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MCQ for Preparation of Engineering Students

Importance of better study material

Good study material is as important as your preparation. The syllabus, weightage of the topic or subject, exam research, exam pattern, and checking previous year’s question papers, study material, and test series are all important parts of the preparation process.

  • Make a list of tough and easy subjects separately. Divide these according to your syllabus. 
  • Give attention to the non-technical section also.
  • Make weekly and monthly targets to achieve goals. After every unit—revise concepts, fundamentals, and theory—practice numerical and MCQ questions as many as you can.
  • Complete your syllabus as soon as possible so that you can start your mock test.
  • Give mock tests regularly. Analyze your mocks. This will give you an idea of your preparation status. Giving mock tests and analyzing them is essential. So, give at least 50-60 mocks.
  • Solve previous year’s papers and acknowledge them, as they are a very important part of any exam preparations.


The EA Publications House provides reference books for a variety of subjects, including ESE, GATE, State Engineering Services exams, and the SSC-JE Exam. Apart from these books, RSEB JE/AE, RSMSSB JE, RRB JE, and other government technical books are available for various engineering streams. Providing high-quality reading materials and books in both technical and non-technical fields. It offers up-to-date study materials, and the content is written in a balanced manner. This includes both theoretical and practical.

EA Publications’ study materials are written by highly qualified and experienced authors, technical experts, researchers, and developers. The team includes experienced and renowned authors with Civil Services and Engineering Services backgrounds who have expertise at par with global standards. The EA publications also include books with subjective and multiple-choice questions for civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and electronics engineering.

Solving the previous years’ papers is not only a good practice to check your preparedness for the exam, but will also make you experience the real-time examination. These books and question papers help you keep up to date on your concepts and fundamentals. The main reason to practice questions from previous year’s question papers is that it will have a positive impact on your result. You can also focus on your weak areas and make an effort to improve them in your main examination.

EA publications provide the best quality of study material and notes for exam preparation. For study material regarding like- MCQ for civil engineering, MCQ for electrical engineering, MCQ for mechanical engineering, MCQ for electronics engineering, etc.

MCQ for Mechanical Engineering

Candidates pursuing B.Tech/ B.E. mechanical engineering always have some plans for future career options after graduation. These plans might change during the four-year phase of engineering. Even if a candidate has decided on something, it is advisable to explore the other options available to them. Mechanical engineering is one of the most difficult branches of engineering fields. There are ample opportunities post B.Tech for all the eligible candidates in different fields. To explore different fields one needs to have the proper knowledge of the subject and for that, one needs to use proper study resources, one of the trusted study materials for practicing mcq for mechanical engineering is available in EA publications.

The book there contains an exhaustive collection of more than 5000+ MCQs with solutions explained in easy language for engineering students of Mechanical Engineering. In addition, the questions have been selected from various competitive exams to give the students an understanding of various types of exams. These books are essential to candidates appearing for UPSC. (Engineering & Civil Services), State and Central Level Services Exams, and other Technical Exams in Mechanical Engineering.

MCQ for Electrical Engineering

Engineer Academy Publications MCQ for electrical engineering is in a wide range of electrical engineering MCQ Books on electrical topics. They have questions no matter your level of education is. From basic electrical questions to advanced topics. If you need to do some learning before you start, they have heaps of resources on basic electrical engineering, electronics engineering, and control systems engineering. If you need to brush up on your study of mcq questions for electrical engineering do visit their website. 

The books there contains an exhaustive collection of more than 6500+ MCQs with solution explained in easy language for engineering students of Electrical Engineering. The questions have been selected from various competitive exams to give the students an understanding of various types of exams. These books are essential to candidates appearing for U.P.S.C. (Engineering & Civil Services), State and Central Level Services Exams: Assistant Engineer /Junior Engineer, SSC-JE, RRB-JE, etc.

MCQ for Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering mcq questions and answers will benefit both undergraduate and postgraduate students in preparation for exams, interviews, and tests. Moreover, these Civil Engineering MCQs are very useful for specific competitive exams like GATE, GRE, IAS, IES, and various PSC Exams

EA publications are one of the trusted publications which serve quality education for Civil engineering students. Complete care is taken in the preparation of solutions to the theoretical and numerical questions and mcq for civil engineering.

Their books have questions organized by subject and chapter so that students can incorporate them into their regular study routine. Their books are error-free. Approximate 8000+ Questions. If you completely read and understand their books you may succeed in the Civil engineering exam. 

MCQ for Electronics Engineering

Electronic engineering is one of the most difficult engineering branches. One needs to prepare well for examinations after doing graduation in electronics. EA Publications provide complete books containing more than 4600+ MCQs with detailed solutions in simple language for Electronics Engineering students. The questions have been selected from various competitive exams to help the students understand the different types of exams. Solving these MCQs for electrical engineering will help you get an edge in your preparations.


EA publications provide the best study notes and MCQ questions for all engineering subjects. The notes and study material will help you in preparation for different types of exams based on different syllabi. These mcq questions and book resources materials are one of the most reliable sources. You can use these mcq books as last-minute revision notes. It has been organized in a way that makes it easier to understand a particular concept. 

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