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What To Pair With Men’s White Linen Pants

Nothing says elegant while also being laid back like white linen pants. Men know how important breathability and lightness are when it comes to picking pants. Linen, due to its structural design, has a higher coolness quotient than even cotton. This ensures that whatever outdoor activities you’re looking to engage in – from beach parties and weddings to summer vacations in tropical countries to just a general outdoor meet on a hot and humid day, you can rest easy that excessive sweating or discomfort shall not be an issue you’ll encounter. Usually these problems also limit men to wearing dark coloured trousers to cover up any signs of excessive sweating, however, linen opens up new options. The option to wear pants of a lighter hue. So why not go all the way and try sporting white pants altogether. White being a neutral colour and the sophisticated feel of linen make for a dynamic combination. The best times to wear white linen pants apart from casual events are beach parties and cocktail events.

If a dressy look is what you’ll be going for, then you can pair your linen pants with various clothes or accessories depending on the occasion.

Here are some ways you can pull off white linen pants.


Looking for the ultimate casual look? Or a more relaxed yet mature look? Pairing your white linen pants with a T-shirt is your solution. There is no summer attire that can top this. Just make sure to pick matching colours. We recommend the good ol’ white on white combination if you’re feeling unsure.

Oxford Shirts

Oxford shirts
Want to combine style with casuals? Look no further. Pairing linen pants with any Oxford shirt of your colour is the simplest formula to pulling off that contrasting look. No need to feel uneasy about being bold with this combination. We guarantee, you’ll become a fan of this look if you give it a shot.

Cotton or Silk

Cotton or Silk
Since white linen pants have a casual element to them, you could opt for short sleeved shirts in lighter shades or even pastel shades if you’re going adventuring outdoors. A white cotton or silk shirt is exactly what you need to look trendy while doing just that.

Linen Shirt

Linen shirt
Is there anything that can top a matching outfit? There are exactly zero ways you could go wrong with a white on white linen on linen combination. However, you do need to consider your body type a bit and gauge what sort of fitting would work best for you when it comes to this combination. If you’re fortunate enough to have something close to an ideal physique, then go on and confidently flaunt whatever cut or style you feel like. Be it just another day out or a beach excursion, you can’t be missing out on this look.

Square-Hemmed Shirt

Square-Hemmed shirt
Speaking of white shirts, a white square hemmed shirt also does the trick when it comes to pulling off white linen pants. Especially if you’re looking for a wedding attire, this combination will give you that laid back yet sophisticated look suitable for even a formal outdoor setting. Not to mention, you’ll be killing it while feeling peak comfort too.

Satin Jacket

Satin jacket
Instant upgrade to your style quotient! Let me ask you, what qualities do people like in a man? Loving yet cavalier? Mature yet youthful? Sophisticated yet carefree. Pair your white linen pants with a satin jacket to score that full package look.

Other shirt options

Other shirt options
If you want to opt for nothing fancy but just a simple beach look then tunic-styled white shirts should be sufficient. We recommend pairing with drawstring design white linen pants. Cool and content is what defines this look.


Sometimes the most unconventional options are what look best. As you might already know, blazers can be worn casually or professionally depending on how and what you pair them with. If you want to show up with a ‘living on the edge’ look, then you should consider pairing your linen pants with a blazer. We recommend going with blue if you’re reluctant about pulling off the look.

All white everything

All white everything
Looking to completely outshine everyone in the room on a formal occasion? You know the answer already. You’ve seen this look being replicated in movies countless times. You might have even imagined yourself in this attire at some point in your life.

There is no better way to establish your status and personality while also keeping within conservative style than the all-white look. White blazer on white linen shirt paired with white linen pants. Your personality is truly revealed when you walk around in this attire and all eyes are on you. Having said that, it’s a look that everyone must attempt at least a few times in life. Out of all the combinations on this list, this one is the most iconic and worth the trouble. So take a deep breath, stand up straight and overpower everyone in your vicinity.

There is some misguided notion that linen pants on men is an outdated or unsightly concept due to our modern sartorial culture which dictates that men’s wear must always be crisp and firmly shaped. However, this bias also makes for a good opportunity for you to stand apart from the crowd. So it’s time to embrace the imperfections, embrace the contrast and embrace the glamour. Sport those white linen pants with any of the above suggestions and we guarantee you’ll never go back. Do check out our collection to find a combination that works for you.

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