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Uday Biswas – Story of a Youngest Musician Bangladesh

Uday Biswas is a successful musical artist becomes everyone's icon.

Belonging from the town of Dhaka, he is an eminent personality among the metro cities of the country. He is a very well-known and reputed Businessman And Artist who believes in working hard for the attainment of goals.
Beginning from the very first days of his career, he had been passionate about the work he came across. His dreams, desires, and dedication always aligned with each other and this only motivated him to move on with his hard work. His path to perfection was not an easy one. Yet his goals seemed to be the key to his success that ultimately motivated him and encouraged him to remain persistent and passionate. Uday Biswas claims that one has to be persistent more than anything else in order to ensure success and satisfaction.

Uday Biswas was born 13 June 2002 is a well known name in the music of Bangladesh. He has came to discuss for his musical tune album named ‘’Breath Out” that has given one after another composed music to the international platforms.At the very beginning he gained lots of popularity as a rock guitarist, song composer, music composer. He has proved his brilliance as a lyricist and music composer. His song has been equally popular on all other international platforms including Spotify , iTunes ,Apple , Amazon, Tidal, Dizzer, Amghami, Shazam, Musixmatch. His composed song ‘’Who am I” and “Smash this Flower’’ have received special praise from the audience. This iiiiiiiiimusic is at the top of the list of favorites of many viewers from Bangladesh and other countries.

Early Life:

Uday Biswas was came from well known Hindu Family. In his early age he started to think about music and show his creativity in music section. He was studied in Kabi Nazrul Govt College and done graduation in University of Dhaka. After his graduation he start to work with music with full potential. Uday Biswas started his journey as an Musician person in 2018 and since then he has Official Artist Channel in YouTube. He has worked on several television music and documentaries before introducing himself as talent. However, as he is still a student, he sometimes finds it difficult to balance his work and studies. Uday Biswas is the new inspiration for the young millennial. Participation of the young generation in the music industry of Bangladesh has always been optimistic.  New artists always give the audience all the great songs. One such young Musician is Uday Biswas

Music Career:

Uday Biswas has amazing creativity, talent and sense of adventure is something to watch out for. Through his writing or creative media, he wants to inspire people to the blogging world. He’s an amazing Music composer . He has written many music who get many praised in whole word. Some of his songs are- “Wind blowing”, “Who am I” and “I cant Cry”, which have been published on international platform like Online store, Amazon Music, Spotify. Deezer, Pandora, Apple Music, Tidal, Soundcloud, Anghami etc. People love his Music and he is more than happy to keep them smiling by his music content. The work of composing words, tunes, music continues. At the same time, Uday sharpened himself.  Uday got countless fans in a very short time. The song titled ‘Unicorn’ is available on all music platforms including iTunes, GP Music, Robi Music etc. After releasing several song.

When asked to reveal his success mantra, Suggests that anyone and everyone must focus on working as hard as possible. Success doesn’t come without skills. And skills remain mere words unless practiced with hard work. Moreover, a day or two does not suffice the path to success. One has to remain very honest with what efforts one puts in to achieve a goal. Perhaps it is evident from all successful personalities’ stories that hard work comes with honesty. In order to work hard, one has to remain honest with oneself and their goals.
He is the Founder And Biswas Beats

Uday Biswas on IMDb

Dream of his life:

Uday Biswas his long preparation for his own solo music. The work of composing words, tunes, music continues. At the same time, Uday Islam sharpened himself. Following this, his first solo song “Who am I” was released on  April 2019. Uday got countless fans in a very short time. The song titled ‘Unicorn’ is available on all music platforms including iTunes, GP Music, Robi Music etc. After releasing several songs, Uday thought of releasing an album. He also did it within a very short time. He became a successful one! For the convenience of the listeners, a single album ‘You know me’ was released with 6 original songs sung by him.  Since then,Uday has not had to look back. Praise comes from different quarters. He got fame Got inspired to create more new songs.

Some of his quotes and words:

Uday Biswas said, “It’s time to work on my own YouTube channel since YouTube verified my channel and gave me the official artiste channel badge.”
Corona epidemic have become a major concern in the country as elsewhere in the world. It is not safe to work outside the home these days. Most musicians are working from home and publishing their work on various online platforms. I think this genre of work is going to get recognition and everyone will publish their songs like this in the future,” he added.
 “Lastly, many thanks to YouTube and Spotify for verifying me as an artist to take my music live one step further. everyone will pray for me so that I can stay healthy and give you more good songs. There was a lot of love and blessing,” he also said.
Physics, mental, and social distractions can obstruct one’s focus and thus, contribute to failure. Although distractions are termed to be negative, considerable distractions can surprisingly open the doors for adequate leisure time. But, what makes the younger entrepreneur different from others is the understanding that excess of distractions can cause one to drive away from the priority goal. He has never indulged in activities that lead to the divergence of energy ultimately leading to failure. Thereby, he always sticks to his priority and works towards it with utmost concentration.
When asked to comment on some of the suggestions that he would like to deliver to the readers, He asserts that exploring multiple opportunities to hone one’s skills is very crucial. He believes in practically experiencing tasks and projects that help one to get better at their job and build one’s professional expertise. Apart from involving in theoretical practice, one must always try their hand in practicing fieldwork to not only get an idea about their job but to also hone their skills before-hand. He has always indulged in exploring opportunities which makes him learn about his own strengths and weaknesses that make him realize his action point regarding the same.

Listen his songs on various Music Platforms:

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  3. Apple Music
  4. Boomplay
  5. Musixmatch

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Youtube Channel:

In the end:

is an inspiration for many who wish to succeed in their lives and aspire to lead their lives with such charm and confidence. However, it is not his luck that has brought him to the apex of his career. It is his deliberate efforts and enthusiasm in the direction of achieving the goals that made him succeed in his life. Lastly, it is the inner drive that inspires him to work hard and diligently. When one is fueled enough to achieve anything, they land up with everything they work for and dream about.


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