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What Are the Rules for Dependent Passes?

What is A dependent pass

A dependent pass is when a player in the midfield, usually near the center circle, moves forward with or without the ball and then looks to make an  pass cout wide to an attacker.

If possession is lost while making a dependent pass such as this

. This tactic can be effective against certain defenses but will not work against teams with defenders who are both good on and off-the-ball

.allow attackers or a goalkeeper to recover from a mistake or move the ball upfield quickly.

Dependent Passes should be played with caution, since they are a tool that can be abused by defenders who try to intimidate and force players to take long shots, which is not always effective,

On another instance pass can be very effective in defending against such tactics.

This is one of the reasons why dependent passes are used so frequently in the game of soccer.

Eligibility for a dependent passes

The goal of dependent passes is to move the ball quickly upfield and create space for players to dribble around opponents with space. It is usually used before or after a turnover or after a corner kick.

The dependent pass is also useful in countering teams who rely on long balls over their heads

, but dependent passes are not effective against teams who consistently use long balls when defending as opposed to attacking.
Dependent Passes can be very successful in youth soccer but it depends on the player’s ability to make good decisions when receiving and distributing the ball.

dependent passesfamily pass are very useful at breaking down the defense and are used to great effect in both youth and adult soccer. They are often used to give momentum to a team,

Most dependents throw the ball over their heads and continue in a straight line to the goal, leaving their teammates open to pressure. In youth soccer this often results in turnovers or inefficient passes into dangerous areas. Therefore, it is best to be more direct with dependent passes.

unless the pass is played when an opponent has their back turned. it can be difficult for defenders to pressure their opponents because they are required to move across the field in order to do so

When trying to pass dependent passes, players should first look for a teammate who may be onside and then make the decision as if they are passing directly ahead of them.

If a player has a player that is too far away from them, dependent passes they should choose a more direct option, such as passing between the feet of two players if their teammate is near them or by shooting immediately if their teammate backs up.


About dependent passes!

Dependant’s Pass residency is labeled to the holder of the fundamental Singapore work visa (ie. EP, S-Pass, and so forth) is effectively working in Singapore. DP pass holders can live, enter and leave Singapore uninhibitedly without applying for isolated Singapore passage visas.Dependant’s Pass

Guide Contents
This guide means to provide you with a decent comprehension of what is a Dependant’s Pass, who are qualified, how to process and what are a few significant focuses to observe.

Who is it for and what are the circumstances?

Is Dependant’s Pass holder permit to work in Singapore?

Will Dependant’s Pass holder turn into an investor of a Singapore organization?

What is the contrast between Dependant’s Pass and Long Term Visit Pass?


Who is it for and what Dependant’s Pass ?
EP , S-Pass, EntrePass or PEP holders who are procuring somewhere around S$6,000 a month can apply for a Dependant’s Pass for theirDependant’s Pass

companions; and additionally

unmarried kids under 21 years of age (both birth and legitimately embraced kids)

Note: For Entrepass holders, there will be extra necessities your business need to satisfy before ready to apply for Dependant’s Pass for your close family.

Is Dependant’s Pass holder permit to work in Singapore?
Dependant’s Pass holder of the EP, EntrePass or PEP holder can get a Letter of Consent to work in Singapore assuming they get a new line of work here.

The potential business will have apply for a Letter of Consent (LOC) for your benefit. .

Dependant’s Pass holder of S Pass holders should apply for a Work Permit, S Pass or Employment Pass all things considered. They should meet the qualification rules for these passes


Will Dependant’s Pass holder turn into an investor of a Singapore organization?
A Dependant’s Pass holder is permit to hold partakes in any Singapore organization. Notwithstanding, do take note of that if he/she will be going about as a head of the Singapore organization,


What is the contrast between Dependant’s Pass and Long Term Visit Pass?
Long haul Visit Pass (LTVP) is normally implied for

Customary regulation life partner;

Unmarried incapacitated youngsters over 21 years of age;

Unmarried advance kids under 21 years of age;

Guardians – just for those work pass holder procuring a decent month to month pay of no less than $12,000.

While Dependant’s Pass is for

life partners; or potentially

unmarried youngsters under 21 years of age (both birth and lawfully took on kids)

:The Singapore government has set up a Dependant’s Pass for family members of qualified Employment Pass and S Pass holders. Only legally married spouses and children under the age of twenty-one are eligible to apply.

Application structure for dependent passes

Later (< 90 days) photo of the candidate (identification size photograph)

Duplicate of the applicant’s very own points of interest page from the visa

Extra records, for example, a birth or marriage endorsement dependent passes

Read more 

. If fruitful, the legitimacy of the Dependant’s Pass will be something very similar with the support’s work pass expiry.

In Singapore, a dependent pass is a document that allows the spouse and children of an Employment Pass or S Pass holder to come to Singapore. Only legally married spouses and children under the age of twenty-one are eligible for this pass. In order to qualify for this visa, one must be legally married with their partner in both Singapore and their home country, which means there can be no same-sex marriages.

The work pass holder’s boss should submit reestablishment structures for the two passes with MOM in no less than a half year from the pass lapse date.

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