution? You can bring down the pack with a more drawn out chain in the event that you truly need to hit some low kicks)
  • No bends in this pack make it hard to chip away at uppercut punches to the face or body

Tear Shaped (Knee) Heavy Bags

The Tear formed substantial pack has an extraordinary shape that permits you to toss strikes at various points. Tear molded packs are in some cases alluded to as knee sacks on the grounds that the extraordinary point makes it simple to knee the sack.

As well as tossing knees, tear molded packs additionally permit fighters to toss uppercuts and snares from various points. The adjusted edges permit you to get under the pack and truly burrow profound when you are chipping away at your uppercuts. While you can kick these hefty sacks, they don’t feel that incredible when you use them exclusively for kicking.

  • Great pack for dealing with uppercuts, body snares, knees, and elbows
  • Wide point of the sack forestalls a ton of swing
  • Body Kicks feel strong on these sacks
  • You can’t toss low kicks on this sack
  • Less swing than an exemplary substantial sack

Angled Heavy Bags

Angled heavy Bags give a pleasant trade-off between the tear-molded substantial sack and the banana sack. Given the exceptional state of these packs, you can work your uppercuts towards the highest point of the sack and work on low kicks towards the lower part of the sack.

These packs will go from 4-6 feet long contingent upon the maker of the sack. Most calculated weighty packs are by and large thicker than the banana sack. Which takes into consideration a solid vibe when you kick the sack.

  • The 6ft adaptations of these sacks permit you to deal with all Muay Thai weapons
  • Angled top takes into consideration uppercuts and body shots
  • Very little swing when hitting the pack
  • Not an excess of giving when you kick the sack

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