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Dental marketing: Attract more dental patients

Assessing whether or not to hire an online dental marketing agency is essential in the management model of a clinic because, today, the competition is most likely already doing it. It is a reality that any clinic or independent dentist needs an effective dental marketing plan to get patients in dentistry and grow.

It is common for some clinics to entrust this responsibility to internal people who do not have the necessary time and knowledge or to opportunistic agencies that are not specialized in dental marketing for dental clinics. This translates, in most cases, into poor results and poorly invested money, and you end up thinking that the Internet is not a model for attracting patients to your clinic.

Internet dental marketing

Internet dental marketing professionals are experts who specialize in designing and implementing specific strategies to attract patients interested in dental treatments. Having experts, developing a plan, and defining growth objectives may be the best option to attract patients and thus concentrate on the management and growth of the dental clinic.

A dental marketing agency for your clinic can bring many benefits, and these are the main ones:

  • Get patients with less effort and help grow your practice.
  • Grow and consolidate your brand in your city.
  • Improve the return on investment (ROI) of your marketing budget.
  • Free up your time, whether you are a clinic manager or a dentist who must dedicate his schedule to his patients.

Benefits of dental marketing

This article explains the benefits of hiring a dental marketing consultant, identifies the types of dental clinics best suited to these strategies, and introduces some alternative marketing solutions for dentists.

How do you get patients with dental marketing?

An effective dental marketing strategy for clinics starts with the following actions:

An audit is carried out of the clinic’s online assets (website, social networks, opinions on Google My Business or third-party websites, etc.) and current marketing actions to determine which works well to attract patients and does not. For example, information on previous campaigns and Google Analysis, which tics metrics help to find an explanation for peaks in appointment requests from new patients.

Once the strategies that have worked previously and all the online assets available have been analyzed, the objectives are defined, the market is studied, and a dental marketing plan will be drawn up to attract patients.

Dental marketing objectives

The first and fundamental thing is to be clear about the business objectives. These questions can help define these objectives:

  • What do I want to achieve?
  • What treatments do I want to promote?
  • Will I be able to provide service on demand?
  • What treatments offer me the greatest margin?
  • What campaigns are my local competitors offering?
  • What marketing actions of my clinic have proven successful in the past and can be optimized by professionals to obtain better results?
  • What marketing assets do we already have? Are they effective in convincing patients that my clinic is the solution to their problems?
  • What budget do I have?
  • How long do I want to get it?

Creating a truly effective internet dental marketing campaign requires three key things to achieve the goal of attracting patients and not wasting money:

  1. Experience and knowledge in using Google and Facebook legal tools and policies to promote health businesses. (Attention: the policies of these two companies are very restrictive for health products and services).
  2. Time to carry out each action and daily analysis.
  3. A medical website design for clinics and thought to convert visitors into patients.

You can identify your dental clinic’s most appropriate marketing strategies with well-defined objectives.

Do I need a dental consultant?

A dental marketing expert is a strategic investment for a clinic, as has been shown in the results obtained with our clients, but just as a dental clinic wants a good agency, the agency also wants a good client. For this, it is always important for any agency to know that clients are clear about certain aspects:

Internet to get patients

Many directors of dental clinics spend their days searching, getting information, and buying online because they have understood the effectiveness of the digital world but mistakenly believe that it is not a good channel for their business.

This thought is a big mistake and, therefore, a bad vision for growing a dental clinic.

Budget for dental marketing

A good dental marketing expert can grow your patient portfolio by optimizing your budget. It will distribute the investments towards those actions with the highest return capacity (ROI) both in the short and long term.

Important: Content creation and search engine optimization (SEO) are actions that can get patients to the clinic for a long time, even if you no longer have the services of the expert.

To work and achieve results, you must trust the person who will work on your clinic and not try to boycott him. What do we mean? Because many clients to “save” entrust the design of your website to a friend, nephew, or low-cost website company, in any case, none specialized in dental marketing. A consequence of this? Websites not prepared for Google to index them do not have quality professional texts, nor do they manage to make the visitor ask for an appointment. Therefore, a website that seemed very cheap ends up being ineffective and, therefore, expensive. This example happens with everything: websites, social networks, campaigns, etc.

Involvement by the clinic

A dental marketing consultant is knowledgeable in tools and strategies and can quickly determine which dental marketing tactics will be fruitful in attracting patients to the clinic. However, no one knows the clinic better than the person in charge or the owner, so success requires their involvement.

For example, an orthodontic patient also needs your collaboration, perseverance, and good habits to achieve the perfect smile.

What qualities should a dental marketing consultant possess?

Have you already decided to promote the growth of your dental clinic? Here’s what to look for from your healthcare marketing agency:

Experience in the sector

A dental marketing agency with a strong history of successful campaigns for other dental clinics offers more guarantees and confidence.

Additionally, tooling expertise and target audience knowledge help accelerate growth by prioritizing strategies known to be successful with the public.

Relevant Certifications

Like a certified Invisalign Platinum Elite dentist, it indicates the large number of cases treated and certifies their knowledge and experience in performing Invisalign treatments. The same goes for dental marketing agencies with the Google Partner certification attesting to knowledge and skills.

Marketing results reports

Make sure you receive frequent and easy-to-understand progress reports.

Good opinions

Reputation and opinions are important. Look on the agency’s website for positive testimonials and other pages for third-party reviews.

Dental marketing consultants are good for some dental offices and bad for others. Consider your enthusiasm for marketing, time constraints, and the practice’s budget and current marketing activities before deciding if a marketing consultant is right for your practice.

A Healthcare marketing agency offers a complete solution adapted to your budget for attracting patients from dental clinics. Next, optimize your marketing efforts with a solution specifically for doctors and dentists. Healthcare Marketing Agency is a unique solution for your online marketing, focusing on actions to get short and long-term patients. Finally, your clinic’s best medical marketing strategy is a good presence on Google.

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