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Styling Ideas for All the Chic Ladies!

Shearling Bomber Jackets: Styling Ideas for All the Chic Ladies!

Shearling is, without any doubt, the ultimate love for all the ladies, which is never going to ditch any one of them. They are the lovely top layers for all the weather conditions, and nobody can hate them. The warmth that they give with the perfect up-to-date appearance makes them the most favorite top layers among all the ladies. They also come in diverse shapes and sizes like Shearling Bomber Jacket, shearling moto jackets, and many others.

What is better than finding a best friend in jackets? Nothing. They will hide all your flaws, have your back in all the difficult situations, and will always make you look super-trendy wherever you go. If you find the one with all these qualities, you have officially got everything. So, from an ocean of shearling jackets, let’s pick some from the bomber jackets category and style them in different ways.


Shearling bomber jackets resemble traditional leather jackets a lot. Styling and pairing them with different outfits is so easy, and building a super-chic outfit from them is as easy as it can be. Starting with the traditional bomber jackets in brown color, there are many options to pair them with. They would look cool with skinny jeans in grey, black, or any neutral color. You have an option to opt for a single color outfit or can go for different colors; the choice is yours. Finish the outlook with a nice pair of camel ankle boots.

You can also go for an alternative of ripped blue jeans or embroidered blue jeans. If the embroidery matches the jacket’s shearling fleeces, then there can be nothing better than this. You can also wear nicely knit sweaters and sweatshirts underneath the jackets. Monochromes would look aesthetically great, and you can slip-on sneakers with these outfits. Apart from jeans, you can wear a skirt with leggings too — a complete diva, no?


Black is everybody’s preference, no? Even if you are a beginner, there is nothing better than a black shearling bomber jacket to start with. Black is known for its ability to hide everything — from extra fats that you have got after those late-night cravings. The mishap that might have happened to your outfit in the morning when you are in a hurry, like a real boss. So, do you think that the bomber jacket in a rich black color would be any less? These jackets look great with every color you pair them with, keeping you away from making any extra effort.

Either you wear them over a plain t-shirt or a striped one, they will give you a cool look anyway. So, let’s start with matching it with a white and grey striped t-shirt and a skinny blue jeans outfit. The brown ankle boots will complement the look, so carry them too. You can easily pull off this look without any rehearsals.

A black hooded shearling bomber jacket also looks good with skinny jeans. Wear it over a white sweater, blue jeans, and this time, wear black leather boots to look voguishly adorable. The best part is that there is no chance of going wrong anytime with black, and with the shearling jacket, there is no chance of it, though.


White is officially the most elegant color ever, without any doubt. No matter if it is an all-white dress or a jacket or a combination of white with any other color, the elegance and decency always remain intact. The white shearling jackets look similar to a standard bomber jacket. The design and cuts are almost the same but are made more stylish. So, pair them with any outfit that you want and get new ones for everyday wear.

You can even go for an all-white top with skinny blue jeans and nicely-polished white sneakers as footwear for the classic casual look. You can also opt to alter a black V neck top and ripped black skinny jeans outfit. Black boots would look classy, but you can wear brown camel ones too.

Adding accessories like scarves and hats would also spice up the look. So, it depends on the scheduled event and your mood. Just lookout for the color combination and don’t try to do anything extravagant because these jackets will do it all by themselves.


Green resembles happiness. The green bomber shearling jacket is a brighter and more joyful take on the classic shearling bomber jacket. They stand out the most from the crowd of blacks, browns, and whites. With all these perks come greater cautions — you can’t go for the wrong color pairings with a green shearling bomber jacket. So, it will be a safe option to stay stuck with the monochromes and nudes.

Wear it over a white t-shirt and white jeans outfit and rock the light-colored refreshing look. Complete the look with boots or a nice pair of heels, maybe? Some glam is always required, no? Another option for the pairing is black leggings instead of jeans. This look is more sophisticated, and you don it at any formal or semi-formal gatherings. Wear the green shearling bomber jacket over a black blouse, back leggings, black boots, and a sleek white or stylish nude scarf around the neck.

For a rather comfy outfit, you can pair the green shearling bomber jacket with cute turtlenecks, sweaters, and sweatshirts. They will keep you insulated and, at the same time, will provide you with a super-refined appearance with skinny jeans in black or blue. Slip-on ankle boots in the complimenting tones and slay the look wherever you land your feet on!


For some additional sass, a two-colored Shearling Bomber Jacket is a perfect choice. Multiple combos look classy like white and grey, green and white, brown and nude, black with grey, and the list will go on. They look very interesting and make the viewer stop and examine their precise detailing. Some contrasts in the core and sleeves and some are one-toned with contrasting shearling collars. So, pick the one combo which pleases you, and match it with skinny jeans, turtlenecks, ankle boots, or sneakers — the ball is in your court!

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