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Tips To Start a Successful Catering Business – EzPostings

Want to monetize your passion for food? An entrepreneurial mindset with crazy love for food is the perfect combination to open up a catering business.

Want to monetize your passion for food? An entrepreneurial mindset with crazy love for food is the perfect combination to open up a catering business.

However, you cannot run a business only on love! It’s a long way to go before your business starts generating income.

A Catering Services is not easy to set up; the level of competition is intense in the industry. But there is nothing to worry about! All you have to do is a plan and prepare effectively beforehand.

These tips will definitely come in handy if you want to start up a successful catering business.


1. Research, Research & Research!

You already know how important it is to learn about the market and industry for a successful start-up. However, the need for research multiplies in the case of Catering Service. Why? Well, because the food preferences of people vary A LOT.

To judge what is trending and in-demand, find the answers to some specific questions like:

  • What are the competitors doing?
  • Which niche is popular in the surrounding areas?
  • Are there enough potential customers around?

2. Experience Matters the Most

Never underestimate the complexity of food-related businesses.

No matter how ready you feel to dive directly into it, don’t do that! You will most probably not be able to manage things effectively without proper experience.

Working for a local caterer is a great way to gain first-hand experience in the field. Plus, you can also work as a personal chef or volunteer as an event planner.

3. Create an Ideal Menu

Here comes the heart of every catering business! A menu that all kinds of people can enjoy…

Start by deciding between customized and pre-set menus.

If you want to deal in a pre-set menu, make sure it’s flexible. It should include options for a wide range of tastes, preferences, and dietary restrictions.

Even if you plan on offering customized menus, determine your specialties. Your specialty can be a few particular dishes or a whole cuisine!

Finally, test your menu on a small and familiar crowd first (family, friends, etc.) for honest feedback!

4. Form a Pricing Strategy

Notice that I have mentioned pricing separately from the menu. This is because pricing is the major factor that determines your profitability!

Effective pricing takes the cost of the ingredients into consideration. The common practice is to keep the markup about three times the cost of the menu ingredients. In addition, you can also check out your competitors’ prices

5. Arrange Required Equipment

Well-prepared food is only possible with a well-equipped kitchen!

You need the proper equipment to prepare the food within the specified time and standard. In fact, it’s not just about preparing food; serving also requires the right equipment.

What kind of equipment is suitable for your catering service? Well, it depends upon the scale of your business as well as your menu.

6. Train your Staff

Cooking and handling food can be a messy and hectic task!

Even if you start from a very small scale, it is highly impossible to manage everything by yourself effectively. You will need skilled staff to help complete your orders on time.

Remember, just hiring skilled workers is not enough! You have to provide them extensive training to maintain the taste of your food and the quality of your service.

train your team

7. Spread the Word

No matter how excellent your service is, it is of no use if not many people know about it.

Advertise your business so much so that people start noticing you! Fortunately, entrepreneurs of this era have the benefit of low-cost marketing on the internet.

You can create a striking website, utilize every suitable social media platform, hold promotional events, and much more! This will build your network of suppliers and customers.

8. Find Reliable Suppliers

Suppliers are the backbone of every catering business. Let me explain how!

If you do not have fresh ingredients available in the right quantity at the right time, it will obviously put a stop to your work.

Hence, develop a strong network with suppliers who offer you the required ingredients at a reasonable rate. They should know what ingredients you require on a regular basis. Moreover, they should also be reliable enough to provide you with fresh supplies every time.

9. Be Different

With such fierce competition in the industry, it is very important to set yourself apart from others.

Come up with something that only you can offer your customers, whether it is a unique serving style, a special recipe, or rare complimentary drinks.

In short, give your customers a strong point to remember you!

10. Food safety and Hygiene Comes First

An upset stomach is the root of many health problems. Therefore, you have to be extra careful while sourcing, preparing, storing, and displaying food for people.

Maintaining food safety and hygiene is not only a legal requirement but also an ethical responsibility too. All employees must have a SITXFSA001 (food safety certification) and be trained in the companies hygiene practices and procedures. Things like color-coded chopping boards, proper clothing, allergen information, etc., are necessary to avoid any sort of contamination.

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