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What is CLEP French Language Exam and How to pass it?

Study Guide For CLEP French Language Exam

What is the CLEP French Language Exam:

The CLEP French language is developed to judge the knowledge and capability equal to those students who had completed 2-3 semesters of college-level French study. The information covered on the French CLEP examination is equivalent to what you would learn in the first two college semesters. This is a must-have for any natural French speaker or someone with a French background.  

The exam is divided into 3 separate segments.

The time which student spend on providing basic information is extra in addition to actual test time.

What is College-Level Education Program?

The college-level education program (CLEP) is the most reliable exam since the last half-century. Eligible candidates can now take their exams online. This conscientious program allows candidates from a broad range of ages and backgrounds to depict their proficiency of introductory-college level and take accreditation.

  The credit of a candidate remains the same whether he takes the CLEP exam or studies another relevant course.  

Choose the Right Questions to Prepare the CLEP Exam:

Students must depict their capabilities to understand written and spoken French.

The percentages show almost a comparative percentage of questions dedicated to each kind of question. Choosing the answers to questions after listening to comprehension passages. The goal of CLEP French preparation is to help you feel more at ease with the wide range of questions you’ll encounter on the test. A CLEP French session might help you feel more at ease by targeting your unique needs. You could be having trouble with vocabulary, spelling, or punctuation.


Your CLEP French lessons might follow a lesson plan that incorporates tactics and advice for that particular topic. Depending on whether you’re referring to a guy or female, the noun might be feminine or masculine.

CLEP French Language Exam Study Guide:

Listen to French native speakers and try to talk to them. To know CLEP French exam pattern you need to do practice with the CLEP French Exam Study Guide and the best workbook is by CLEP 4 Sure.

They deal with selected studies covering all the important syllabus. In the CLEP 4 Sure exam workbook, questions are like actual exam questions most of the time questions are from past papers which are frequently repeating in upcoming exams. For students who want to brush up on their French skills before the exam, CLEP 4 Sure offers CLEP French Study Guides. Your personalized CLEP French preparation is tailored to your specific needs. CLEP 4 Sure is ready to link you with competent CLEP French instruction, whether you need help with listening comprehension or reading abilities.

Is this Book Enough to pass the CLEP Exam:

Fortunately, there is a wealth of information online available to help teens study, and here are some of the best CLEP study guides available. Because you can’t rely on one Exam study guide to pass the CLEP Exam. Here are a few of the CLEP French Language Exam Material:

College Board Exam Guideline Book:

College Board, the organization that creates and administers CLEP tests, publishes the CLEP Official Study Guide. french book This study guide contains the most up-to-date information on the tests, including any changes or alterations that have occurred recently. The study guide includes practice problems for all 33 CLEP tests, as well as advice on how to approach the five CLEP general examinations. Related Post: Best College Admission Consultant in Dubai


Free CLEP Prep provides a free practice exam for the key French CLEP examination topics as well as background information on the test procedure. The website requires registration, however, there is no charge to view the practice examinations. Free CLEP Prep also has a comprehensive list of additional test study tools that, though not unique to the exam, can help you improve your CLEP knowledge.


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