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3 Reasons Why Vienna Is The Classical Music Capital Of The World

Most of those who attend classical music concerts in Los Angelesmight be somewhat surprised to hear Vienna being mentioned as the capital of classical music.

Most of those who attend classical music concerts in Los Angeles might be somewhat surprised to hear Vienna being mentioned as the capital of classical music. Centuries after master composers like Strauss and Mozart played in Vienna city, it still lives up to the reputation, with concert halls and opera houses inspiring aficionados with truly glorious performances through the whole year. But where did the city’s music-soaked culture that is presently so ubiquitous start from? Read on to know the reasons.

Inspiring international composers

Surprisingly, the majority of the most highly-esteemed musical characters that Vienna is associated with did not originate from the city. They were all attracted to the great empire’s littering capital as the sponsorship of the Habsburg Dynasty, together with that of the aristocrats of the imperial court, created a truly lucrative environment for musicians and artists.

As the city was such a great place to make it quite big as an artistic or musical creative, lots of composers visited, stayed, as well as wrote music that was truly remarkable there. Actually, more famous composers have resided in Vienna than any other city in the whole world. While Haydn, Bruckner, Mozart, and Mahler all hailed from varying parts of Austria, others like Beethoven, Brahms, and Gluck came from other varying cities in Europe.

Vienna’s impact was so powerful on individuals outside the city that Der Rosenkavalier, which was and is largely taken to be the greatest really Viennese opera, which you will still hear in many choir concerts to date, was written by Richard Strauss, a Bavarian who never resided in Vienna. Nevertheless, the city actually produced a fair couple of significant composers that include Johann Strauss I, Franz Schubert, and Johann Strauss II.

Viennese classical period

The one hundred years that were between the mid-18th century and the mid-19th century, a period during which a steady stream of amazing composers was flocking to Central Europe to get themselves established on Vienna’s then world-class music scene, is known in classical music circles as the ‘Viennese Classical Period’.

During these one hundred years, the Austrian Empire was known to take great pride in its prestigious and prolific production of great music, thus resulting in dancing and concerts turning into a massively crucial component of Viennese culture as well as life. At this period, the city’s capital went through a significant musical boom, with crafters becoming specialized in the creation and development of opera houses, musical instruments, and houses for publishing sheet music really flourishing.

Classical music in Vienna now

Classical music did not end in Vienna in the 19th century. The amazing form of art continues to the present, with the musical tradition getting passed down from one amazing composer to the next. Also, many orchestras continue to honor these greats by performing their most famous pieces to varying audiences, sometimes even dressing themselves up in the great’s traditional attire to further boost their authenticity.

In conclusion, these are only some of the reasons why it should not come as a surprise to those who attend classical music concerts in Los Angeles if, Vienna is termed the world’s classical music capital.

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