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Samsung Galaxy A32 full review specifications

Samsung Galaxy A32 full review specifications

Samsung Galaxy A32 full review specifications

Today we are reviewing the Samsung Galaxy A32 full review specifications.A32 5g is that the cheapest model of Samsung phone that you simply can get which has 5g. it absolutely was launched a sort of a half month ago and now it’s available in stores looking on your region in India it starts at around 21,999 to 25,9999 rupees.

In the box:

Now let’s go and inbox here inside the box, we get some paperwork’s that I’m undecided about why does one still get them probably some law or something companies should follow so we put the phone aside. We check what else comes inside the box probably nothing surprising.

We get the charging cable it is a USB type-c, so we’ve got a quick charger coming with the phone so fast compared to love four years ago. It’s branded as Samsung and it’s 15 watts so quite good compared to what we accustomed get before and after all. we have this same ejection tool in addition.


So this is often the phone it comes with a 6.5-inch display. So displays are a complicated version of the complete HD+ Super AMOLED their cost is cheaper but it also has better contrast. We’ve something that you just immediately realize after seeing the display is that the angle of view of the display. The display is truly very bright. It also the colors look vibrant and good for this price point but the angle is sort of narrow do not get me wrong. It’s good for many of the users but if you’ve really accustomed to an example AMOLED displays.

This will be noticeable I believe for this price range. It’s excellent to display you’ll not even notice that it’s full HD that the sharpness is nice and acceptable. so I believe from the value point of view this may be an honest choice to burst course the one plus Nord n100 and n10 can even be an honest contender but nowadays there are good options for various budget especially under 21,999 or 25,999 and that I think that actually good.


It comes with a four 64MP+8MP+5MP+5MP Quad camera on the rear the camera module design isn’t my favorite I believe it’s just an excessive amount on behalf of me. I favor having a touch simpler way of doing this similar to how it’s being done nowadays for example on other Samsung devices or a32 series, we’ve got a 64-megapixel lens because of the main camera.

we’ve got an 8-megapixel ultra-wide lens which is de facto good to possess I believe during this price category and that we even have two more lenses or sensors for a 5mp+macro lens and a 5mp+depth lens. The display contains a drop notch where the selfie camera is found its 20-megapixel front camera .so not punch a hole but it doesn’t matter.


This mobile contains a 5000mAH lithium-ion battery which is sort of enough capacity for many users. I believe probably not everyone can drain the battery on their daily usage. There are other colors you’ll get this it’s black blue and white now let’s go and put this up.

I feel about Samsung generally but anyhow this is often what you get as I discussed we’ve got the 5000mAH lithium-ion battery here which I actually prefer to see some benchmark to search out how durable. It’s in practice considering the FHD + Super AMOLED with no high refresh rate I’d expect to own long battery life.

Samsung Galaxy A32 full review specifications

Storage & Ram, Processor Brand:

It comes in different storage and here I have the 128GB version which comes with 6 gigabytes of ram and this is the awesome violet color. It’s probably the latest marketing innovation that has happened to the phone industry.

Samsung has gone with the 64-bit MT6735 P chipset. It’s 5g capable. It’s also supporting 90 hertz for the display refresh rate. I think this is already quite good with acceptable bezels for the software. It comes with the android 11 outside of the box and with Samsung one UI 3.1

Physical overview:

It comes with two sim card slots and one amongst them may be used as expandable storage. If you want in terms of build quality and also the material used I wasn’t able to find any info so I feel that if Samsung doesn’t speak about it likely the full phone is made from plastic but certainly, something evidently is that the phone doesn’t feel cheap in the slightest degree the build quality is de facto good the phone feels specific at hand.

I really like this color furthermore so touching the phone. It gives the identical feeling as you’re holding, for instance, a phone built from Glass and with the metal body it’s heavy and it’s some weight thereto. I actually like that and also the whole shape of the phone. It is simple to carry on the correct side we’ve got the facility button which also acts as your fingerprint scanner.

Bottom overview:

so we’ve got the amount rocker and on the left side, we’ve only the sim card slots at the highest we’ve got one microphone. We have the headphone jack which is sort of normal to still have it in this price category.

We even have the charging port and therefore the only speaker of the phone here the frame of the phone isn’t matte so it’s quite shiny a minimum. This color but I think within the other colors. It should be identical I believe the entire idea of this can be giving a sense of metal and that I would say as more premium look Samsung has successfully done that it feels premium.

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