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Digital Marketing

Top 5 Computer Short Courses in Lahore

 Top 5 Computer Short Courses in Lahore


The demand of computer skilled professionals is going on high in demand in this digital era. In this era, there are many businesses, which are getting online and finding the smart way to work and earn. Now, Computers are a basic need in every day of life and in every business as well. So, the need is raised to learn computer skills to keep someone updated and to run parallel with time. When someone looks into the future, this need seems dominantly strong in the coming time as computers are connecting the world. So, it is obvious that no one can deny the importance of learning computer skills.


It has been seen that most of the students after taking their exams usually waste their time on various useless activities or most of the people want to enhance their skills in order to increase their income. The students or the people who are looking for a better institute for computer short courses in big cities like Short courses in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad then these courses is for them even the students or the people who cannot appear physically can join us online.

Everyone this time wants to enhance their skills and to increase their earnings to live a better living life. So someone should behave to learn computer skills up to expert level. PNY Trainings is one of the best institutes to fulfill this requirement of Computer Short Courses in Lahore.

List of the Short Courses

Our famous Short Courses are as follows at the best market competitor economical rate of duration range of 2 months to 1 year.

  • Diploma in Software engineering (DSE)
  • Wordpess Full Customization
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Digital media marketing (DMM)
  • Maya and 3Ds Max animation
  • Interior Designing
  • PNY PINK (Women related skills)
  • net
  • Advance Ethical Hacking
  • Full Stack Graphic Designing
  • Full Stack web Development
  • Big Data + Hadoop Ecosystem
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Professional Photography

Why WE?

Lahore is assumed cities of colleges and there are many universities in Lahore. While it is necessary to get succeed in the field or in an industry to must have theoretical as well as practical knowledge. While these universities are making students strong only and only theoretically. But PNY TRainings is one the best IT training provider on a professional level by educating the student theoretically as well as practically by assigning the projects on projects to make the student to make them expert enough to have high demand in the market. Our institute is well-equipped with the latest education technology under the supervision of educated, trained, professional, and devoted instructors

Our main and demanding Courses are:

  • Artificial intelligence:

We are entering into the modern and automated world and when we talk about automation then no one can deny the importance of Artificial Intelligence. In our daily lives, automation in the term of artificial intelligence is playing an important role like automated washing machines, ACs, Color changing lamps are the small home appliances examples of that. Even in industry, smart and intelligent robotics are responsible for the revolution in industrial production with quality.

There are only a few institutes that are offering these courses and this is going to be up rank in Short Courses in Lahore.

In the future, these courses will be in high demand especially for industry professionals because everything is going to be smart and intelligent.

  • Digital Marketing Courses:

If you are starting an online business and you have some selling items then only one thing that you should have to do is Digital Marketing of your brand this Course is also in high demand in the list of Short Course in Lahore.

To sell similar items or goods in the market may increase the competition in the market. So to have target-oriented audience or relevant customers we need digital marketing of the relevant brand.

We are the institute that focuses on practice along with theory but projects on projects make the student practically perfect and to have hands-on experience. Which makes able them enough that they may get more than more audience to attract and sell as well.

Here is the list of professionals, who should carry this course to enhance their skill with earning

  • Marketing professionals
  • Small Business owners
  • Programmers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Web Designers
  • Students
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers


  • Full Stack Web Development:

The business are getting smart and almost everyone have website at least. The website is an electronic way to describe complete profile of your business to the people. There are different types of websites some are informative, some are portfolio and some are e-commerce websites. Most of the businesses use the e-commerce website to show their various variety of products. A full stack web developer is a person that can create any type of websites of any design by using different tools and codding (like CSS, HTML, PHP and many more) according to the desire of the costumer.

PNY Trainings is one of the best institute for this Course and going to to be in up rank in the list of Short Courses in Lahore. Our students are in high demand in market and earning from three three different projects at a time.

  • Social Media Marketing:

Everyone in this modern era of technology have accounts on Facebook, whatsapp, instagram and so on many social media platforms. To advertise, market and to promote your business or brand through these social media platforms is called social media marketing.

By taking this course, you will get following marketing and advertisement skills.

  • Market research
  • Media commerce
  • Brand management
  • Audience Creation
  • Social media marketing strategy, Design, Reporting, Handling

This course is getting high rank in the list of Short Courses in Lahore. Someone will be able to do following tasks by taking this Course.

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Facebook advertisement
  • Page monetization
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Twitter Advertisement
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Instagram advertisement
  • Linkedin Advertisement
  • Pinterest Marketing

No one has ever paid you to run social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp but with this course you will be able to get highly paid by using these platforms. Our passed out student are getting highly paid while using social media networks.


  • Android Application Development:

An android developer is a person who makes various application on mobile or desktop to make life smart and easy. Android development is also one of the top ranking Course in the list of Short Courses in Lahore.

By getting this course someone will be able to do following tasks regarding Android developer

  • Able to design the android applications
  • To make the previously design application with little bugs
  • Work with API and data sources
  • Able to fix the bugs
  • Able to discover the new technologies

Android is easy to learn and easy to use. So due to its high market especially in mobile applications and easy to adopt increases demand of this course.

PNY Trainings is one of the best platform to teach such skills and our passed out student have great market demand and getting highly paid in market.

Word press is worldwide well known website builder and costumizer as well. It is a content management system (CMS) on MySQL and PHP.

  • Word press Full Customization

Word press is worldwide well known website builder and customizer as well. It is a content management system (CMS) on MySQL and PHP.

In this digital time, everything is getting advanced and smart. In earlier days, the web designing was not as easy as it is today because of word press. Through word press someone can design or customize a website by simple click or simply drag and drop with accuracy and less time. Old time of difficult coding to build or customize a website has gone now it’s time of smart work. Not only the website can be made or customize but ON PAGE SEO is also can be done with word press in present time.

That’s why word press course is getting more and more demand is the list of Short Courses in Lahore.

In this Course, You will cover the following hot topic relevant to word press.

  • About Word press
  • Posts and pages
  • Menus
  • Widgets
  • Word press site orientation
  • The setting panels
  • Plugins
  • Resources
  • Themes
  • Users
  • Maintenance


Our passed out students are in high demand of word press and getting a handsome income by adopting three three projects at a time.



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