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Tips on Designing Competitive Custom Eyelash Boxes

The cosmetic industry is at its boom. Today, people of all age groups and genders use some type of cosmetic to make them look presentable. However, only a few years back, cosmetics were just limited to women of specific age groups.

Luckily, with modernization, this small customer base has widened up. Unfortunately, eyelashes are still limited to women only—precisely, those who have a wish for attractive and long eyelashes. Customizing custom eyelash boxes allows you to pinpoint the target market and design a packaging fit for the desired audience only. Here is today’s post; we will go through a series of designing tips for competitive custom eyelash boxes

Know your Buyers

Before getting started with anything, the first and foremost thing you need to look into is your audience. This task is not that tricky for a product like eyelashes. We know who you are selling your product to; they are all women with the age group starting from 16 to so on. Now think about what can attract women to your product. Is it pink in color? Or just a feminist packaging design? 

Anyhow, if you find yourself not so good at demographics and target audience, you can always take from a professional marketer to give some tips on audience-based product packaging. Moreover, while you are onto selecting the correct demographics for your eyelashes, you need to finalize which class you want to target. 

Your product packaging is the key to reaching out to a higher class of buyers. For example, if you choose a simple Kraft box for your eyelashes, you can’t expect it to compete with a famous brand that provides its product in more expensive rigid packaging boxes. 

In order to compete with giant cosmetic retailers, you need to put everything in the packaging of eyelashes. The reason behind concentrating that much on the packaging is that most customers out there are actually willing to pay more just for the sake of classy and out-of-the-world packaging. 

Protect Your Eyelashes

The primary duty of any packaging is to protect its content inside. No matter how beautiful or engaging your packaging might look, if it isn’t able to save your eyelashes, there is no point in having it. 

Design your packaging in a way, so that protects your eyelashes from all types of harm or damages. To get the best protection for your eyelashes, you need to choose a robust packaging material. Your options for inexpensive yet sturdy packaging materials are Kraft, cardboard, and card stock. 

Custom Inserts

Of course, you can put those delicate eyelashes straight into a cardboard or Kraft box. They require a custom insert that could hold them while keeping their delicacy intact. With renowned packaging companies, you can get your eyelashes custom packaging inserts. 

These custom inserts are polyvinyl plastic holders. Based on your eyelashes’ size and dimension, you can get custom inserts precisely build for your eyelashes only. 

Window Cuts

When it comes to eyelashes, people can’t buy them without knowing how they actually look. To counter this issue. Packaging vendors have come up with an all-time solution. They offer custom printed eyelash boxes with window cuts. Furthermore, they place a transparent plastic sheet on the eyelash box, serve for both protection and esthetical aspects. 

With a window cut on your eyelash box, your customers won’t need to unpack the whole packaging and take out the product to inspect it. All in all, window cut eyelash boxes are a win-win for each side. 

Packaging add-ons for your eyelash boxes

After getting done with the material, dimensions, and custom inserts, turn your head towards the designing phase of custom eyelash boxes wholesale. When it comes to the customization of cosmetics boxes, there is a whole pallet of choices to work with. To make your eyelash packaging stand out from the competition and attract customers, you opt for any of the following packaging add-ons.

Embossing & Debossing

The most prominent thing on your custom eyelash packaging should be your company logo and name. To make buyers instantly see your brand name, make your text or logo embossed or debossed. Both of these printing methods are great for making any text prominent. 

As the name suggests, embossing makes the text raised. Likewise, debossing is the process of making the desired text recessed. Based on your choice, you can opt for any of these methods. 


Laminations on any packaging box work in two ways. First, it protects the print on your box from fading away. Secondly, it gives all the shine and shimmer that your eyelash packaging boxes require to stand out. There are several different types of laminations to work with. However, not all of them make your box shiny. If you are looking for a more matte or rugged finish, you can go for matte coating.  

Color Methods

The type of printing methods you choose affects the graphical presentation of your eyelash box. Usually, printing companies offer two basic printing methods: RGB, CMYK, and PMS. 

RGB stands for Red, Green, and Blue. These are the primary three colors for any graphical printing. In this process, printers use color density to get the desired results. For example, for getting a get black color, they use 0% color intensity. Likewise, for all the other colors, they use 1-99% color density. However, to print all the colors in, they convert RBG printing to CMYK. 

CMYK, stand for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key(black). Key is used as a color pallet to supply the different patterns of color. Finally, comes PMS printing; companies use PMS printing for more high-resolution color printings. To get the best results for eyelash packaging, ask for PMS(Pantone Matching System).

Bottom line

Eyelash custom boxes are a must-have for all types of eyelashes. Whether you are targeting the premium market or just want to sell your eyelashes to the economic class, no one is going to buy your eyelash if they are placed without any packaging on a retail shelf

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