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The Rockets who shot 61 NBA tie records with three 3-point shots Defeated Bucks

The Rockets vs Bucks match was won by 120-116 by Rockets, who scored 61 NBA tie-breaking three-pointers.

Rockets, who succeeded in making 21 3-point shots out of 61, were defensive in addition to the offenses that made heavy use of 3-point shots. In the previous game against Mavericks, he allowed 149 points and left the task, but the defense worked by inducing 22 turnovers against the powerful Bucks.

The Rockets were led by 104-112 with 3 minutes remaining in the 4th quarter, but succeeded in reversing with 9 consecutive points such as PJ Tucker’s 3-point shot. After that, the fighting went on and off, and in the remaining 20 seconds, Russell Westbrook sank two free throws to lead the game. Immediately afterwards, Daniel House Jr. cut the pass-out ball to prevent Yanis Adet Kumbo from driving. Chris Middleton’s tie was missed by a three-pointer, and Rockets, who scored a free throw in the foul game, won 120-116.

Harden, who scored 24 points, said, “Our defense was great throughout the match. The opponent was a good offense team, but we were able to stop where we needed to,” he emphasized his victory in the defense. It wasn’t a good development. I couldn’t decide the shot but I was tenacious.” West Brooks, who scored 34 goals for Team High, also agreed with Harden, “we were able to overcome it despite the difficulties.”

The Rockets used small balls without a center, so the number of rebounds was 36-65. Still, the strategy of throwing away the inside, blocking the opponent’s 3-point shot, and inducing a turnover was successful.

The Rockets moved to 4th place in the West Conference with two consecutive wins after the league resumed, approaching the Nuggets in 3rd place by one game. Rockets, who won the inside strong backs and gained confidence in the defense, will face the Trail Blazers on the 4th.

Former Niigata retired Jun Uzawa, appointed as Assistant Coach for Chanson Cosmetics V Magic

“While properly communicating my experience to the players”
W League, Chanson cosmetics V Magic announced that Jun Uzawa has been appointed assistant coach.

Uzawa is a 38-year-old power forward from Nippon University. We welcomed the opening of the B League with the Nagoya Diamond Dolphins and played three years from the 2017-18 season at the Niigata Albirex BB. Uzawa, who has supported Niigata as a captain both inside and outside the court, announced his retirement after the end of last season. He said, “I would like to move forward as a leader in the future,” but that thought became a reality as soon as possible.

Uzawa explained in this way how he became an assistant coach. “I decided to retire this year, but I was invited to a place where I wanted to go on to become a leader, and I will assist as an assistant coach.”

Uzawa wants to give back to the team much of the experience he has cultivated as a Japanese big man. “I think that being a 4th and 5th player over the years with foreigners is a big experience for me, and that I have seen the players representing the league in the same position up close. I think that it is a great asset.I think that a leader can not do it alone with experience, and there are many things to learn from now on, but first let’s make a step up while firmly communicating my experience to the players I would like to give guidance so that I can give it.”

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The W-League of the 2019-20 season was discontinued as of February 23 due to the spread of the new coronavirus and ended without a winning team. Chanson Cosmetics finished the season with 9 wins and 7 losses and 6th place. Sanamoto Motokawa, Rika Tanimura and other core players have been transferred to the off season, and the team is about to change. I’m looking forward to seeing what Uzawa, who has a lot of experience in the B league, brings here.

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