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8 New English Horror Movies You Should Watch

You have watched many Horror movies and Best Horror Web Series. But Do you know many new English horror movies have come this year that are capable of entertaining you? If you are wondering how to find the list of these best movies then don’t worry here is the list of New English Horror Movies that you can watch the whole week.

New English Horror Movies List

Now get Down to the List of movies.

The Unholy 

A Long dead witch resides in a doll. She heals a deaf and Mute girl  Alice and Establishes a link with her. Now that the evil witch tries to plan her revival and control the townspeople start treating every unhealthy person in town. But soon everyone realizes that these miracles are not made by god. Angry witch shows her true nature and tries to kill everyone but Alice sacrifices herself to stop her. Later Alice got revive but lose her ability to speak and listen. 

The Seventh Day

A young Boy Possesd by the devil kills his family and a team of exorcists arrives to help him. Soon they realize that the demon is very clever and start playing mind games with them and exorcists start fighting with their inner Demons. But eventually, they discover a way to defeat this demon and free the boy from the demon.

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A girl name Enid obsessed with banned movies and drama believes that a movie actress is her long-lost sister. Enid starts following her and explains her lost sister theory. But the actress let her work on the small role in the movie. In one of the movie scenes, Enid got angry and Kills the co-actor. Everyone got horrified but enid says she doesn’t remember what happens and start losing her grip on what is reality and what is her hallucination. If you love Psychological horror movies the Censer is the movie you should watch.


Spiral is a new English horror movie from the Saw franchise. Day by Day many cops are getting brutally murdered by someone. And everyone is in shock at how brutally and intelligently this killer is killing cops. City police launch an operation to capture this criminal but the criminal escape from the police by making a false scenario that makes his helper the main culprit. And his helper was killed by police. So police believe that the culprit is dead and killing will stop now. But he is making new plans for a new city. Spiral is one of the Must watch new English horror movies that will make you fill the horror and mystery of victims from the couch.

Brahms: The Boy 2

Jude traumatized by the home invasion from his old house and now communicate with the notepad. They move to a new home where Jude finds a new doll named, Brahms. Suddenly mysterious activities start happening around their home. Jude says that Brahmsis doing it but no one believes him. But Brmhas kidnap Jude to unifying his soul with Jude’s body. Then everyone knows the back story of Brahms how he killed 2 people and how he plans to use Jude. for a horror movie lover, these new English horror movies are the best movie to keep them entertained.


 A mystery Thriller Drama in Which a man kidnaps a woman Jessica and trying to make hostage her but she escapes and meets a hunter who helps her. But Kidnapper chases down her and kills the hunter and starts chasing after her. The motive behind this kidnapper remains mysterious but one thing was clear he wanted to kill Jessica. In the end, Jessica kills this kidnaper and is rescued by the police. Alone is an Overall Horror thriller that will make you Jump from your Seat.

The Forever Purge

A new English Horror movie From the purge Movie franchise. That focuses on a year-long purge festival. A story of horror and killing. But for a few of them, it’s a matter of survival keeping their family safe from this year-long massacre. 

Fear Street Part One: 1994

A mass Murder Mystery and mysterious scenario that leads to a killer to kill some friends. Slowly they find out that Killer is after one friend. Apart from that they also find out that the killer has zombie-like features. Somehow 2 friends survive the attacks but Police Didn’t believe their stories and arrest them for murder Charges. And Killer is still waiting in his grave for the next victim.

Final Say About New English Horror Movies List

There are many new English horror movies are left from this list but the included movies are more entertaining and many of you are familiar with their older stories. Even if you are a first-time watcher of these movies then it will be a complete week of entertainment for you.


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